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C4 Ayman

I watched as the beautiful lady walked away from me and stepped into the elevator. I couldn't stop her. And why would I even stop her? She was so insecure, and she could scream. She appeared to be in her late teens. My God, she looked very young. And when I say very young I mean that part of a woman’s life when she’s blossoming and her beauty is untainted. She was chubby and average in height, with attractive buttocks and ample bosom that no sane healthy man could resist. Her skin was olive, so adorable... I just couldn't believe I was in love with her already. It was love at first sight!

I glanced at her broken phone and smiled. It was an old Nokia phone. What'd a beautiful lady like her do with an outdated phone? She looked like someone born with a silver spoon. And then this phone? I was kind of bewildered. Anyways, I should ask more about her from my uncle.

I got hold of the door knob and pushed the door open. "Hello, Uncle Abrar" I said as I walked in to one of the visitors' chairs. He was busy with his system.

"Hi" He said with all his attention in what he was doing in his system.

"How are you, sir?" I said as I sat down.

It was a question that wasn't responded. That was weird. Actually weird. What was going on? Could it be that he heard everything that happened between me and that beautiful girl in the doorway? But she shut the door, or didn't she?

"We bumped into eachother and..." I tried to explain to him as he cut in.

"Did you knock before coming in?"

Oh, now I got it! But he had never complained about how I entered his office before. Why was he doing that today? Could it be that something happened between him and that girl?

"Is everything okey, Uncle Abrar?"

He shut his laptop and quickly removed his inspector of reading (i.e medicated glass). He looked at me like he was going to slap me? I could tell, he mustered lots of anger in that face of his. But just suddenly, his emotion chameleon. He wore a smile on his face and I also did the same.

"Yeah, everything's okey Ayman" He cleared his throat. "I was just pissed off"

"By your work?" I queried.

He shook his head with a crooked smile on his face. "No, It's something else" He said folding a paper into an envelope.

Was that a letter? Was he trying to send a letter to someone? No, that didn't look so. Someone might've sent him a letter which got him pissed up. "Angry letter?" I blurted with my eyes fixed at him.

"Hmm Ayman, why are you like this always?" He said putting the envelope in the drawer. "You're a nephew that always like knowing everything..."

"Yes, please tell me" I urged.

"It's confidential Ayman, So how are your folks and Na'eelah?" He changed the topic, and I patiently embraced the new one.

"They're fine but Na'eelah is mildly ill"

"What?" He squealed.

"Yeah, but the good news is she's redeeming her wholesomeness"

"But why was your mother quiet? She didn't apprise me about it" He said.

"We don't want to bother you and your work. After all, the sickness is not that serious..." I said as he intruded.

"Until it's serious?" He was so concerned. He was that type of a man that really cared alot about people, most especially us, his nephew and niece.

"Sorry sir, we just didn't want to..."

"I should see her now, Ayman!"


"Yes, Ayman" he was now on his feet arranging his stuffs. "I want to make sure my niece is okey!" He squealed.

"Okey, Sir" I withdrew from the chair I was sitting on to my feet. "But who was that girl that left your office just before I came in? Is she a student of yours?"


"Oh, nice name Uncle Abrar" I said.

"She's a friend's daughter. She's a new student here" He said further as we walked out of his office to the elevator.

"She's... she's beautiful" I stuttered.

"Hey, boy!" He glared at me. "Stay away from her or else, aha!" He warned me.

And why would he say that? Was he trying to tell me I was bad to be her friend or something? I needed to know what he meant. "Why?" I asked.

"Something happened" He paused and continued. "Now she doesn't like men"

"You mean she was raped?" I puzzled.

"No, Ayman! I just don't want to go deep but you have to let that girl be, okey?"

"But it seems she like me too. I saw it in her eyes I swear, and she was insecure around me" I said as we gently walked out of the elevator.

"Even so, you need to let her be!"

It sounded like he was hiding something from me. What was that?

"Even when she's in love with me?" I chuckled as we left the building to my car. "I thought people would do anything for the people they love"

"Not in her case, Ayman. You will end up hurting yourself. I know her and her mother more than you do. When they say NO, just accept it that way"

Now I got it... He was rejected by the girl's mother. No wonder her letter pissed him off. That was pathetic!

"I will definitely try my best" I said igniting the car engine into action.

"Try your best right?" He smirked.

"Yeah, I will try my best. And I need you to help me, Uncle Abrar" I blurted.

"Isn't that Zainabu's phone you placed on the dashboard?" He was puzzled.

"I was trying to explain earlier but you shushed me. Actually, as I was about entering your office and she was moving out, we bumped into eachother and her phone fell broken" I explained.

He gulped, staring at me so quiet. He was waiting to hear more of the story.

"Well," I cleared my throat and continued. "I promised to fix it for her but that wont happen again, I'm gonna buy her a new one" I beamed.

"Do you have any idea what you're trying to get yourself into?" He asked.

"Uncle Abrar, I will do anything to win her heart" Came my quick response.

He nodded his head and huffed. "Well, I don't really know what to say Ayman. But whatever it is you have for that girl, abrogate it now. Her mother doesn't want her to be in love, and I can't help"

"But why, uncle Abrar?"

He heaved another sigh. "You don't need to know. But if you can fight to get her yourself, fine! But I can't help you"

That was a hint. I knew my uncle very well. His words meant alot. It was a go-ahead hint for me. And I believe, he'd definitely help me out. Definitely!

As soon as we reached our house, he hopped out immediately. He was eager to see Na'eelah. I trailed behind him, and just as we were in the parlor he ran to Na'eelah who was laying on the couch with her head leaning on our mother's lap. Our father wasn't around, he was having an interview with Queen's Media. I was now about going upstairs to take a shower and change my cloth when I glimpsed at someone. He was with our nanny, and was holding a bottle-water and a glass cup, while the nanny was holding a bowl with rice and stew in it. I coughed in order to make my presence cognizant to him. He saw me immediately, and I could tell his chest was pounding vigorously. I could see fear written allover his face. I signalled him to come meet me, and I saw him gulped with a nod. As soon as he dropped what he was holding and was about walking to meet me, Na'eelah stopped him. "I need you here, Kabeer" She adjusted to a sitting position, about taking her dinner. Nanny was now pouring the bottle-water into the glass cup for her. And uncle Abrar sat on the other side of the couch close to her.

"I will be right back, brother Ayman wants to see me" He said to her, and she turned looking at me as if to say; Don't you dare try anything selfish, brother!

"Alright, don't be long" she said.

"Okey" He muttered. He could've pecked her but not in front of our mother. Although she gave their relationship a go-ahead due to our closeness with his parents, but would never let the two play romantic games. By the way, they were still teenagers. 14 and 16...

"I'm... I'm here, brother Ayman" He suttered as he stood in front of me.

I smirked and asked him to follow me outside for a talk. We went to the rose garden located at the back of the house, and sat on the garden swing bench. I was now moving the swing bench slowly with my feet, while he sat neutral with his head lowered.

"What did I told you about my sister?"

"You told me to stay away from her..."

"Good! So, what brought you here?"

"She called me.."

"And you came, despite my warnings?"

"I'm sorry, forgive me. But I've done nothing wrong, brother Ayman..."

"I saw you smoking that thing, Kabeer!" The words came out of my mouth promptly. "You hid it when you saw me that day. I can't trust you anymore"

"I'm sorry, but it was just a shisha..."

"A shisha huh? Do you even know what the flavour is made up of?" I asked.


"Tobacco, my friend!" I stood on my feet. "Stay away from my sister, else I will make your life a living hell"

"I already quit smoking it, I swear!" He withdrew to his feet as well. "Please don't do this to me and Na'eelah. You know we both love eachother..."

"Just shut up! You guys are just teenagers anyways, and I believe teenagers could easily change their minds because even in their feelings they are not stable" I rolled my eyes.

"I'm a good guy, I swe..." he was saying when someone vehemently intruded.

"What's going on here?" It was Na'eelah. She was escorted by the nanny with her body well covered with blanket.

I quickly placed my arm around Kabeer's shoulder feigning smiling. "Oh sis, nothing's wrong. Actually, we were just talking about, you know..."

"I'm not asking you, Ya Ayman. I am asking my boyfriend!" She intruded without waiting for me to say my lies.

"Okey, fine!" I blurted.

"Good!" she was now looking at the boy whose face was still enveloped with sadness. "Is everything okey, Kabeer?"

I shook him in order for him to pretend everything was okey, and he immediately pasted a smile on his face.

"Yes, everything's okey sweetheart"

"Alright, come please lets go inside" she said to him.

He looked at me as if waiting for my permission. I withdrew my arm from his shoulders and gave him a fake smile. "You can go, my friend" I said.

"Okey" he walked to her and they turned leaving with his arm around her waist, and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

What The Fuck! I had to do something as soon as possible. My sister can't be with this smoker boy, never and never!

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