Solo Love to Delicate Wife

Historical Romance
841 Chapters
9.8 (33 Ratings)
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One spring. The entire country was filled with the sad atmosphere of the late Emperor's passing. However, if anything was good, then it was the Eldest Princess's week of imprisonment. It had only been three months since the new emperor ascended to the throne. Everything was organized and smooth. The late emperor's body had already decayed, and had not been cured for so many years. The matter of


This is the growth history of a noble girl. In the trend of traveling through time and space, 21-year-old Zhang Qiao becomes the baby Su Jiaoyue. Thanks to kind God, at least she didn't become a peasant girl, but was born in Su family, a century old aristocratic family with money, right and reputation. Su Jiaoyue was a flatterer as well as fat chicks at a very young age. People always said, "I'm really worried about her. Will this child going to be shinge?" However, it is well known that a girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood. This little fat girl became a great beauty. People said, "Really worry a person, there are so many people begging for marrying her. Who will she choose?" The most astute person is Rong Zhan. He got to know Jiao Yue when she was young. Since she was five years old, he began to cajole and feed her delicious food. Even if everyone regard him as a plague, he wins the favor of Jiaoyue. ☆About the Author☆ Qu Rumei, who has been writing for many years, has representative work Solo Love to Delicate Wife. Qu Rumei likes cute and sweet articles. Her writing style is various, and she occasionally tries to create some imaginative articles. Qu Rumei always follow a point of view "happy writing, happy reading".



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