Soldier King's Beautiful Roommate/C4 The Final Condition
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Soldier King's Beautiful Roommate/C4 The Final Condition
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C4 The Final Condition

"It can't be that ugly. Looking at the photos, she should have grown into a beautiful woman now. You can't really marry her, right?"

Qin Ying stared at the photos and pretended to be very calm as she asked. But for some reason, she actually felt a trace of sourness in her heart.

"Of course. If I don't marry her as my wife, could it be that I will marry you as my wife?"

Loong Fei sat up and grinned as he looked at Qin Ying who was lying beside him. A teasing smile unconsciously appeared in his eyes.

"Brat, you are so disrespectful. I am your superior. Don't joke around with me. Answer my questions honestly."

Qin Ying rolled her eyes at Loong Fei's words. Her face was serious and she looked like she was giving orders.

"Yes, sir! To be honest, I don't have any feelings for her, but I am very satisfied to have such a beautiful woman as my wife."

Loong Fei stood up and pretended to be serious.

"Really? "Congratulations, you have such a beautiful fiancée. " When the time comes, you must treat me to a wedding banquet. You are not allowed to come. "

Qin Ying could not help but laugh when she saw Loong Fei's pretentious look. She knew that this was not the cynical Loong Fei she knew.

"Yes, sir. I will treat you to a wedding banquet. Remember to prepare a big red packet."

When Loong Fei said this, he placed his right hand on his forehead and saluted. He did not seem to be joking.

"Alright! I won't talk to you about this anymore. Why don't we talk about proper business?"

Qin Ying stood up and handed the picture of Du Juaner back to Loong Fei solemnly.

"Sir, aren't we just talking about proper business? To be honest, if I really get married, your red packet can't be less. Who asked you to be my boss now?"

Putting away the photo, Loong Fei looked at Qin Ying and said with a smile. Although he had never met Du Juaner, it was undeniable that Du Juaner was already Loong Fei's fiancée.

"I'm talking about the mission you are carrying out this time. This is your only chance to return to Battle Dragon Team."

Qin Ying's eyes immediately turned cold when she said this. She no longer had any intention of joking with Loong Fei.

"What mission? Please instruct me."

Loong Fei immediately asked seriously when he saw Qin Ying's gaze turn serious.

"You know about Black Eagle?"

"Of course I do. The old chief and the others destroyed an international mercenary group twenty years ago. It was a great achievement for the National Defense Corps. No one does not know about it."

"The Black Hawk organization is showing signs of resurgence. Your mission this time is to go to Jinghai City to protect a soldier's family."

"Jinghai City? Isn't that my hometown?"

Loong Fei became excited when he heard that the mission was going to be carried out in his hometown, Jinghai City.

It had been eight years. It had been eight years since he left his hometown. During these eight years, Loong Fei had missed his hometown and his parents.

"Yes, your hometown. But this time, you didn't go back to visit your family. So the higher-ups have ordered that you are not allowed to go home to visit your relatives"

Qin Ying nodded slightly, and her words made Loong Fei's excited face instantly become disappointed.

"Don't you want me to go home and visit my relatives? Then I would rather stay here and raise pigs than accept this mission."

Loong Fei said angrily, because he really couldn't accept it. It wasn't easy for him to return to Jinghai City, but he still didn't allow him to go home and visit his relatives.

"Don't be in a hurry to express your opinion. I've already stopped you from going home. You can go home and visit your relatives as long as it doesn't affect your mission."

Qin Ying shook her head. She thought that this kid really does what he does. Perhaps in the entire Defense Division, he was the only one who dared to disobey the orders of his superior.

"Really? That's great, thank you Ying!"

Knowing that he could go home and visit his relatives, Loong Fei immediately said excitedly. He almost hugged Qin Ying and celebrated.

"Remember! This is your only chance to return to the Battle Dragon Team, so you must seize it well. I will wait for your triumphant return."

Qin Ying said seriously, because she knew that Loong Fei was the spiritual pillar of the Battle Dragon Team. Like an eagle without wings.

"Don't worry! I will not disgrace my mission."

Loong Fei nodded affirmatively. At the same time, he saluted Qin Ying again to show his determination.

"Don't you have other conditions? Tell me, as long as I can do it, I will definitely satisfy you."

Qin Ying lifted her chin and stared at Loong Fei. She looked at the captain of the Battle Dragon Team who had lived and died together with her. She believed that Loong Fei would not let her down.

"Can I keep my last condition? I will tell you when I return to the Battle Dragon Team."

Loong Fei said with a smile, because he believed that he would be able to complete the mission and regain the glory that once belonged to him.

"Can't you say it now?"

Qin Ying asked curiously, because she really wanted to know what Loong Fei's last condition was.


Loong Fei said affirmatively, but in his heart he thought that if he said it now, he would be beaten to death by this girl.

"Alright, that's it. I want to return to the army and report to the Battle Dragon Team. Why don't we meet again?"

Qin Ying said and showed a standard military posture. Then, she saluted to Long Fei and immediately turned around and left.

"Are you going to leave so soon? Why can't you stay and accompany me for a while when we finally meet?"

Loong Fei felt very disappointed as he looked at Qin Ying's determined back. Although he had been keeping pigs in the border logistics department for the past half year, there was not a day when he did not miss the brothers of Battle Dragon Team and Qin Ying.

"Oh right, I will always prepare the red packet for you, but I have to wait until you return to the Battle Dragon Team!"

After walking about ten meters away, Qin Ying immediately turned around and looked at Loong Fei as she reminded him.

"Okay! I will remember. Don't worry, I'll definitely return to the Battle Dragon Team. Remember to give me a big red packet. I won't be happy without it."

Loong Fei said with a grin, his face full of confidence.

"Goodbye, Battle Dragon Team!"

Qin Ying saluted to Long Fei again. This time, she did not turn back, but left with a gratified smile.

"Ying, my last condition is that if you cannot marry, let me marry you!"

Seeing Qin Ying's figure gradually disappear from his sight, Loong Fei said with anticipation in his heart, looking forward to the day when he would return to the Battle Dragon Team.

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