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"What message?"

Loong Aotian asked curiously.

"Mr. Loong, I met Deputy Mayor Du a few days ago when I went to the city for a meeting. He asked me to bring you a message about your engagement."

When Yang Kaiming said this, Loong Aotian immediately smiled and said,

"Haha! Your message came at the right time. It just so happens that Loong Fei returned to his hometown to visit his relatives. The children have grown up. It's time to settle the good news for them."

"Mr. Loong, you misunderstood. Deputy Mayor Du means that this marriage is over. After all, there is a marriage between two people in society. We can't make things difficult for the children, can we?"

As soon as Yang Kaiming finished speaking, Loong Aotian's expression turned cold. He didn't know what to say for a moment.

"Mayor, go back and tell Deputy Mayor Du that we know about this. I told him that it's not reliable to marry someone. After all, we have to respect the child's wishes when it comes to marriage."

Liu Shufen said politely as if she did not mind the engagement. After all, Loong Fei and Du Juaner had not even met for so many years.


With a crisp sound, the veins on Loong Aotian's forehead bulged and the wine glass in his hand shattered on the spot.

"Du Qiang, this son of a b * tch, you look down on me now that you've become the vice mayor, don't you? If it wasn't for me risking my life to save him back then, he would have become the bullsh * t vice mayor!"

Loong Aotian said angrily, because he would never have thought that Du Qiang would actually call someone to cancel the engagement. Moreover, he only brought a message.

"Mr. Loong, I have already brought you the message. There are still matters in town waiting for me to take care of. " That's why I'm leaving now. "

Seeing Loong Aotian getting angry, Yang Kaiming curled his lips. He thought that Du Qiang couldn't be blamed for this. After all, he was the vice mayor of Jinghai City's Luofu Region.

How could the daughter of a vice mayor be the daughter-in-law of an old farmer who was crippled? When they were engaged, Du Qiang didn't think that Loong Aotian would be able to get to where he was today.

"Uncle Yang, wait."

Seeing that Yang Kaiming was about to leave, Loong Fei stood up and came to him with a calm face.

"You must be Loong Fei! You have grown so tall, do you have anything else to say?"

Yang Kaiming said with a smile. Looking at Loong Fei's plain clothes, he felt that it was natural for Du Qiang to reject the marriage.

"Uncle Yang, can you please tell Uncle Du that the engagement can't be just a message? I need to see him personally if he wants to cancel the engagement."

Loong Fei said indifferently. Seeing his father's hand cut by crushing the wine cup, his heart ached even more.

"Are you going to see Deputy Mayor Du? Sure, as long as you are not afraid of hurting your self-esteem, don't worry. I will tell him for you later."

As Yang Kai Ming spoke, he walked out of the door and drove his newly bought Audi A6 Chang.

"What world is this? What world is this? I really didn't expect Du Qiang, this son of a b * tch, to be such a person. Could it be that he has forgotten the vow he made with me?"

Loong Aotian said angrily. His palm, which had been cut by the broken wine cup, was bleeding profusely.

"Old man, why are you doing this? Why don't we cancel the engagement? We don't care. Could it be that other than his daughter, Fei'er won't be able to get a wife?"

Liu Shufen found some gauze to bandage Loong Aotian. Her eyes were filled with pain because she didn't expect Loong Aotian to be so angry.

"What do you know? My leg was injured because of this son of a b * tch. I thought he was my best brother. Otherwise, how could I have arranged this marriage with him? "

Loong Aotian said angrily. He was not angry about the matter of the annulment of the engagement, but he was angry that Du Qiang, his sworn brother, had actually broken the oath.

"Dad! Don't be angry! In fact, even if Uncle Du doesn't cancel the marriage, I will cancel it!"

At this moment, Loong Fei came to Loong Aotian's side and said truthfully.

"What? You... are you going to break off the engagement?"

Loong Aotian asked in disbelief. In Loong Aotian's opinion, Loong Fei being able to marry Du Juaner was something worth celebrating.

The engagement between Loong Fei and Du Juaner was the best proof of Loong Aotian and Du Qiang's friendship. That was why Loong Aotian attached so much importance to them.

"Yes, Dad! Du Juaner and I don't have any relationship at all. How can I be happy when you let me be with her?"

Loong Fei nodded slightly. However, when he thought of Yang Kaiming's matter-of-fact look, a nameless fire arose in his heart.

To cancel the marriage contract with just a message was the greatest disrespect to Loong Aotian. As Loong Aotian's son, how could Loong Fei let this matter rest?

"Since that's the case, I can only accept this matter. Du Qiang, this son of a b * tch, has been doing well. Now, he has become the deputy mayor of Luofu Region."

Loong Aotian said with a helpless expression. Although he attached great importance to the friendship he had in the past, the reality was cruel.

"No! This matter can't be let go like this. It's okay to cancel the engagement, but I have to withdraw."

Loong Fei said fiercely, because he would not let his father lose his dignity because of this matter.

"Good boy, you have courage. You have not embarrassed me!"

Seeing Loong Fei's backbone, Loong Aotian was very shocked. At the same time, he also felt that Loong Fei had done the right thing in this matter. It was okay to cancel the engagement, but it had to be done by Long Fei.

"Dad! Don't worry, I won't embarrass you. I will make those people who look down on us regret it for the rest of their lives."

Loong Fei comforted him. He thought to himself, "Isn't he just a deputy mayor of Luofu Region? If he knew that he was the captain of Battle Dragon Team, he would probably be impatient to marry his daughter to him.

"Fei'er, you've been in the army for eight years. What are your duties now?"

Loong Aotian asked with concern. He only needed to see what level Loong Fei had reached to know how well Loong Fei was doing in the army.

"Ugh! I... I am now a platoon leader, second lieutenant."

Loong Fei hesitated for a moment, then smiled awkwardly. He really did not want to tell his father. He was now the lowest logisticman in the world.

"A platoon leader? Not bad, not bad. It's already not bad to be able to become a platoon commander in eight years. Your father has been a platoon commander for more than 20 years. He's just a platoon commander!"

Loong Aotian nodded in satisfaction. Seeing his father's happy mood, Loong Fei felt ashamed.

"I must return to the war dragon and take back the glory that once belonged to me!"

Loong Fei said in his heart. Loong Aotian would never have thought that half a year ago, as the captain of the Battle Dragon Team, Loong Fei was already a major general.

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