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C18 Reverse Universe

The bodyguard took out the microphone that Lu Yu had prepared earlier and handed it to Wu Jin, escorting him to the front of the stage.

"Everyone, quiet down." Wu Jin smiled at everyone.

Ye Zhan was surrounded by a group of reporters. Although he had blocked them, he could not make a move against them. For a moment, Ye Zhan was unable to move at all.

"I'm Wu Jin, the General Manager of the Wu Group. Now, I want to break the news to everyone." When these words were said, all the reporters who were eager to stir up trouble gathered around the stage, afraid that they would miss out on any of Wu Jin's words.

"Our Wu family found out about Chu Tian's secret, but Chu Tian ruthlessly abandoned them. He kicked us out of the alliance." As he said this, Wu Jin squeezed out a single tear from the corner of his eye.

"But people are looking at the heavens. As a large corporation in Binjiang City, I am deeply saddened by Chu Tian's methods. In order to gain self-interest, Chu Tian destroyed the image of other enterprises in the hearts of the consumers. This is something we cannot tolerate!" Wu Jin spoke these words in an impassioned manner, instantly bringing the denunciation of Chu Tian to a climax.

"In order to redeem the reputation of Binjiang Enterprise, let me explain to you the latest product of our Wu Group. Please look at the big screen!"

Wu Jin waved his hand and the Chu Tian group's screen appeared behind him. It turned into the Wu group's image in an instant. It seemed like he was prepared to use Chu Tian's negative news to build up the Wu family's influence.

Ye Zhan's heart skipped a beat, "It's over, we made a mistake in the end." He did not know what the hell Qin Yun was doing. When he looked at Qin Yun, a smile suffused across his lips.

"Look, this is our new product." When Wu Jin was rambling on and on with his speech, the scene changed.

The video on the screen showed the surveillance footage, the owner of the video was the bodyguard that was following behind Wu Jin. This video clearly showed how the bodyguard successfully entered the new production exhibition hall and how the products of Chu Tian Industrial Group were swapped.

On the other hand, Wu Jin and his bodyguard were not in the least pleased. Wu Jin was still slobbering on and on about the new products from the Wu Group.

Only when Wu Jin discovered that all the business people were looking at him and most of the reporters' cameras were aimed at the screen, did he finally react. He quickly turned his head and saw the screen.

However, Wu Jin's reaction was fast as he slapped the bodyguard behind him in the face and cursed, "You actually did such a shameless thing behind my back! From today onwards, you are no longer my bodyguard. Saying so, he went up and gave her a kick.

That bodyguard wasn't a fool. He knew Wu Jin's intentions and, upon seeing Wu Jin's foot reach out, he dodged and ran off the stage.

Before he could reach the bottom of the stage, Qin Yun's figure flashed and appeared right in front of him.

The bodyguard was unable to dodge in time and crashed into Qin Yun. Immediately, he felt as though he had hit a solid concrete wall.

Qin Yun said coldly, "Why don't you explain yourself and run?" Then, he kicked the bodyguard's chest, sending him flying and crashing into the ground in front of Wu Jin.

Qin Yun's kick was very heavy. It would take him at least half a day to catch his breath.

That bodyguard was lying down in front of Wu Jin, but he couldn't catch his breath no matter what. His face instantly flushed red as he stared at Wu Jin, as if asking for his help.

Seeing this, Wu Jin did not dare to stay any longer. He turned his head and was about to leave the stage, but he was stopped by Ye Zhan and Ye Rou.

Ye Zhan looked coldly at Wu Jin and said, "Young Master Wu, why don't you explain something to your bodyguard!"

"Who said he's my bodyguard? I don't know him." Wu Jin hurriedly changed his words.

"Young Master Wu is really forgetful. Just now, I said that he was carrying you, but now, I don't know him. Do you think that so many reporters are just holding bricks?" Qin Yun walked over to Wu Jin and said with a smile.

At this moment, Wu Jin's bodyguard finally caught his breath and took a deep breath. Qin Yun picked him up and said coldly to him, "It's best if you hand it over. You heard it. Young Master Wu said he doesn't know you and he no longer cares about you!"

The bodyguard had followed Wu Jin for a long time, so he naturally knew Qin Yun's strength and methods. He grabbed onto Wu Jin's leg as though he was trying to save his life. "Young Master Wu, you can't ignore me. I still have my parents to support. They can't do without me."

Wu Jin looked at the reporters in front of him, then looked at the bodyguard hugging his leg, his heart was filled with despair, he never would have thought that the situation would change so quickly, he had even stepped on Chu Tian in the last minute, but now he had become everyone's target.

"Get lost, you piece of trash!" The flustered Wu Jin kicked the bodyguard away and scolded loudly.

Qin Yun's eyes turned cold as he coldly shouted at him, "Why haven't you told me what happened yet?"

The bodyguard saw the murderous look in Qin Yun's eyes and dragged out everything that had happened to the reporters. He even took out the card Wu Jin had given him. After he finished speaking, he hurriedly looked at Qin Yun.

Since the matter had already been clarified, there was no use for that bodyguard, "Okay, there's nothing left for you here, disappear immediately!" When the bodyguard heard Qin Yun's words, he immediately disappeared from everyone's sight.

Ye Zhan said to Wu Jin, "Young Master Wu, it looks like we can only meet in court."

Subsequently, Wu Jin felt his vision darken as he fainted. The Wu Group's driver brought him away dejectedly from the press conference.

"I'm sorry to have let everyone down, but seeing such a discordant scene, since the matter has been clarified, let's continue with the press conference." Qin Yun said to the reporters with a smile.

Then, Qin Yun removed a brand-new Golden Sore Medicine and applied it to the wound. Soon, the wound stopped bleeding because Qin Yun had the Golden Dragon's Ruyi Bracelet, so the effects were much better than he expected.

After this episode, the press conference followed the procedure and proceeded smoothly. This event gave the Chu Tian group a new momentum, the Wu Group's position in everyone's hearts dropped by leaps and bounds.

Qin Yun picked up his cell phone and dialed Xiao Zhidi's number. "Well done, I'll remember you for your meritorious service."

It turned out that the surveillance footage of that bodyguard secretly changing products had been obtained by Xiao Zhidi from the monitoring room in Angel Building. At that moment, a few unconscious security guards were lying on the floor of the monitoring room in disorder.

"Hehe, then lend me another two million. I'm a bit short on cash right now." Xiao Zhi giggled.

"I only lent you 1 million a few days ago, why do you want to borrow more?" Qin Yun said in disbelief.

"I'm out alone, don't I need money for my living and living?" On the other end of the phone, Xiao Zhi replied with a smile.

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