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C9 Lin Yichun

"Stinking brat, who do you think you are? You actually look down on me?"

Du Juaner, who had been secretly hiding on the second floor of the villa, heard the conversation between Loong Fei and her father. A touch of anger immediately appeared on her face.

As a top student of the Jinghai City Music Academy and also the school beauty of the music academy, the arrogance in Du Juaner's heart was not something that an ordinary girl could have.

However, such an arrogant school beauty was deeply affected by Loong Fei, who looked like an old peasant.

Du Juaner had never had any idea about Loong Fei, her fiancé whom she had never met before. But now, she felt a deep hatred in her heart.

Yes, Du Juaner was born in a famous family and received a high education. In school, she was chased and beaten up by talented girls and school beauties. She had experienced this kind of resentment before.

"Loong Fei! How is things going?"

When Loong Fei returned to Qingshan Town, his father, Loong Aotian, asked with concern.

"Dad! I told you I wouldn't let you lose face."

Loong Fei told Loong Aotian what had happened. When he found out that Du Qiang was so angry that his face turned green, Loong Aotian was in a good mood.

"This son of a turtle, he really thinks that he is looking down on others just because he is the deputy mayor of Luofu Region. When my son is successful, he will definitely look at me in a new light."

Loong Aotian said proudly. Although Loong Fei was not considered promising in Loong Aotian's eyes, he believed that as long as Loong Fei stayed in the army obediently, sooner or later, there would be a day where he would shine brightly.

"Dad! I only have three days to visit my family when I return to my hometown. " So I have to return to the army in two days. You have to take good care of yourself. "

In fact, he knew in his heart that returning to Jinghai City was not a visit, but a very important mission. This mission was his only chance to return to Battle Dragon Team.

"Alright, hurry back to the army. You don't have to worry about the family matters."

Loong Aotian agreed without any reluctance. As long as Loong Fei stayed in the army for a day, Loong Aotian would be able to feel the greatest comfort in his heart.

"What? You are going back to the army in two days. Can't you stay at home for a few more days?"

Liu Shufen said reluctantly. She hadn't seen her son for eight years. Now that she had finally reunited with her family, she didn't expect that it would only be a short three days.

"Mom! I'm sorry, but don't worry. I will often call my family. " Don't farm in the future, "Wang Yao said. I will send you money every month. "

He knew very well that as long as he returned to the Battle Dragon Team, his frozen money would be enough for his parents to enjoy their old age.

"Fei'er, it doesn't matter if you have more or less money. At most, you can save some money. Right now, what we are most worried about is your marriage. If there is a suitable girl willing to follow you, you must hurry up."

Liu Shufen tried to persuade Loong Fei. After all, Loong Fei was not young anymore. He was twenty-four years old in the countryside. He moved quickly and his child was several years old.

"Mom, I know. Don't worry. I already have someone I love. Next year, I will bring her home to show you my respect."

Loong Fei said with a smile. The person he liked was naturally Qin Ying, who had the title of "Number One Flower in the Army.

"Really? Don't lie to me. What is her name? " Where do you live? "

Liu Shufen asked happily when she found out that Loong Fei already had someone he liked. At the same time, she gave up the idea of matchmaking for Loong Fei in her hometown.

"Hehe! There isn't even a single note left? Wait until I bring her home."

Loong Fei smiled because he was not sure if Qin Ying was willing to marry him.

However, Loong Fei believed that only a domineering woman like Qin Ying, Ultimate Soldier King, had the ability to tame her.

Three days passed quickly. Loong Fei packed his luggage and left Qingshan Town reluctantly.

When he arrived at the Jinghai City, the first place he wanted to go was naturally the Lin's Group of the Jinghai City.

His mission this time was to protect the daughter of the president of the Lin's Group, Lin Lei. Apart from that, there was also a secret mission, and this was his true ultimate mission.

"What a big company. No wonder Lin Lei became the richest man in Jinghai City."

Looking at the thirty-two-story business building of Lin's Group, Loong Fei immediately sighed with emotion.

"Stop right there. Who are you?"

When they arrived at the entrance of the building, a burly security guard immediately blocked Loong Fei's way.

"My name is Loong Fei. I'm here to look for President Lin."

The first task Qin Ying gave Loong Fei was to come to Jinghai City. The first person he needed to see was Lin Lei.

"Are you looking for our chairman? Do you have an appointment?"

The security guard said in disbelief. In his eyes, Loong Fei looked no different from an ordinary worker. At most, he looked more handsome.

"An appointment? I'm not sure about this, but please inform Chairman Lin. I believe he will come to see me."

Loong Fei smiled. He looked very confident. He did not look like he was joking.

"What? Who do you think you are when our chairman comes to see you?"

Hearing Loong Fei's words, the security guard's eyes immediately widened. After all, in his opinion, Loong Fei was simply spouting nonsense. Even if the district chief of Luofu Region was here, he wouldn't be so arrogant.

"Loong Fei!"

Seeing the security guard look down on him, Loong Fei's eyes instantly turned cold. A cold light flashed and a sharp gaze immediately entered the security guard's eyes, carrying a cold chill.

He shivered. This security guard did not know why, but he looked at Loong Fei as if he was facing a great enemy. It was because of Loong Fei's imposing manner. It's not something an ordinary worker can have.

"The chairman is in a meeting right now. Sit in the hall for a while. I'll go inform him now."

The security guard was a retired soldier, so when he felt Loong Fei's domineering aura, he immediately understood that the young man in front of him was not simple.

"Thank you!"

Following the security guard into the Lin's Group's business building, Loong Fei immediately sat on the sofa in the hall on the first floor. He picked up a newspaper and started reading.

"Lin Yichun, what are you doing? I asked you to help me get a cup of coffee. How long has it been? It hasn't been delivered yet."

"Lin Yichun, were you a snail in your previous life? Why are you so slow? Where are the documents that I asked you to print for me?"

In the hall on the first floor, the noise rose and fell. Loong Fei heard Lin Yichun's name the most.

He looked up and saw a pure looking girl with a cup of coffee in her left hand and a pile of documents in her right. She was running in a hurry in the hall on the first floor.

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