Soldier King's Love Affairs In City/C1 Cemetery Fortuitous Encounters
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Soldier King's Love Affairs In City/C1 Cemetery Fortuitous Encounters
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C1 Cemetery Fortuitous Encounters

Riverside City, in front of the cemetery.

Qin Yun stood alone in front of his parents' grave. His short-sleeved uniform was drenched in sweat. It had been three years, and this was the first time he came to visit his parents.

Three years ago, Qin Yun's parents were taken by the road killer truck. During his third year of high school, he collapsed.

Because he had lost his means to live, he had lost his source of income. Although his grades were outstanding, the living expenses for four years of studying in a university was an astronomical figure for him and his originally poor family.

The driver of the truck was Wu Jin, the General Manager of Binjiang City's Wu Clan Industrial Group. Qin Yun requested for civil compensation.

Wu Jin had sent people to beat him up. He had been lying in the hospital for a month and had received threats and threats continuously during this period.

And just like that, he continued to be lawless. In the end, all of his medical expenses were donated by his teachers and classmates.

Using all sorts of methods to suppress him, under extreme helplessness, he chose to join the army.

Coincidentally, due to his body's talent, he had become a special forces soldier. After three years of special forces life experience, he had forged a brand-new self for himself, Qin Yun. The characteristics of the soldiers were vividly displayed on him.

Now, he had returned to his hometown, Binjiang City. He, who had retired from the rank of sergeant, was about to begin his new urban life, and he was even more anxious to seek justice for his innocent parents.

As the wind began to blow, the clouds in the horizon quickly began to gather together. They began to gather, becoming darker and darker. In the blink of an eye, half of the sky had been covered as muffled thunder rumbled. Icy-cold raindrops struck Qin Yun's face. Although the wind had died down, the rain was heavier.

The trees in the distance, the nearby grass, and even the wet clothes, all seemed to be filled with endless grief. Qin Yun stood there, allowing the wind and rain to blow against him. He thought of his parents, who loved him most in the world, and tears welled up in his eyes. He didn't want revenge.

In the storm, a bolt of lightning flashed. Suddenly, something fell from the sky and landed at Qin Yun's head. It landed at his feet and he picked it up. A stream of cool air flowed through his entire body through his palms.

He felt his entire body shudder as the air currents around him surged. An abnormally comfortable feeling spread throughout his entire body, spreading to every part of his blood vessels. How comfortable, it was as if he was in a field full of flowers, without any desires or desires, floating like a fairy.

Amidst the wind and rain, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. He was completely unaware, completely immersed in his bliss. After a long time, that strange feeling gradually disappeared. When he opened his eyes, it was raining heavily and the tomb was filled with mist.

Qin Yun stretched out his palm and grabbed an egg-yellow bracelet. He carefully examined it and saw a lifelike golden dragon engraved on the surface of the bracelet. It gave off a very distinct feeling. On the inside of the bracelet, there were a few words carved: Gold Dragon Ruyi Bracelet. A warm Spiritual Sense entered his mind.

The Golden Dragon Ruyi Bracelet was forged by the ancient five-clawed Golden Dragon Dragon Dragon Teeth. A fated person could use it to speed up their body and provide early warning to ward off demons and dispel diseases. The Golden Dragon's Ruyi Bracelet was not afraid of fire and water, and could also help a fated person cultivate. As a fated person's power increases, the effects of the Bracelet of Golden Dragon will become even more wondrous.

Qin Yun could sense that the bracelet was extraordinary. In front of his parents' tombs, in the midst of the heavy rain and wind, an unknown golden bracelet dropped from the sky and smashed onto his body. This was luck, or a fortuitous encounter. Was it the blessing of his parents in heaven?

After putting on the Golden Dragon's Ruyi Bracelet, Qin Yun's eyes became moist. He wiped away the liquid mixture of rain and tears that dripped from his face. Slowly, he moved his feet and left the tomb.

Just as he left the cemetery, Qin Yun felt dizzy. As he walked, he stumbled and nearly fell to the ground. Thankfully, he managed to hold onto a small tree by the roadside.

"Could it be due to excessive grief that caused me to feel powerless?" With this in mind, Qin Yun calmed his sorrowful mood. Just as he stood up to leave.

Another wave of tiredness hit him. The feeling this time was much worse than before. Qin Yun fell headfirst onto the ground and fainted. He allowed the bean-sized rain to hit his body.

At this moment, the golden dragon ruyi bracelet on his wrist began emitting a strange glow. It enveloped Qin Yun's entire body and helped him withstand the torrential rain.

Just like that, about an hour later, the golden light from the Golden Dragon Ruyi Bracelet disappeared. Qin Yun opened his eyes and woke up quietly. He found himself lying on the ground.

"Why did I fall asleep on the ground?" With that said, Qin Yun stood up from the ground.

The moment he stood up, Qin Yun realized that he was even more spirited. His eyes were brighter, and his body seemed to have become lighter.

Qin Yun sensed the changes in his body and lowered his head to look at the bracelet. Qin Yun muttered to himself.

The heavy rain finally stopped.

However, the sky was still dark. Qin Yun's entire body was wet. He subconsciously stretched and took a few deep breaths. A miracle had happened. His clothes were steaming and instantly vaporized. Even his military leather shoes were as dry as before.

Qin Yun fondled the golden dragon ruyi bracelet lovingly.

This sudden heavy rain brought quite a bit of trouble to Binjiang City, causing the city's low-lying roads to be flooded with water. Cars were being soaked in the water, as were some of the smaller houses on the outskirts of the city. Qin Yun arrived at Riverside Road in Riverside City. It was filled with water.

"Hurry and save him, the car fell into the water."

Qin Yun looked towards the source of the voice and saw a gray Rolls-royce phantom car diving into the depths of the water. The Rolls-royce Mirage car was fifty meters away from him, and he leaped into the water without hesitation.

Under the water, the miracle happened again, and both vision and breathing were normal. He quickly arrived in front of the grey and white phantom Rolls-royce car, in the car, there was a girl sitting in the driver's seat.

The car had long since turned off, there was no air in the car, and the girl was in a coma. Qin Yun stretched out his left hand to pull the door. Under the pressure, the door could not be opened. He shattered the glass with a punch and opened the door. Qin Yun hurriedly carried the girl out of the car and swam to the shore. Put the girl on a fence chair by the side of the road.

The crowd gathered around, concerned about the girl's fate.

"Hurry up and do artificial respiration, young man, save him until the end."

There were suggestions from the crowd. Qin Yun intentionally or unintentionally placed the bowl with the Bracelet of Golden Dragon on his right hand under the girl's nose. In a few seconds, the girl spat out the water she inhaled.

Everyone cried out in joy, "He's awake! He's awake! It's really like the heavens themselves!"

The surrounding crowd was extremely bewildered. They looked at each other, because the clothes of the young man who saved them was instantly used up.

The girl stood up. She was actually slightly lower than Qin Yun. He was 1.80m tall. Her long, wet hair exuded a boundless charm, and her exquisite facial features grew on her pretty face. Her short, soggy black skirt wrapped around her devilish body, and her long, white thighs were stained with mud, accentuating her pure white skin.

"Teacher Ye Rou!"

Qin Yun blurted out.

"You are Qin Yun!"

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