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C8 Arrive

Following that, Qin Yun felt a golden light shrouding his eyes as a secret book appeared in his consciousness: Dragon God Technique.

"Secret technique manual?" Qin Yun looked at the Dragon God Tactic in his mind and exclaimed in shock. However, he knew that he was not dreaming. He hurriedly read it in his mind.

"Since ancient times, spiritual energy has existed between heaven and earth. Spiritual energy is thin and dense, and when the spiritual energy gathers in the body, it becomes spiritual energy. There is a small and large difference in spiritual energy.

"The Qi is stored in the seven meridians and eight meridians of a person. The Qi in these seven meridians and eight meridians naturally contain all sorts of miscellaneous items. The size and strength of the Qi are determined by the Qi in these items. It can also be removed by training in the precelestial stage …"

After he finished reading the cultivation method, Qin Yun wanted to take a look at the moves of the Dragon God Technique. However, there was nothing at the end. However, he understood that cultivation was divided into three stages — Postnatal, Connate, and Transcendent.

The Pre-Sky Realm was divided into: Body Refinement, Muscle Refinement, and Bone Refining.

The Upper Sky Realm was divided into: Spirit Refinement, Essence Cultivation, and Essence Consolidating.

The realm of transcendence was divided into three stages: focus, pill refining, and void.

"What's going on? Every martial arts manual should have a few big moves, right? Why don't they have a single move?" Qin Yun muttered.

"The Dragon God Tactic is a cultivation method, a cultivation realm. The moves and things like that only rely on the comprehension and practice of the Pre-Sky Realm, they belong to you." A voice resounded in his mind.

"Oh." Qin Yun nodded.

"Do not divulge any information about the Dragon God's Art or the Golden Dragon's Ruyi Bracelet to anyone else, otherwise you will easily be killed." The long voice continued.

Just as he finished speaking, Qin Yun's eyes snapped open as he realized that he was lying on the bed.

"Was I dreaming just now?" Qin Yun recalled the scene in his dream and raised his hand to look at the Golden Dragon Ruyi Bracelet. At the instant that Qin Yun raised his hand, the Golden Dragon Ruyi Bracelet released a faint golden beam.

"It really isn't a dream!" After saying that, Qin Yun quickly sat cross-legged on the bed. Following the cultivation method of Dragon God's Art, he began sensing the surrounding spiritual energy.

When Qin Yun closed his eyes and used his mind to sense the surroundings, he realized that the spiritual energy around the Ye family villa was extremely dense. Soon, he felt the spiritual energy enter his body.

An hour later, he gradually opened his eyes. He felt that his body was filled with power. He stood up and performed a set of military boxing moves. He felt as if his movements were as smooth as flowing water. He had never felt so smooth before.

"Triad Group, Wang Jiang Lou, I want to see what tricks you guys can play." Looking at his fists, Qin Yun felt even more confident in the agreement he had with her.

Wu Jin's father, Wu Zhen, looked at Mo Yan with a gloomy face in the office of the chairman of Wu Corporation.

"Wu Dong, shouldn't you buy this ticket?" Mo Yan smiled and said to Wu Zhen.

"Now that your matter has been exposed, you still have the face to call me to pay for it?" Wu Zhen snorted in a low voice.

"Wu Dong, this is your fault. You did not have such an attitude when you asked for help from our Tri-He Group." Mo Yan maintained her smile.

Wu Zhen also knew that the Triad Group was not to be trifled with. He had to buy this ticket today: "60 million is too much, at most 30 million."

"Wu Dong, if you pay 30 million, I can't guarantee that my men will take the remaining 30 million yuan worth of items from your company." Mo Yan's smile was exceptionally brilliant.

"You!" Although Wu Zhen had a lot of experts under his control, but to the Triad, it was but a drop in the bucket.

"Secretary Zhang!" Wu Zhen picked up the phone and roared. A lady with a low cut walked in.

"Inform Finance Department, pay 60 million to Miss Mo." Wu Zhen whispered.

"However, we don't have much money left."

"Damn it!" Where did all this nonsense come from! If I tell you to go, you go! " Wu Zhen scolded Secretary Zhang when he heard that his financial situation had been leaked.

"Wu Dong, your luck with women is quite good, but you have to control it." Before leaving, Mo Yan let out a light laugh and prepared to follow Secretary Zhang to the Finance Department.

"Wait!" Mo Yan was stopped by Wu Zhen.

"Wu Dong, is there anything else?" Mo Yan turned around and said.

"Can I buy Qin Yun's life with another twenty million!?" Wu Zhen said in a deep voice.

After Mo Yan heard Wu Zhen's words, she pondered for a moment, then smiled and said, "Then add another 20 million, and we can get a hundred million."

"Deal!" Wu Zhen clenched his teeth and said.

Soon, it was already 7: 30 in the afternoon. "Dang Dang Dang!" A few knocks sounded.

Qin Yun opened his eyes from his sitting state. Looking at the time, he knew that Ye Zhan had sent someone to pick him up. He got up and walked out. He saw a tall and straight youth.

Qin Yun had met this young man twice at the company. He was Ye Zhan's driver and bodyguard, Bai Fei.

"Mr. Qin, Director Ye asked me to come and pick you up." Bai Fei said respectfully.

"Mm. Alright." Qin Yun smiled as he responded to Bai Fei. Bai Fei extended a hand and said, "This way, please."

When Qin Yun saw the calluses on his palm and his palm, he knew that he was also a hidden expert.

Just as he got into Ye Zhan's Bentley, he saw a smiling Ye Rou sitting in the car. She said to Qin Yun with a smile, "I'll go with you tonight."

"Ah?" Ah what? "Brother Bai, drive." Ye Rou said to Bai Fei.

"Yes, miss." After saying that, Bentley roared loudly and headed in the direction of River Gazing House.

The neon lights of Binjiang City sparkled at night, making her appear exceptionally beautiful. The River Gazing Tower was one of the most outstanding ones, looking from afar, they seemed even more imposing and luxurious.

River Gazing Restaurant appeared to be a hotel situated on the riverside, but it was actually a clubhouse filled with hotels, casinos, and boxing studios. At the same time, it was also one of the entrances to the Triad Group.

"Sir, do you have an appointment?" Just as Qin Yun got out of the car, a man in a black suit came forward and asked.

"Qin Yun." Qin Yun said indifferently.

When he heard the two words, Qin Yun, a hint of surprise flashed in the suited man's eyes. Today, Qin Yun's exchange of fifty million from First Miss had already spread across half of Binjiang.

"First Miss wants to invite you to the top floor for dinner. Where is she waiting for you?" The tone of the suited man became even more respectful.

Strength decided status, and it was even more so in the Triad. Whoever had the biggest fist would be the lord!

He knew that he would be coming with Qin Yun to Jiang Wang Tower today. Therefore, Qin Yun and Ye Rou were dressed in simple and generous attire. Ye Rou held onto Qin Yun's arm, making them look like talented men and women.

The two of them had just reached the top floor when they were noticed by the young master of the Windy Group.

"Isn't that Ye Rou from Chu Tian Group? "Who's that kid next to us?" Feng Yi looked at Ye Ruo and Qin Yun as he asked a subordinate beside him.

"Young Master Feng, your subordinate does not know either."

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