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C5 Zainab

Yesterday was hectic, and today is starting to get bored with that jerk's thought lingering in my mind. He broke my phone and took it away. He thought I was like those girls he knew. He thought I'd waste my time trying to get my phone from him but nay! After all, he somehow knew Uncle Abrar and would definitely give the phone to him to keep it for me. You should fear men, they can't be trusted at all. Fear them!

According to my mother, she met the impotent that got her pregnant with me at the age of 21. It was love at first sight. They both loved each other. Their relationship grew suddenly, in hope that they marry someday. He was 26, and was just commissioned into the Army as Second Lieutenant. He promised to marry her but you know how unserious men take promises when it comes to love, they hardly fulfill them. After almost 4 months of dating, my mother decided to introduce him to her friend, Karimah who had insisted to see him eye balls to eye balls. It happened, and that was how things started to change. He started behaving strange and even ended up getting my mother pregnant. She had no choice but to succumb to his demand because she was deeply in love with him. He vanished after having been apprised about the pregnancy.

Things turned out sour for her, people disgusted her and her parents ended up sending her packing in fear lest she tarnish their image. That was how my mother left the region entirely to KimKim and started over. She had no sufficient money for hotel accommodation, the money she had with her was just for feeding herself so she settled in one uncompleted building, and that was where she met Sir Abrar. It was his building. He was scrutinizing it with one of the labourers he employed for the completion of the building when he saw her. He asked the labourer to excuse him before walking to her. He greeted her but she was mute. It took him about 10 minutes to convince her to talk to him. He asked what happened to her and she told him she couldn't just narrate her ordeal with a stranger. Thus, he told her the building belonged to him and that he had given it to her.

She was very happy. But the building was uncompleted, so she needed a place to settle before its completion. Sir Abrar was willing to help her at all cost, so he hired a house for her. In the house, he attached her with a woman he knew. And after the completion of the building, my mother settled in. Sir Abrar got her enrolled in a Government College where she got her first Degree in Microbiology. He also got her a teaching job afterwards. He was unique, so different from other men. That was why he had a place in our lives.

I ate my breakfast - which was an instant noddle, and then headed to Sir Abrar's office. You know, I have a whole week to roam about because our lectures would be commencing in a week time. I gave his door a knock.

"Yes, come in" He said.

I stormed in and greeted him. He wasn't busy today, he was only going through some files. I sat down on one of the visitors chairs and cleared my throat. "Yesterday, a guy came in just after..."

"Yes, he's my nephew" He intruded.

"Your nephew?" I blurted out.

"Yes," He smiled and continued. "His name is Ayman. He's the first child of my younger sister, Uwani" He added.

"I can't believe this. Hajiya Uwani?" I knew the woman since my childhood.

"Yes, daughter" He said.

"Okey" I gulped. "Well, her son broke..."

"Yes, he told me everything" He said.

And just as I was about asking for my phone someone bounced into the office without knocking. It was the jerk that broke my phone. I mean, Ayman!

"Wow, sounds like I'm lucky to be here just in time" He was holding a container. "Good morning, Uncle"

"Morning, Ayman"

He beamed as he sat on the other swivel chair close to me, and before I knew it he handed the container he was holding to me. "Take this please"

"What's that?" I puzzled.

"Latest iPhone. I already got your sim inserted. I also disposed the old phone"

"What do you mean disposed? I thought you promised to repair it for me!" I said.

"Yes, but the engineer told me the phone is outdated, and they don't have its accessories here. So I decided to..."

He explained everything to me but I couldn't buy his lies. He only want to find a place in my heart but he'd never!

"Mtsww" I hissed at him.

"I'm sorry" He implored. "So are you taking it?" He wrinkled his dark brows.

My love for iPhone nearly made me to accept the gadget from him but I wasn't really that stupid to do that. "I really can't take that from you" I rejected it.

He heaved a sigh. "Uncle Abrar, mind talking to her for me?" He said as he went through his hair with his fingers.

Sir Abrar cleared his throat with a broad smile on his face. "Daughter, I know you're scared but he's my nephew as I told you earlier..." He kept talking until he finally convinced me.

Ayman left just after handing over the phone to me. "Take care of yourself, sweetheart" He had said with a smile.

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