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C7 Inheritance

Zhan Long was the only team composed of super Soldier Kings.

This team possessed the highest combat strength of the National Defense Corps. Any warrior who could enter this team was basically a super Soldier King with outstanding achievements.

Because this team was special, any warrior who joined the Battle Dragon Team would have the lowest rank as a major, which was also the position of commander.

As the captain of the Battle Dragon Team, Loong Fei became the youngest major general in the history of Huaxia. Apart from that, he broke the record of many defense divisions and became the undisputed ultimate Soldier King.

However, these honors had all become in the past. Because he had contradicted the highest chief of the National Defense Corps, he had been demoted from a major general to an ordinary sergeant, becoming a logistics soldier who raised pigs.

"Stinking brat, come with me!"

After lunch, Loong Aotian stood up and walked into the bedroom with his walking stick.

"Dad! "What's the matter?"

Loong Fei followed his father to the bedroom. His father took a red wooden box from the top of the wardrobe.

Loong Aotian placed the red lacquered box in front of Loong Fei and gently brushed off the dust on the box.


He removed the lock and saw a knife flashing with a cold light in the red lacquer box in Loong Fei's eyes. At the same time, there was a golden stamp beside it.

Looking at this knife, Loong Fei's memory immediately returned to more than ten years ago. At that time, he was still a child. He had secretly opened the red lacquer box when his father was not around.

"You didn't like to learn since you were young. You loved to dance with knives and guns. Do you still remember this military knife? I'll give it to you now."

Father took out the knife and handed it to Loong Fei solemnly. His eyes sparkled.


Loong Fei called out softly. Although he had seen this knife many years ago, his father gave it to him now. It made Loong Fei's blood boil.

"This military knife has followed me for decades. It was the reward given to me by the army when I made a third-class achievement. It is the greatest honor in my life. I hope you can take it and continue my unfinished mission to protect the country."

Loong Aotian said solemnly. He took out the golden stamp and put it on Loong Fei's chest.

"A hot-blooded man should be strong and protect his country."

At this moment, Loong Fei's eyes started to tear up. Although he had won countless honors and military medals in the past eight years, there had never been a time where he had tears in his eyes like this.

"Dad! Don't worry, I will continue your unfinished mission to protect the country."

Loong Fei said firmly in his heart. Looking at his father's confident eyes, he knew that this was his father's greatest trust in him.

This was a kind of inheritance, a kind of spiritual inheritance. To Loong Fei, there was nothing more important than obtaining his father's trust.

"Old man, what are you dawdling about in the house for? It's time to get down to work."

At this moment, Liu Shufen tidied up the kitchen and stood at the door of the house with a hoe on her shoulder. She looked like she was about to go out.

"Okay, I'll be right there!"

Hearing Liu Shufen's words, Loong Aotian immediately walked out with his walking stick.

"Dad! Do you have to get down to work even if your legs are not convenient?"

Seeing that his father was limping with difficulty, Loong Fei immediately chased after him and asked with a puzzled expression.

"My legs are not convenient, and my hands are still flexible! I can't let your mother do the work alone in the field, can I?"

Loong Aotian said with a smile. He did not think much of it. He had been a farmer in the village for more than ten years since he retired from the army and returned to the village.

"Dad! Mom! You don't have to farm anymore. I should have sent you quite a lot of money over the years!"

Loong Fei did not know how much money he had sent to his family these years. In short, he had sent all the rewards he had received for each mission back home. In total, he had sent about two hundred thousand yuan.

"Fei'er, I have saved all the money you sent for you to marry a wife. That money can be easily used by you."

Liu Shufen said with a smile. Now, their only wish was for Loong Fei to marry a wife and start a family. This way, they could be at ease.

This money was originally meant for Loong Fei and Du Juaner when they were getting married. But now, it was no longer necessary, because Du Qiang had already stated his intention of annulling the engagement.

Poor parents. Loong Fei really wanted to tell his parents that what he did not lack the most was money, but because of the matter of contradicting the chief, his money in Battle Dragon Team was frozen.

"Dad! Your legs are not convenient, leave the work to me!"

Loong Fei took the hoe from his father and went out to work with his mother, Liu Shufen.

The next morning, Loong Fei packed up and got on the bus to Jinghai City.

He went to Jinghai City to cancel the engagement. According to the address his father gave him, Loong Fei arrived at the famous villa area of Jinghai City, Glory World Grand Court.

The people living in Glory World Grand Court were all wealthy people. The cheapest villa here was worth several million yuan, and the vice district leader of the Luofu Region, Du Qiang, lived here.

After knocking on the iron door of the villa, a middle-aged woman in her forties came to open the door. She seemed to be Du Qiang's housemaid.

"Who are you, young man?"

The housekeeper looked at Loong Fei in confusion. Anyone who came to Du Qiang's house as a guest was either an important person or a famous wealthy businessman.

"My name is Loong Fei. I'm here to look for Uncle Du."

Loong Fei revealed his identity. Although he had broken off the engagement with Du Juaner, he could not deny the fact that Loong Aotian and Du Qiang were comrades.

"Aunt Mei! Who is it?"

At this moment, a tall girl with white skin walked out of the villa.

The girl had an oval face and her slightly curly hair was draped behind her head. A long black silk dress perfectly wrapped around her curves.

Her slender eyebrows, big eyes, small nose, and a slightly arrogant expression. The corner of her mouth was slightly raised, giving off an arrogant and cold attitude.

Looking at this girl, Loong Fei recognized this girl at a glance. This girl was none other than Du Juaner.

Loong Fei had seen Du Juaner's picture for eight years. Although the girl in front of him looked different from the girl in the picture, Loong Fei was sure that she was his fiancée, Du Juaner.

"Miss, he said his name is Loong Fei. He came to look for master."

Aunt Mei said truthfully. At this moment, Du Juaner's eyes fell on Loong Fei.

Loong Fei was dressed very ordinarily. He wore a white shirt and a pair of light blue jeans. A pair of old yellow sports shoes gave people the impression that he was a young worker.

However, Loong Fei's handsome appearance still attracted Du Juaner's attention. This was also the first time this man who was engaged to her had appeared in front of her.

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