Soldier King's Love Affairs In City/C17 Wind at the Press Conference
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Soldier King's Love Affairs In City/C17 Wind at the Press Conference
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C17 Wind at the Press Conference

He wanted to use Lu Yu's Hand to destroy Qin Yun and destroy the Chu Tian Group's new product launch.

"Ye Rou, you've always been mine. How can you be with this poor security guard? If word spreads out, you'll slap my face!" Afterwards, with a 'pa' sound, Lu Yu crushed the red wine cup in his hand with his bare hands. However, the sharp glass didn't harm him in the slightest.

Seeing Lu Yu's strength, Wu Jin, who was at the side, was shocked. As expected of someone from the Lu family, even a bastard disciple was this strong.

"Tomorrow, the Ye Family's press conference will be held at the Angel Building. If the Ye Family can be successfully held, then the Ye Family will quickly rise up in Binjiang River and directly shake the Lu Family's position in Binjiang River." Wu Jin added on.

"How could a small Ye family shake the position of my Lu family. However, if Ye Rou can beg me in front of me, I might let her go." An abnormal smile was emitted from Lu Yu's eyes.

The next day at seven o'clock, the Angel Building's entrance was filled with luxurious cars and the big bosses of Binjiang City were all gathered together to participate in the Chu Tian Industrial Group's new product launch.

Qin Yun looked at the list of people who had signed on. Naturally, it included the Wu Group. What surprised Qin Yun was that the Triad Group had also sent Mo Yan to attend. The Wu Group was attended by Wu Jin, so Qin Yun paid special attention to their actions.

This time, Wu Jin was exceptionally well-behaved. He did not make any unnecessary movements and only brought a bodyguard with him. However, Qin Yun still sensed a potential danger.

"Long time no see, Qin Yun." Qin Yun was maintaining order as Mo Yan walked towards him with a smile. Mo Yan was dressed in a dark green long skirt, which made her look even more noble when matched with her aura. However, Qin Yun knew that Mo Yan was definitely not as simple as she looked on the surface.

"Thank you so much for your last meal, Miss Mo, but I've tasted the taste of viciousness." Qin Yun whispered to Mo Yan.

"Aren't you unscathed? Let's see how strong you are." Mo Yan chuckled.

By the side, Ye Rou saw Mo Yan walking towards Qin Yun and knew that she was not easy to deal with. She walked up to Mo Yan and said with a smile, "I didn't expect Miss Mo to come today to support us."

Mo Yan looked at the gentle and generous Ye Rou and chuckled, "Miss Ye, why don't you welcome me?"

"Of course, but I don't want you to pay for the Wu Group this time." Ye Rou stared at Mo Yan and said.

"Of course not. But this time, you have to be careful of the owner of this Angel Building." With that, Mo Yan turned and left.

"The lord of the Angel Building?" When Qin Yun heard Mo Yan's words, he fell into deep thought. Ye Rou whispered, "Lu family."

Qin Yun knew about the Lu family, but the Lu family had a good relationship with Chu Tian's group. Why would Mo Yan say anything about the Lu family?

"Could Mo Yan have lied to us?" Qin Yun said to Ye Rou.

"It's Lu Yu." Ye Rou told Qin Yun about what happened between her and Lu Yu in university. Lu Yu was definitely the biggest suspect.

"This Lu Yu actually dared to move your thoughts. Seems like he's tired of living." When Qin Yun heard Ye Rou's words, his eyes turned cold.

"Don't act recklessly. Although he is not directly related to the Lu family, he is still a member of the Lu family." Qin Yun's words warmed her heart, but she was still worried about Lu Yu's background.

"Although I don't know what Mo Yan's intentions are, I still have to be on guard against Lu Yu." Qin Yun left the scene and went through all of the projects that he had worked with the Angel Building. As expected, he did find something fishy and discovered some of the problems between Lu Yu and Wu Jin …

At 8: 08 PM, the new product launch officially began. The first thing to do was to broadcast the information on the Golden Sore Medicine. Because it was the healing effect of the Golden Sore Medicine, it had to be tested on the spot.

When he reached the test segment, Qin Yun was extremely nervous because this relief was the easiest part to make mistakes in. If the test went wrong, negative news would definitely come out in front of the numerous reporters.

"Next, we would like to request Dr. Zhang Heng to conduct this experiment for us. He would like to analyse the results of this experiment." A famous beauty host of the television station said with a smile.

However, the person who walked on stage was not Doctor Zhang Heng. It was Qin Yun.

"Who is this?" The people beneath the ground were discussing. After all, Qin Yun was not an expert, so his words did not carry much weight.

Below the stage, Wu Jin was frowning. This arrangement seemed to have its origins, but he did not dare to doubt it. After all, Chu Tian's group was the main organizer, if he participated, there would be no end to it.

"Next, let me explain the new product to everyone." Qin Yun ignored the discussions of the audience as he began to lecture incessantly. Furthermore, he even spoke in a melodious manner.

Ever since Qin Yun had cultivated the Dragon God Tactic, his memory had become exceptionally astonishing. He had just memorized all of it according to the instructions as well as some of his own insights.

"Alright." Ye Zhan did not know what the hell Qin Yun was up to. However, Qin Yun's lecture was indeed marvelous. He took the lead and applauded.

After Qin Yun finished speaking, he quickly took out a knife from his pocket and slashed at his arm. Blood flowed down his arm, causing everyone to feel alarmed.

However, Qin Yun said with a smile, "Everyone, don't blink. Watch carefully."

Then, he picked up the new product, Gold Sore Medicine, and stuck it on his arm. About half a minute later, Qin Yun removed the Gold Sore Medicine. All the cameras of the reporters were aimed at the wound on Qin Yun's arm.

However, the moment he took out the Golden Sore Medicine, there was no effect of stopping the bleeding. The blood continued to drip and there were even some serious signs of it appearing.

With such a situation occurring, the scene was in an uproar. It had to be known that the most fundamental aspect of the Gold Sore Medicine was stopping bleeding. If one couldn't even achieve the basic requirement of stopping bleeding, then how could they know about other effects?

Compared to the positive report of the new product, the news of the black-hearted enterprise selling fake medicine and the fraudulent consumer were even more explosive. The reporters swarmed over to take photos of Qin Yun's arm, not even sparing the packaging of the new product.

Amongst these reporters, there were many who had been bribed by Wu Jin and Lu Yu to become Chu Tian's industrial group's negative news.

When Wu Jin saw this, he was overjoyed. He had initially thought that Qin Yun had noticed the actions of him and Lu Yu and was somewhat worried.

However, the current chaotic situation and the negative effects were just as he had expected. Wu Jin signaled his bodyguard with his eyes.

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