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C8 Impressive

Loong Fei's handsomeness was not the feminine and handsome kind, but the masculine beauty of a hot-blooded warrior.

Star Eyes and sword-like brows. The shape of a knife, the figure of a bodybuilder, and the confidence in his face.

"Loong Fei?"

Upon hearing Loong Fei's name, Du Juaner frowned when she heard Loong Fei's name.

"Miss Du, I'm here to look for Uncle Du."

Seeing the trace of displeasure on Du Juaner's face, Loong Fei also understood in his heart that a rich young lady like Du Juaner would not take a fancy to a soldier like him.

"Oh! Come in! You sit in the living room for a while. I will call my dad right away."

Du Juaner glanced at Loong Fei from the corner of her eye. She turned around and walked into the villa. She did not seem to have any interest in Loong Fei.

When he arrived at the living room of the villa, Loong Fei felt uncomfortable sitting on the sofa. The feeling of being ignored made him feel uncomfortable.

Du Juaner seemed very calm about Loong Fei's arrival, even though she knew that this man was her fiancé who had made an engagement with her.

Ignoring Loong Fei's existence, Du Juaner sat in front of a piano in the living room and began to practice her music.

The gentle and beautiful sound of the piano flowed out from Du Juaner's fingers. This slightly arrogant young lady sat in front of the piano like a goddess that no mortal could approach.

"This song that you are playing is really good! Do you learn music? What's the name of this song?"

Loong Fei asked tentatively, trying to break the silence in the air. After all, it was worse to let a cynical person like him sit on the sofa than to receive devil training.

"You won't understand even if I tell you!"

The sound of the zither stopped abruptly. Du Juaner stood up with a face full of displeasure. Then, she looked straight ahead and left the living room in an arrogant manner.

"Loong Fei! Will you marry such a girl?"

Loong Fei was sure that he would agree. Looking at Du Juaner's back, Loong Fei suddenly felt much more relaxed.

All these years, Loong Fei had treated Du Juaner as his fiancée. After all, this engagement was made in his mother's womb and was the most solid witness of his father, Loong Aotian and Du Qiang's friendship.

But now, Loong Fei could finally let it go. At least he wouldn't have any regrets about the engagement.

"Loong Fei, is your father well?"

Du Qiang sat on the leather sofa with a bowl of tea in his hand. He blew on the tea while looking straight ahead.

"Uncle Du, thank you for your concern. My father is in good health."

Loong Fei sat beside Du Qiang and looked at this man who used to be with his father. However, he was not as close as he had imagined.

"Ai! I have let Mr. Loong down. If it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have fallen to his current state. I feel really ashamed!"

Du Qiang sighed and pretended to feel guilty. He said, "Look at me. Now that I'm the Deputy District Chief of Luofu Region, I have so many things to do every day. I can't find time to visit him once."

"Uncle Du, you are busy with work. My dad understands very well, so you don't have to blame yourself."

Although he came here to cancel the engagement, the man in front of him was still his father's most important comrade.

"Loong Fei, I heard you went to the army eight years ago. How is the army now?"

Du Qiang asked tentatively. However, he had already known in his heart that a guy who graduated from junior high would only be a soldier in eighty years, let alone eight years.

"Not bad!"

He did not need to tell Du Qiang about the honor he had earned in the past.

"Loong Fei, have you seen Juaner? She is now a top student of Jinghai City Music Academy and is about to go abroad to study. As her father, I don't want anyone to affect her future."

He looked into Loong Fei's eyes as he spoke. He seemed to be observing Loong Fei's intention.

"Uncle Du! I came this time for the matter of the engagement."

Loong Fei said with a smile. There was no hesitation or regret in his eyes.

"Loong Fei! "I'm really sorry about this. Don't worry, Uncle Du will never mistreat you. For Juaner's future, I can only cancel your engagement. You look as handsome as your father. You don't have to worry about not being able to find a wife in the future..."

Du Qiang took out a stack of thick bills from the cabinet on the coffee table and handed it to Loong Fei. It was a hundred thousand yuan.

Looking at the thick stack of banknotes, a disdainful smile immediately appeared on Loong Fei's face. A look of disdain appeared in his eyes.

"Uncle Du, you misunderstood. I didn't come to find you today to compensate you. I came here to cancel the engagement with you."

Loong Fei pushed the money back to Du Qiang and said calmly.

"What? You want to break off the engagement with me? What do you mean?"

Seeing that Loong Fei rejected his good intentions, Du Qiang immediately asked in disbelief.

"Uncle Du, what I mean is, I am here to officially break off the engagement with you. I don't want to marry your daughter. Do you understand?"

Loong Fei's tone was firm and full of vigor. It was as if he was telling Du Qiang that it was not that Du Juaner did not like Loong Fei, but that Loong Fei did not like Du Juaner at all.

"What? You don't want to marry my daughter. What are you, a soldier? Do you have the right?"

Du Qiang said angrily. He had never thought that Loong Fei would dare to say such a thing in front of him.

"So what if he's a soldier? Uncle Du, have you never been a soldier before?"

Loong Fei raised his chin and thought to himself, "He's the old chief of the National Defense Corps. He even dares to contradict him, let alone talk back to him. You are just a small district chief of Luofu Region.

"Get lost! A guy who is raising pigs in the border logistics team dares to show off in front of me. If it wasn't for the fact that your father saved my life, I will get someone to kill you right now. "

Du Qiang was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. Regarding Loong Fei, his future son-in-law, Du Qiang had sent someone to investigate Loong Fei's situation before deciding to cancel the engagement.

After learning that Loong Fei was only a pig soldier in the border defense force, he made up his mind to cancel the marriage. He felt that Loong Fei was not even qualified to carry shoes for his daughter.

But now, Loong Fei had openly expressed his disdain for his daughter in front of Du Qiang. How could he not be angry?

"Uncle Du, I am here to cancel the engagement. This means that you have no objections. Good! I will take my leave now."

Seeing Du Qiang's face turn green with anger, Loong Fei felt very unhappy. He stood up and left without hesitation.

"Son of a b * tch, don't be so shameless. Later, I will ask someone to get rid of your military record and let you go back home to farm like your father."

Du Qiang said angrily. When he thought of Loong Fei's withdrawal, he felt stifled in his heart. When did a soldier become so arrogant?

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