Soldier King's Love Affairs In City/C15 Qin Yun's Reverse Scale
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Soldier King's Love Affairs In City/C15 Qin Yun's Reverse Scale
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C15 Qin Yun's Reverse Scale

"This is my office. What's wrong with it? Let me take a look." Ye Rou said in a domineering manner, making Qin Yun unable to reject her.

"It's not serious with such a long wound." Ye Rou lightly touched the wound on his shoulder as she spoke with a pained heart.

"As a man, what's more, this is just a flesh wound." As he said that, Qin Yun lifted his left shoulder and moved it.

"Don't force yourself, let my doctor deal with it for you later. Oh yeah, Zhang Qun came to find you this morning." Ye Rou said.

"Zhang Qun, where is he?" Yesterday, he was able to escape due to Zhang Qun leading the way. However, the two of them split up and didn't expect him to come find him. It seems like he was the one who told Ye Rou what happened last night.

"He was quite injured. My brother arranged a very safe place for him."

"But if that's the case, wouldn't that mean Chu Tian Group was involved as well?" Qin Yun said with concern.

"You offended the Triad because of us." You offended the Triad because of us. Ye Rou said.

"Don't worry, as long as I'm here, I won't let the Triad Group hurt a single hair on your head." Qin Yun gave Ye Rou a hug and assured her emotionally.

"Yes." Ye Rou looked at the handsome and tall man before her, obediently lying in his embrace.

After resting for a few minutes, Qin Yun looked at Ye Rou, who was in his embrace, and said, "I'll first find Director Ye and ask him about Zhang Qun's situation."

Ye Rou looked at Qin Yun and wanted to say something, but she swallowed it back. She then smiled at him and said, "Go on.

Before he could reach Ye Zhan's office, he saw his bodyguard, Bai Fei. Bai Fei's face didn't look too good, and when he walked, his arm moved unnaturally, as if he was injured.

"Brother Bai, what happened to your arm?"

"Mr. Qin, don't you know?" Bai Fei was shocked, as if he knew.

When Qin Yun heard Bai Fei's words, he suddenly recalled how Ye Rou looked like she wanted to speak but hesitated. Furthermore, she had been sent home by Bai Fei last night.

"What happened?" Qin Yun frowned and asked Bai Fei.

Seeing this, Bai Fei knew that Ye Rou probably did not tell him about what happened last night. Even Ye Zhan and Ye Rou told Bai Fei not to reveal it.

"You should ask Miss Ye." Bai Fei's eyes looked a little evasive.

"What happened!?" Qin Yun's voice began to turn cold.

Upon seeing that Qin Yun was infuriated, Bai Fei told him about how he had been injured.

Last night, Qin Yun had embarrassed Feng Yi in front of everyone. However, Qin Yun's actions had made him extremely afraid. Hence, he harbored hatred in his heart and had some people follow behind Ye Rou's car. He wanted to do something against her.

Thanks to Bai Fei's good skills, he managed to protect Ye Rou. However, he was still hit on the arm by the steel rod.

Upon hearing Bai Fei's words, a trace of killing intent flashed in Qin Yun's eyes. If his parents were his bottom line, Ye Rou would be his weak spot. If anyone dared to touch her, Qin Yun would definitely pursue it!

"Don't tell Boss Ye about this matter for now. I'll tell him myself after I settle it myself." Qin Yun said to Bai Fei before turning to walk out.

"Wait." Bai Fei took out the car keys and tossed them to Qin Yun. "There's an address for Feng Yi's family in the car. Help me beat that stick back."

Bai Fei knew that Qin Yun would not let Feng Yi off, so he investigated Feng Yi's family the entire night.

"Of course!" Qin Yun took the key and left.

Just as he walked out of Chu Tian Group, Qin Lu blocked his path, "Young master, come with me."

"I told you already, I'm not your young master." Qin Yun never expected Qin Lu to come knocking on his door so quickly.

"Young master, the head of the family is very regretful …"

"Stop. That's your master. He has nothing to do with me." Qin Yun refused.

"The Qin family has already started to deal with the Wu family. Young Master Feng's vengeance will be avenged soon." Qin Lu continued.

"No need to meddle!" I will settle my hatred for my parents myself! " Qin Yun's voice began to turn cold as he got into the car and headed towards Feng Yi's home.

Twenty minutes later, Qin Yun drove the Bentley to a villa. This villa was Feng Yi's home. The villa looked very extravagant with gardens, fish ponds, swimming pools, etc.

"Such a good place for this scum to live in is really a waste of time!" Qin Yun walked to the entrance as two bodyguards stopped him. "This is a private villa. Get lost if you know what's good for you!"

Before the two bodyguards finished their words, they felt their vision go black and they fainted. Qin Yun ignored the two fallen bodyguards. Opening the door, he headed straight for the villa.

In less than a minute, Qin Yun had knocked down five to six bodyguards in the villa. "Where's Feng Yi!" Qin Yun asked coldly while holding the neck of one of the bodyguards.

"The second floor." The bodyguard was scared out of his wits by Qin Yun. He hurriedly pointed to a room on the second floor and said.

Following that, Qin Yun knocked the bodyguard unconscious with a punch and threw him to the side.

Just as he walked to the door of the room that Feng Yi was in, he heard the delicate sound of a woman's breathing coming from inside. At this moment, Feng Yi was having fun on a beautiful bed, completely unaware that the danger was approaching.

"Bam!" With a sound, Feng Yi's door was kicked open by Qin Yun. With a tremendous force, he sent the entire door flying and slammed heavily into the wall.

"Young Master Feng is so interested!" Qin Yun looked at Feng Yi's path.

Two naked bugs were entangling each other on the bed. When they saw Qin Yun come in, they hurriedly pulled over the bedsheets to cover their bodies. The woman let out an ear-piercing scream.

"Please calm down!" Qin Yun growled, causing the woman to immediately shut her mouth in fright.

Feng Yi immediately recognized Qin Yun. He never expected Qin Yun to find him so quickly. Furthermore, he had intentionally hired a few bodyguards outside.

"You, you, what are you trying to do?" Feng Yi knew that all the bodyguards outside must have been taken care of, and he was scared to the point of stuttering.

"What did I do? What did you do last night?" Qin Yun casually took a bottle of red wine from the tea table.

"Big, big brother, try it. It's Lafite from 82 years old." Feng Yi stammered.

"Don't talk nonsense with me!" Did I come all this way just to have a sip of your wine!? " Qin Yun strode forward and smashed the bottle of wine on Feng Yi's head.

The bottle exploded on Feng Yi's head in an instant, and he couldn't tell which bottles of wine were his blood.

Feng Yi had clearly been stunned by this strike, and the beautiful woman beside him had been scared senseless by this scene.

"Big brother, I was wrong. I'll give you anything you want. Let me go." Feng Yi couldn't care less about the blood dripping from his head as he kneeled on the bed and begged for mercy.

Qin Yun did not reply. Instead, he said softly, "It's such a good wine for Blind Bai."

"I have money, I'll give you whatever you want!" Feng Yi cried.

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