Soldier King's Love Affairs In City/C10 Fight Killing Intent
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Soldier King's Love Affairs In City/C10 Fight Killing Intent
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C10 Fight Killing Intent

The people who won the money below the arena cheered and roared, while the people who lost threw whatever they could at the fighter, cursing him.

"Next match!" Zombie versus Qin Yun, Zombie: 1: 1.5, Qin Yun: 1: 10. A tall girl dressed in revealing clothing walked into the ring and shouted into a microphone.

The moment the word "zombie" came out, the entire arena went into an uproar because zombies were a legend in this arena. There were a total of 99 matches and none of them had lost.

As for Qin Yun's name, very few people knew. Those who heard of it only knew that he had defeated Violent Scorpion and that everyone had bet money on the zombie. Only a very small portion of them had taken the risk and bet on Qin Yun.

"Mr. Qin, it's your turn." Zhang Qun said. However, his eyes revealed a trace of impatience. However, he also wanted to see Qin Yun's skill.

"Plop!" A huge figure jumped onto the arena.

The figure was two meters tall, with a strong, bare upper body and bare feet. He was only wearing tattered pants, and his face was covered with scars, making him look especially sinister.

"Zombie!" "Zombie!" The people below the stage were not afraid of zombies, but instead they began to shout.

Qin Yun took off his jacket, revealing a strong, scarred upper body. Zhang Qun was alarmed when he saw the scars on Qin Yun's body. It was because the scars on Qin Yun's body were mostly fatal.

Qin Yun exerted strength into his legs and leaped onto the arena. He stared fixedly at the zombie in front of him.

The battle of the Conferred God Battle of the zombies was a victory for him. When he saw the scars on Qin Yun's body, he could not help but be alarmed. Although his body was covered in scars, most of them were superficial wounds.

"Brat, today, I will smash your head off!" The zombie clenched its fists as it spoke fiercely to Qin Yun.

"It's not certain who will win!" Qin Yun responded coldly.

The lady in revealing clothes walked up the stage and shouted: "Let the competition begin!" After he finished speaking, he also ran off the stage.

"Hah!" Although he had an enormous body, his speed was extremely fast. His massive body pounced at Qin Yun.

"So fast!" Qin Yun looked at the approaching zombies and was alarmed. The speed of the zombies had completely exceeded his expectations.

Qin Yun shifted his body to the left and dodged. The zombie missed its charge and landed. With a stomp, a fist the size of a claypot came smashing down at Qin Yun's chest with astral winds.

Qin Yun could tell that he was a practitioner and had deep internal energy. Qin Yun crossed his arms in front of his chest as he prepared to withstand the attack from the zombie.

"Let's see if I will send you flying!" The zombie cried out, "Bang!" The punch landed on Qin Yun's arms. The zombie felt as though its fist had hit an iron plate and a pain came from its wrist. "Postnatal Bone Refining stage!" That was the first thought that was lost.

Qin Yun felt a powerful force hit him, causing both his arms to go numb. He retreated about five to six steps before regaining his balance. "What great strength!" He had rarely met such a formidable opponent since he became a soldier.

After this strike, the audience cheered. They thought that the zombies had taken advantage of Qin Yun when they saw him retreating with a punch.

"This punch is really painful. Now it's my turn, right?" Qin Yun roared as he clenched his fist and charged at the zombie.

"You think I can't do anything about you just because you're at the Bone Refining stage? Berserk punch!" The spirit energy in the zombie's body gathered on its fist as it welcomed Qin Yun's punch.

As the zombie's fist closed in, the golden dragon ruyi bracelet on his wrist jumped up, telling Qin Yun that this strike was extremely dangerous.

However, Qin Yun was alarmed. "Fuck, I can't dodge it anymore!"

"Bam!" The punch landed solidly on Qin Yun's fist. Qin Yun felt as though he had crashed into a train. He flew backwards like a kite with its string broken. He crashed into the steel bar at the side of the arena and bent it.

Qin Yun's internal organs were trembling. "Wow!" After spitting out a mouthful of blood, he felt much better. His right arm had already become numb.

The zombie looked somewhat complacently at Qin Yun and said, "It wasn't easy to meet a Bone Refining expert, but he was still so unlucky. Someone paid twenty million for your life. Let me send you on your way!" The zombie gave a sinister smile and leaped three meters into the air. Like a hungry eagle pouncing at its prey, its feet came crashing at Qin Yun's head.

In Qin Yun's eyes, the zombie was getting closer and closer. "Am I going to die here? No!" The Wu family had not collapsed yet! I have yet to take revenge! " At that moment, Qin Yun's consciousness slipped into the Golden Dragon's Ruyi Bracelet.

"Dragon God Tactic, Golden Dragon Power." Qin Yun muttered to himself as the spiritual energy in his meridians constantly circulated rapidly.

Just as the zombie's feet were a few centimeters away from Qin Yun, he exclaimed, "Ah!" Qin Yun roared.

When the audience beneath the arena heard the shout, they were delighted. They thought it was the screams of Qin Yun before his death. It was as though they had witnessed the scene of Qin Yun's brain being splattered everywhere.

However, the scene that followed astounded everyone. Qin Yun used one hand to hold up the zombie's body as golden light erupted from his hand. In the dark arena, everyone covered their eyes.

Qin Yun sent the zombie flying and bounced it off the ground. Like a cannonball, he shot it at the zombie's body that had yet to land.

"Dragon Cry Fist!" Qin Yun roared as his fist produced a dragon's roar. He heavily smashed into the zombie's body.

The Dragon Cry Fist was a move that Qin Yun had created after combining military killing techniques with the Dragon God's Art. It was also the first time he had used it.

"Xiantian first …" The zombie muttered, and then his heart was shattered by the punch, and he fell onto the stage.

By the time everyone opened their eyes, the zombie was lying motionless on the ground. Qin Yun was like a god of war, emitting a suffocating aura.

In a corner, Mo Tianxiong, who was sitting on the sofa, frowned at Mo Yan, "Did you see his move clearly?"

After Mo Yan heard Mo Tianxiong's words, she disdainfully said, "Father, you can't even tell how strong you are. How can I even know this much about martial arts?"

Upon seeing Mo Yan's attitude, Mo Tianxiong sighed in guilt.

Back then, because of his adventure, Mo Yan had watched helplessly as his mother was killed by her enemies, even though Mo Tianxiong had killed all of them later on.

But from then on, she began to hold a grudge against her father. Even though Mo Tianxiong had given her care and management of his trinity group, she still held a grudge against Mo Tianxiong in her heart.

The crowd went silent, staring at the scene before them in disbelief.

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