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C2 Zainab

As soon as we reached our destination, we alighted from the cab. The other passengers scattered away leaving me and my luggage behind. Central University was just few walks away, I might be able to convey my luggage to its gate but how strenuous could that be considering the fact that I was tired at the moment? I really needed a helping hand but where the heck would I get one? Republic City was the capital of the country, it was dominated by the elites. Everyone was just minding his business. Who then would help me?

"Let me help you!"

Someone squealed from my back. It was the Christian lady from the cab I alighted earlier. She came back for me.

"Thank you" I beamed.

She quickly grabbed the handle of one of the suitcases from me. She was wearing a blue polo shirt and a long skirt with a backpack on her back, and her hair was packed in a ponytail. She appeared to be 20 or 23 to my scrutiny.

"So," she cleared her throat and continued. "Where are you going to? Central University too? Are you a new student?"

"Yes" I nodded.

"Nice. My hunch is absolutely right then" she smiled at me and continued. "I'm presently in 200 Level, from the department of Business Administration"

"Wow, awesome!" I blurted. She must probably be a guru in business stuffs, and perhaps she'd guide me on how to become a big Tycoon. My dream!

"How about you? I mean, your course" she asked as we stopped by the roadside waiting for the computerized traffic light to permit pedestrians' movement.

"I chose Business Administration but somehow, I was given Economics instead" Came my quick response.

"And you don't like it?" she asked.

"Yes, I really don't like it" I huffed.

"Uhmmm!" She heaved a sigh and smiled as we gently crossed the road. "Economics is not bad, little princess. It was my best subject in the High School"

Oh, yeah? Everyone said that just to convince me to accept my destiny. I knew that trick already. And by the way, did she just called me a little princess? Nice, I looked younger!

"Just give it your best" She added.

"Okey" I muttered. "Thank you"

"You're welcome" she beamed.

Thus, we introduced ourselves to each other. Her name was Lilian Evan, she was also living in the same area as me but along the new railway station which wasn't really close to my side.

Conversation made us to walk in a snail's pace. She'd crack jokes, and we'd both laugh. She was, you know, friendly, nice, and kind. As soon as we reached the school gate, I asked her to guide me to the Staff Complex. I wanted to see Sir Abrar, my mother's friend. He was a lecturer there. He was the one that got me admission into the school, and the one that paid for everything.

"Staff what?" She puzzled.

"Yeah, I need to see someone" I said.

"Okey, but you need to drop these loads in your hostel first" She suggested.

"Okey" I agreed, after all I was tired.

"Let me see your E-prints? Not necessary all, but the one containing your hostel allocation details" She said.

"Sure!" I responded. It was in the suitcase I was holding, so I quickly brought it out and handed it over to her.

After having checked it, she beamed and asked me to follow her. She started walking swiftly. I had to adjust my Jalabiya a little in order to catch up with her. "You've been allocated to the most magnificent hostel in the school, little princess!" she uttered as she turned to glance at me. "You're really lucky!"

"Huh??" I was confused.

"Yes, little princess" she winked. "Just keep up. I will take you there"

Immediately we reached the hostel, my jaw dropped in amazement. It was a five storey building, so magnificent!

"It looks exactly like Mayor Ted's house in KimKim, right?" She asked.

"Yes" I gulped and continued. "It's like the two buildings used the same architectural plans, and ofcourse..."

"Lets go!" she said moving closer to the security woman by the entrance.

"Alright" I said following suit like a sheep walking after its shepherd.

"Please mam, she's a new student. She has been allocated here. Help her with this," Lilian handed the suitcase she was holding to the security woman. "And here is her allocation form too..."

Just as they were done talking, she turned to me. "Little princess, follow this woman. She will guide you to your room, okey?" she said beaming.

"Thank you, Lilian" I said.

"You're most welcome, bye!" She waved.

"Bye" I waved back.

Thus, she left in haste.

"Shall we?" The security woman said.

"Yes" I smiled and nodded at her.

We walked inside the building and headed to the elevator. In some seconds, we were already in the right floor. The woman led me to a room and handed me over the keys. "You're here"

"Wow" My jaw dropped in amazement. All my thought was I was going to share a room with 2 or more people, but reverse was absolutely the case.

"Don't expect to share an apartment with anyone here, this hostel is for the affluents and only your parents know how much they spent for you to be here" She said glancing around. "You have a Tv, Strong decoder, Freezer, Toilet, Delicate mirror for makeup, Air conditioner and so on. You can explore and discover more yourself" she said, helping me to arrange my suitcases on the cupboard."And that bed over there is yours too" she pointed at a well decorated medium sized bed.

Bedside lamps could both be seen onto the two bedside drawers. The room was painted yellow, and the ceiling was white. The room was decorated with Philips wall light fixtures, and a Tiffany semi flush ceiling light. The slide-able curtains were adorned with golden coloured threads, just like the bedsheets and blanket. Two armchairs and a couch could be seen facing the walled plasma TV. The air conditioner was blowing super cold that I felt I was in one of the polar regions of the world. Call me a peon, or a country girl but to tell you the truth, we lacked Air conditioner in our house. My mother was a primary school teacher, you know, and their salary structure was poor. Everything was practically done by her friend, Sir Abrar. I gulped.

"And that place over there," the woman continued pointing at a door to my left. "Is your kitchen. It's not that big, you should manage it. There are bowls, pots and other utensils"

"Thank you, mam" I smiled.

"You're welcome" she said, scrutinizing my allocation form, "Zainab Galadima?" she was now staring at me with an interrogative gaze.

"Yes" I nodded. "Any problem, Mam?"

"No, I'm just wondering if you know Fadilah Munir Galadima?" She said.

"N... no, what about her?" I puzzled.

"Never mind, since you don't know her. But you guys really look alike" She said looking at me so closely.

"Well, It's a coincidence I guess" I said with a smile. "You know..."


"Yes, Mam?"

"Never mind. Here is your form" She handed it over to me. "If you need anything, be it advice, guide... just summon us via the telephone over there" She pointed at its direction.

"Okey, mam" I nodded.

Thus, she smiled and then left.

God, this is really amazing. I huffed while looking around the room. What a classic interior! Only Allah knows how much Sir Abrar spent for my tuition and everything. I wondered.

After having explored around the room, I transported myself to the bed. The blanket smelled so good, I couldn't even imagine how much it had cost. Thus, the thought of my mother brushed my mind. I hadn't called her yet, but just before I fetched my phone from my bag It started ringing. It was her!

"Hello, Mum"

"AsSalama Alaykum, Zainabu. Hope you reach your destination safely?"

I was ashamed. I didn't start up with a Salam. If I were closed to her, she'd have scolded me for that.

"Wa'alaykumusSalam, mum. Yes, I just got to my hostel room. Oh Mum, Sir Abrar really tried for me. The hostel is like a hotel, a luxurious one!"

"Zainabu, that's a first class hostel" she giggled. "Abrar really want us to have a wonderful life. He's just... just nice!"

"Mum, It's because he loves you that's why. He loves you, Mum"

She was mute for some seconds after hearing that, and I waited patiently for her to say something. I shouldn't interrupt what she was going to say, so I was patient enough to wait.

"Zainabu, I know he loves me. But..."

"But what, Mum?" I was eager to know.

"Never mind. So, did you gave him...?"

And with that, I was kind of just sulked in there. I forgot to ask Lilian to wait for me so she could escort me there!

"Not yet, Mum"

"What are you waiting for, Zainabu? Do that please, it's very important!"

"Alright, Mum. I sure will do that"

"Good! Take care of yourself. I love you"

"I love you too, Mum"

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