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C8 Zainab

It had been days since I last set my eyes on Lilian Evan. And now just as I was looking for a place to bergh myself from getting drenched by the rain that was now falling heavily, she yelled my name from behind me; "...lets go to my hostel, it's not far from here!" She squealed.

"Okey, lets go!" I ran after her.

As soon as we arrived at the hostel, she took me to her room. They were four in the room and everyone had a bunk bed. I huffed looking around when Lilian smirked. "I'm sorry, little princess this is YAYI hostel not the one you're lucky to be in. So, shall I introduce you to my friends?" She said wearing a smile.

I knew she was thinking I was from an affluent family, but if I told her my story she'd probably weep for me. "Yes, please" I said with a nod and a smile.

"Okey, little princess. This one here is Aminah Abdullahi, she's in 300level. Department of Public Administration"

"Nice to meet you dear. I'm Zainab Galadima, a new student" I extended my hand to her and we shook hands.

"You're welcome, Zainab" she smiled.

"And here is Jinora Samson. She's in 300Level too, and also in the same department with Aminah Abdul..."

"It's nice to meet you, Jinora. Call me Zainab" I shook with the elderly lady.

"It's my pleasure" she wore a broad smile on her so bleached face.

"And finally, Hajarah Sachi. She's the youngest here and in 200Level. She's in Physics department, faculty of sciences"

"Nice to meet you" I shook with her.

"The pleasure is mine" she replied with a beautiful smile on her cute face. She was very young, and in 200level? Wow, what was I doing at home all this while?

"So, how have you been little princess?" Lilian asked as soon as I sat close to her on her bunk. It was somewhat soft.

"Fine, dear how about you?" I said.

"Same, little princess. I've been busy with lectures, you know, I don't even have time for myself" She giggled.

"Nice! Me, I'm yet to start mine" I said.

"Yeah, it's all the freshers" she said.

"Hmm, yeah" I nodded.

Her roommates were just busy with their books. I had to decrease my voice to avoid disturbing them. They looked very serious. I really love seriousness.

We kept talking until my phone started buzzing in my purse. It was a call from Ayman. I nearly declined it but something told me to accept it, and when I did he told me to meet him outside my hostel. He wanted us to talk. I told him to wait for the rain to stop first but he told me it was very urgent.

"Okey, but I'm not in my hostel..."

"Where are you?" He queried.

"Yayi hostel"

"Okey, on my way please" He said.

Thus, I asked Lilian for umbrella if she had any but she directed me to her friend instead. Hers had been stolen.

"Have it, dear" Hajarah Sachi brought out a Miami pink umbrella for me

It was kind of small to accommodate my chubby body but did I have any choice? I thanked her and grabbed it.

"It's okey, but I have to tell you this" She gulped and continued. "Scientifically speaking, you're not supposed to use your right ear in making or receiving calls because during this period phones uses their maximum signaling power which is 2 watts; equivalent to 33 dbi, which can definitely affect your brain. So next time, try using your left ear instead" She said wearing a smile.

My jaw dropped in amazement. So she even noticed the ear I used in receiving the call? That was great. I thanked her for the information and left in haste.

The rain was already reducing in strength but the weather was so very cold. I was in a hooded cardigan but yet I was feeling the coldness of the atmospheric condition at the moment.

I walked a little farther from the hostel premises since Ayman wouldn't be allowed to be there if he showed up. It was restricted to females only...

"Hey, girl! Do you remember me?" A voice got me jolted. It was that girl, Fadilah. The one whose iPad I broke.

I adjusted my umbrella to have a clear view of her. "Yes, I remember you. You were the girl I bumped into" I said.

"Yes, I was!" She said searching through her bag for something. "I'm here to tell you that I'm a General's daughter and I can't have you take my man away from me" She added as she brought out a service pistol from the bag. It was small.

My heart began racing nitro. "I don't understand what you're talking about!" I said trying to leave the scene when she warned me not to move an inch. "Why?" I puzzled.

"Because I'm not done talking to you!" She squealed angrily. "Why him of all men, please? Just why?" She queried.

"Look, you're getting it wrong..."

"No I'm not!" She cut in. "I'm sure he loves you and I don't blame him. You're chubby while I'm slim, your breasts and buttocks are ampler than mine, and you're more fairer in complexion..."

"And what are you implying?" I cut in.

"By seeing what I'm holding, you should have a hunch already" she said giggling.

"You... you want to shoot me?" I stuttered.

The rain stopped dropping at once. It was like a movie, a Hollywood movie!

"I'd like to" She smirked. "But..."

She was about completing her words when Ayman appeared from nowhere and yelled at her. "You bastard, what's this?" He quickly collected the gun from her and threw it aside. "Are you mad?"

"Yes, I'm madly in love with you Ayman!" She squealed angrily.

"Stop this, Fadilah! This isn't love, this is obsession and I really can't have it..."

He was talking to her when I turned and left them there just like that day. I had had enough of their drama. I should stay away from them both before I got myself killed one day!

I was almost back to the hostel premises when Ayman yelled my name like he did before. This time around I started running away. He caught me anyways. Hey, don't blame me. I was chubby!

"Look Ayman, I don't want any trouble okey? Just leave me alone. I'm not here to die, I'm here to study and my mother is counting on me. So please just..."

"I love you, Zainab!" He squealed.

"What???" I puzzled.

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