Solo Love to Delicate Wife

Historical Romance
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Solo Love to Delicate Wife
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Chapter 228 - Qi Zhizhou is injured The evening breeze by the lakeside was cool. Although the weather was gradually getting warmer, it was still a bit chilly in the evening. Seeing that the weather was getting darker, most of the girls started to walk back. Mo Lan pulled Jiao Yue along, "Let's go back as well." Jiao Yue made a sound of acknowledgement as she inadvertently turned her head to lo
When she was young, the Seventh Miss of the Mansion of the Solemn City was a little fat boy. Everyone said, "How worrying, will this child be able to get married in the future?" Who would have thought that the age of eighteen would change! Little Chubby became a devastatingly beautiful woman. Everyone said, "How worrying for you. So many people have asked for marriage. To whom should you marry?" Great beauty sharpening her blade: Meow, I'm going to kill that bastard who told me stories when I see him!