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Soldier King's Beautiful Roommate/C5 Go Home and Visit Your Parents
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C5 Go Home and Visit Your Parents

Loong Fei knew in his heart that although he had already made an engagement with Du Juaner, this girl whom he had never met before... It was just a name in his mind.

But Qin Ying was different. Loong Fei had entered the Battle Dragon Team with her. It had been four years since they had known each other.

In these four years, they had been trained together. They had been under the sun, the rain, and the rain. They had faced all kinds of extreme challenges together. They carried out missions together, living and dying together in the rain of bullets, and moved forward hand in hand.

"It's been eight years. Time really flies. I wonder how the family is doing now?"

Taking off his military uniform, Loong Fei took his luggage and left the border logistics department. He took the train to Jinghai City overnight.

When Loong Fei stood at the Jinghai City train station, his emotions were complicated. Looking at the familiar platform at the train station, the scenes from eight years ago immediately appeared in his mind.

"Stinking brat, stay in the army obediently and don't come back! If you dare to come back, see if I don't break your legs."

His father's words echoed in his ears. At that moment, he had tears in his eyes as he embarked on his journey. He felt wronged because he was only sixteen at that time and did not want to be a soldier at all.

"Dad! I'm sorry, I... still came back."

Loong Fei bit his lips. Eight years ago, he was still a young boy, but now he had grown into a tall and strong man.

His father was a soldier. Because he had been shot in the leg during a mission, he was disabled. In the end, he was forced to retire and return to his hometown.

"A hot-blooded man should be strong and protect his country!"

His father had taught Loong Fei since he was young that he wanted to be an indomitable man. His biggest wish was that Loong Fei could inherit his path and become a border guard who protected his country.

In Loong Fei's heart, his father was the hero he worshipped the most. Although he had been naughty and mischievous when he was young, he had always been against his father and had a stubborn temper.

Of course, the result was Loong Fei suffering. He either squatted or did push-ups. It was not an exaggeration to say that when Loong Fei was young, he hated his father to the extreme. There was even a time when he secretly smashed his father's cigarette to vent his hatred.

"This kid is a little like me. I asked him to train in the army. He might be a little promising in the future."

"Old man, what are you talking about? This is your son. Of course he looks like you."

Although Loong Fei had been beaten up by his father many times, he knew that his father only hoped that he could grow up and become a capable man.

Perhaps when Loong Fei first joined the army, he would have some resentment towards his father. But now, after leaving home for eight years, he wished that he could have a pair of wings on his legs and see his parents who he missed day and night earlier.

Loong Fei's home was in the rural area of the Jinghai City's Qingshan Town. Therefore, after Loong Fei got off the train, he hurried to the Qingshan Town by car.

"Time flies. I never thought that the Qingshan Town would develop so quickly in just eight years. It seems like the country is really strong."

Loong Fei felt touched when he saw the newly built skyscrapers in the Qingshan Town. He clearly remembered that eight years ago, the tallest building in the Qingshan Town was still the five-story teaching building of Qingshan High School.

What Loong Fei did not expect was that the dilapidated road at his doorstep had now turned into a flat cement road.

"Dad! Mom! I'm back."

Standing in front of the house, Loong Fei shouted excitedly. Because he was in a hurry to go home, he didn't even come to buy gifts.

"Stinking brat! Didn't I tell you to stay in the army? Why did you come back? "Have you retired?"

Loong Aotian said with a gloomy face.

"Old man! Why are you still wearing a poker face when the child is back?" Mother Liu Shufen glared at Loong Aotian and immediately went forward to help Loong Fei pick up the luggage bag.

"Fei'er, you must be tired from the journey. Hurry into the house and wash your face."

Liu Shufen greeted him warmly. She had not seen her son for eight years. At this moment, she was extremely happy.

"Stop! I'm asking you a question!"

However, at this moment, Loong Aotian stood in front of Loong Fei with his walking stick, frowning.

"Dad! I came back to visit my family. Your son is excellent. How can he retire?"

Loong Fei said with a smile, but his heart skipped a beat. He knew that if he told his father that he was only a border logistics soldier now, he would probably be beaten again.


Hearing Loong Fei's words, Loong Aotian's face revealed a gratified smile.

This smile was filled with irreplaceable glory. It was the biggest affirmation of Loong Fei's eight years of military career.

"Of course it's true, Dad! Let me in first, okay?"

Loong Fei nodded affirmatively. He knew that he would be very happy if his father knew that he had won the highest honor in the past eight years.

But now, Loong Fei understood that those honors had long since passed. Now, he was just a border logistics soldier.

"Old hag, prepare a few dishes. I want to have a good drink with my son."

Loong Aotian nodded in satisfaction. When he thought that Loong Fei had only gone home to visit his family, his worried heart finally relaxed.

"Dad! How's your leg? Is it better?"

Sitting opposite of Loong Aotian, Loong Fei asked with concern.

"Haha! "It seems like you didn't join the army for free. Now you know how to care about others? " My legs are getting old. It's not a problem! "

Loong Aotian waved his hand. He felt gratified when he saw Loong Fei was strong and strong. He knew that his son had grown into a man.

"Dad! I'm sorry. I used to talk back to you many times to make you angry. Let me toast you first."

Loong Fei raised his glass and said in shame.

"Haha, as long as you stay in the army and protect the country, it will be my biggest reward!"

Loong Aotian said with a smile. As a retired soldier, Loong Aotian had never missed his military life for a day.

"Mr. Loong, are you having lunch?"

At this moment, a middle-aged man in a white shirt walked into the house with a smile on his face.

This middle-aged man had a big head and big ears. He had a round waist and wide arms. At first glance, he gave off the feeling of a nouveau riche.

"Mayor, why are you here? Quick, please take a seat."

Liu Shufen greeted him warmly when she saw that it was the mayor of Qingshan Town, Yang Kaiming.

"Sister-in-law, you are too polite. What is my relationship with Mr. Loong? He is a comrade who has been to the battlefield together!"

Yang Kaiming said politely. As he spoke, he looked at Loong Fei.

"Loong Fei, this is your Uncle Yang! Hurry up and pour some wine for your Uncle Yang."

Loong Aotian reminded him, but he was rejected by Yang Kaiming.

"Mr. Loong! No need. I'm just here to send you a message. There's still work to be done in town! "

Yang Kai Ming did not sit down to eat or drink, but spoke frankly.

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