Soldier King's Beautiful Roommate/C10 Living with Beautiful Women
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Soldier King's Beautiful Roommate/C10 Living with Beautiful Women
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C10 Living with Beautiful Women

"Lin Yichun? I didn't expect such a big company to have such a beautiful and pure little sister."

Loong Fei immediately became interested when he saw this pretty girl with a face full of panic running all over the place. His eyes followed the girl's figure closely.

The girl had long hair that draped over her shoulders. Her skin was as white as snow, and her clear eyes revealed a flustered expression. It was obvious that she was a female university student who had just stepped into society from school.

However, her temperament was clean and clear, and her figure was perfect to the point that there were no flaws. Especially when she walked, her round buttocks made Loong Fei feel ashamed.

"Ai! That Lin Yichun, come over here for a moment. "

When Lin Yichun finally finished her work and passed by Loong Fei, Loong Fei immediately stopped her.

"Sir! Is there anything I can help you with? How do you know my name?"

Lin Yichun asked politely. At the same time, a trace of doubt appeared in her eyes. She did not know this guy who looked like a worker.

"Hehe! I am not deaf. They call you Lin Yichun. Why? Am I wrong?"

Loong Fei raised his chin and smiled. Loong Fei really had a feeling for this pure and beautiful girl. If he had more of this feeling, it could probably be described as love at first sight.

"That's right. Is something the matter?"

Lin Yichun opened her big watery eyes and looked at Loong Fei seriously.

"Um... Can you help me get a cup of coffee?"

Loong Fei said with a smile, as if it was a matter of course. In Loong Fei's opinion, Lin Yichun's position in Lin's Group was most likely similar to a receptionist.


Lin Yichun said snappily. She rolled her eyes at Loong Fei and turned her round butt away in anger.

" "Haha! You have character. I like it."

Loong Fei licked the corner of his mouth with a playful smile on his face. He had spent eight years in an army full of men. Now that he saw a pure girl like Lin Yichun, he felt like his eyes were shining.

"Damn, I've had eight lifetimes of bad luck today. Could it be that I'm born to serve others? I... I am after all..."

Lin Yichun was full of grievance, especially when she thought of Loong Fei who looked like a worker and actually ordered her to pour coffee for him.

As the new intern of the Lin's Group, Lin Yichun wanted to build a good relationship with those old employees, but this guy who had nothing to do with the company actually ordered her to pour coffee and said it so righteously.

"You must be Mr. Loong Fei! I made you wait for a long time. My name is Lee Fu. They all call me Uncle Fu. Our chairman invites you to his office."

Half an hour later, a middle-aged man in a suit and shoes appeared in front of Loong Fei.

This middle-aged man had a peaceful face, but he gave off a calm and experienced feeling. One look and one could tell that his identity was different from the others. At least in the Lin's Group, he had a very high position.

Most importantly, looking at the middle-aged man's eyes, Loong Fei immediately felt a strong Qi rushing towards him.

"Hello, Uncle Fu."

When Loong Fei saw Lee Fu's outstretched palm, he immediately reached out and grabbed it.

"Eh? Is he trying to test my strength?"

Loong Fei immediately understood when he felt the strength of Lee Fu's palm was getting stronger.

"Mr. Loong Fei, please!"

Three seconds later, Lee Fu let go of his palm and said with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Thank you, Uncle Fu."

Loong Fei followed Lee Fu to the elevator and went to the office of the chairman of the board of directors on the 32nd floor.

"This kid is really not simple. He actually asked Uncle Fu to come down personally to pick him up."

Seeing Loong Fei walk into the elevator under Lee Fu's lead, the security guard at the door immediately said in surprise. He was even more curious about Loong Fei in his heart.

"President, Loong Fei is here."

Pushing open the chairman's office, Lee Fu immediately reminded him. At the same time, he nodded slightly at Lin Lei.

"Are you here?"

Lin Lei's gaze fell on Loong Fei. He had been looking forward to seeing Loong Fei. He couldn't help but be deeply attracted by Loong Fei's appearance.

His short hair and sharp eyebrows were like stars. His blade-like face. The tall nose revealed a heroic aura.

As a former border guard, Lin Lei could naturally clearly feel the aura that came from Loong Fei's body. It was the soul of a soldier, and it was the will to fight.

"Uncle Lin!"

Loong Fei came in front of Lin Lei and said politely.

"Are you Loong Fei? Not bad, not bad. I believe you know what you are going to do."

Lin Lei nodded slightly. Although he did not know how strong Loong Fei was, his experience in the special forces told him that the young man in front of him was not simple.

"I know. Protecting the family of soldiers is my responsibility. Don't worry, I will ensure your daughter's safety."

Although this mission was too simple for Loong Fei, he had to take it seriously since it involved Black Hawk mercenary group.

"Okay, I'll leave my daughter to you from now on."

Lin Lei took out a key and handed it to Loong Fei.

"Uncle Lin, this is?"

Loong Fei took the key and asked in confusion.

"This is the key to my daughter's villa. From now on, you will eat and live with her. You don't have to be polite. Just treat it as your own home. As long as you keep her safe 24 hours a day."

After all, he knew very well that Black Hawk's mercenary group had been revived. If they really took revenge, his daughter might be implicated as well.

"Uncle Lin, are you sure I live with your daughter? Is your daughter beautiful?"

A playful look appeared in Loong Fei's eyes, and he couldn't help but think of something inappropriate.

"Stinking brat! What are you thinking about? What I meant was that you stayed with her and didn't say that you would sleep with her."

Lin Lei looked at Loong Fei and tried to explain himself. He looked embarrassed.

"Uncle Lin, I didn't say I wanted to sleep with your daughter. I'm not a random man."

Loong Fei said in a serious manner, but in his heart, he thought that if your daughter was beautiful enough, he could feel wronged.

"Uncle Fu, how strong is this kid?"

After Loong Fei left, Lin Lei immediately turned his eyes to Lee Fu.

"President, he is no weaker than me. I think he has retained his strength," Loong Fei said.

As Lin Lei's personal bodyguard, Lin Lei was very clear about Lee Fu's strength. Even ten Lin Lei were no match for Lee Fu.

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