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C12 Qin Family

"Hah!" Zhang Qun roared out, and went to welcome the two Hall Master s in front of him. Two machetes appeared in the two Hall Master s' hands and they slashed towards Zhang Qun's body.

Zhang Qun's fist wind blew loudly. "Clang!" With a sound, he deflected the blade's trajectory, and took the opportunity to kick one of the Hall Master's chest.

"Bam!" With a sound, the Hall Master used her arm to block Zhang Qun's kick, taking the chance to grab onto it and returned to her aid with his blade. The cold light slashed at Zhang Qun's lower leg, if this blade were to hit his leg, then Zhang Qun's leg would definitely be crippled.

As the adopted son of Mo Tianxiong, Zhang Qun naturally had some ability. He stomped hard with his feet and with a single movement, he knocked Hall Master flat on the ground.

The machete from the other Hall Master had already arrived in front of him. Zhang Qun quickly turned his body and slashed across his clothes with her machete, cutting off a few buttons on his suit.

"Traitor, did I teach you how to help outsiders?!" Mo Tianxiong's voice came from behind Zhang Qun. Astral winds rose up from his feet and swept across Zhang Qun's ribs, sending him flying three to four meters before crashing onto the ground.

When Qin Yun, who was fighting with the five Hall Master s and two Ninjas, saw this, he forced seven people to retreat. She rushed to Zhang Qun's side and said, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine!" Zhang Qun clenched his teeth tightly as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Qin Yun knew that at least two of his ribs had been broken.

Qin Yun frowned as he looked at Mo Tianxiong. From his earlier attack, he could tell that he was much stronger than the zombies he had killed earlier.

"Can you still run?!" Qin Yun said softly.

"Yes!" As the foster son of Mo Tianxiong, Zhang Qun knew that he was no match for Mo Tianxiong.

"You're injured. You go first, I'll cover the back!" As he said that, Qin Yun sent out a heavy punch at the two shadows that were rapidly approaching him, forcing the duo to retreat.

"Hurry up! If you don't leave now, it'll be too late!" Qin Yun roared at Zhang Qun.

"Alright!" Zhang Qun looked at the incoming triad and immediately ran away.

A cold light flashed in front of Qin Yun as one of the Hall Master stabbed at him with a dagger.

At lightning speed, Qin Yun grabbed Hall Master's wrist and twisted it forcefully. With a "kacha" sound, Hall Master's wrist snapped and the dagger in her hand fell to the ground.

"Swish!" With a sound, Qin Yun caught the dagger. With a sound, it pierced the Hall Master's heart. The Hall Master screamed and fell down.

When the remaining six Hall Master and two Ninjas saw the situation unfold, they were shocked by Qin Yun's ruthless methods. Furthermore, every single Hall Master was an expert, yet they were being slaughtered like lambs by Qin Yun. They felt slightly fearful.

"I'll give twenty million to kill Qin Yun, and ten million to kill Zhang Qun!" Seeing this, Mo Tianxiong ordered his subordinates.

"Kill!" The Hall Master s of the Triad Group and two Ninjas rushed over at the same time.

Qin Yun used his dragon's Cry once more to force everyone back. Just as he turned around, a cold beam chopped down. His body was like a slithering snake as he dodged to the side. However, the speed of this cold beam was extremely fast.

"Swish!" Qin Yun turned to look and a slash that was about ten centimeters long appeared from his left shoulder. He then looked at Mo Tianxiong, who was holding a katana, staring coldly at him.

"You guys go chase that traitor, leave this to me!" Mo Tianxiong said to his subordinates.

When Qin Yun heard Mo Tianxiong's words, he wanted to stop them from chasing after him, but the katana in Mo Tianxiong's hand struck at him mercilessly. He could only choose to retreat as he held onto the wound on his shoulder and glared at Mo Tianxiong.

"Actually, I quite admire you. You have skill and a sense of loyalty." Mo Tianxiong said to Qin Yun with a smile.

"You're not going to let me be your foster son, are you?" Qin Yun looked at Mo Tianxiong and said coldly.

"If you agree, I can consider letting you go and help you get rid of the Wu family!"

"Dream on!" Qin Yun cursed loudly, but he did not dare to fight Mo Tianxiong head on because he had used most of the Spiritual Energy in his body. Furthermore, he was injured.

Therefore, he turned around and ran for his life towards the distant street.

"Do you think you can escape!?" Mo Tianxiong raised his saber and chased after him.

"Clang!" Qin Yun swept the trash cans that were scattered in the air with his foot and sent them flying at Mo Tianxiong.

Mo Tianxiong raised the katana above his head and with a single slash, he cleaved the trash can apart. He then continued slashing at Qin Yun.

Suddenly, a white light flew from the side and struck against Mo Tianxiong's katana, forcing it to retreat.

"You dared to injure the Young Chieftain after a few years of learning the 'Wild Blade technique'. You are simply courting death!" A delicate shout came from afar, followed by a white-robed short-haired beauty holding a long sword in her hand as she charged towards Mo Tianxiong.

Although Qin Yun did not understand what she was saying, the beauty was probably helping him.

The long sword flew up and down in the beauty's hands, forcing Mo Tianxiong to retreat in a few moves. Mo Tianxiong was an old fox, seeing that he was no match for her, he used a feint and fled in the direction of Wang Jiang Lou.

When the short-haired beauty saw Mo Tianxiong escape, she hurriedly came to Qin Yun's side. She bent down and said, "This humble one is late. Young Master, please punish me!"

Qin Yun was truly dumbfounded. He hurriedly explained, "Beauty, you must have recognized the wrong person. When did I become your young master?" After saying that, Qin Yun's face revealed a pained expression.

Although the wound had stopped bleeding long ago due to the effect of the Golden Dragon Ruyi Bracelet, and it had already started to slowly scab, there was still a heart-piercing pain coming from it.

"Let this subordinate see!" The short-haired beauty quickly took a step forward and saw the wound Mo Tianxiong left on Qin Yun's shoulder. She took out a jade bottle the size of a thumb and sprinkled some white powder on it.

Just as the powder was sprinkled on the wound, a strong burning sensation came over, as if the entire wound was on fire. After a short while, the burning sensation gradually disappeared, and the pain was no longer as great.

Qin Yun learned from the short-haired beauty that he was from the Zhongyang Qin family. The Qin family was one of the six great families of China. The current patriarch of the Qin family was named Qin Yun and was his biological grandfather.

Back then, Qin Yun's father, Qin Feng, was Qin Lie's only son and was the Qin family's future heir. He was assigned to one of the six great families of China, the second young miss of the Xiao family, Xiao Yu Ling.

However, Qin Feng had already engaged Qin Yun's mother, Ling Yuehan. A few days before their engagement, Qin Feng and Ling Yuehan had eloped.

Qin Feng's actions would definitely cause the relationship between the Qin family and the Xiao family to become hostile. Qin Lie furiously used up all of the Qin family's influence to capture Qin Feng and Ling Yuehan.

He had threatened Qin Feng with his life, but Qin Feng's heart had long since become one with Ling Yuehan, and Qin Feng had abandoned his martial arts, determined to die together with him.

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