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A week has passed and Somi and the old men would always find themselves either listening to her play or seeing her passing by. All the time, they had neither talked nor had a chance to be with her for she will always be on her way to something else.

Albeit the constant distance, they had taken joy into listening to her obvious addiction for perfection. She would play Paganini the whole peice or sometimes a Bach or two. She delves deeper to the classical musicians that sometimes her violin's strings will snap or her finger will bleed.

She had focused all her attention to learning, she was agitated by her past life that she strives hard to make a change.

It has been days since she got nightmares when she sleeps, she would sometimes wake up drenched with sweat that she needs to change sheets. It was all thanks to the servants who did not mind the occasional changing of sheets every night or the other.

Right now, while playing the Paganini Caprice No. 24, her hands unknowingly stopped moving. She did not realize she was staring at the blue roses surrounding the cemented floor in the maze. The big green bushes who hid what's more into the maze was standing tall, like a giant. It has been for a while since she stopped playing till she heard a fake cough.

Her eyes quickly reached a figure of three people, two old men, the other wearing a black italian suit with his glasses clipped on his suit pocket. His stern eyes were bearing holes into her while his lips were pressed into a thin line. The other old man beside him wore a white american suit with a mustard napkin in his suit pocket, he had a warm cunning smile in his lips and a knowing look unbearably noticeable in his eyes. Their grey hairs look vibrant but aging doesn't really take a toll on their handsome features. Then her eyes dropped into a young boy, whose eyes were cold and unfeeling. He wore checkered long sleeves with a book in his hand. It was a book for laws, and he was quite looking indifferent.

Somi felt her spine turn cold as she saw such prominent figures, then her uneasy eyes turned dull. The old man saw such change and piqued his interest, such a young girl, posed such a lifeless look.

"Greetings, I am Somi, It was nice to meet you Sir Albeitiz, Sir Jota, and to you young Sir." Her voice was low, soft and yet held no excitement or foolish sweet sugar coating. She courtesy properly and asked if she had a stand of disturbance in any matter.

Lucas Jota felt interested to see such a young serious child other than his genius of a grandson.

"Pleasures, young lady, do you mind if we sit with you?" Lucas said and smiled. Somi just nodded her head and said it was no trouble.

She kept her little violin in its case and poured them a cup of tea. They watched as she showed off her hard earned knowledge of etiquette, and she was perfect with it.

She sat back down to her seat and stuffed her cheeks with her favourite crepes and waffles. A flicker of delight could be seen at her expressionless face that she tries to hide but cannot when placed in front of food.

She had built a habit of eating sweets during practice that she requested for a variety of them.

The four people just sat there and drank their tea while the old ones observed the little girl.

It was ironic how Lucas tried to liven it up but would only leave with small grunts and short answers. He can't help but see the resemblance of the little girl to her grandfather. Suddenly, the old man cleared his throat and stared at her.

"What year are you now?" the old man looked at her, seizing her with his terrifying aura and overbearing attitude. She felt her heartbeat quickens as he never let his eyes away from her while waiting for answers.

"I skipped five grades and is now about to enter junior high, Sir." her voice did not hold her nervousness as she quickly brushed it off, thinking she had dealt death a lot of times, so there's no reason to fear her grandfather. Only, why is he talking toher? She never remembers the man wasting a glance on her before.

"at the age of five? already in her junior high? quite a child right here, just like my own Luce. He is turning 7 and is in his senior year in highschool. You might get along with him sometimes as a little girl. You get a lot in common." Lucas intervened and tapped the busy child beside him. Luce /Lucas could only snicker at his own grandfather's obvious match making.

He had been sticking to him lately, telling a young kid to snatch Somi up when he saw him all flustered whenever she passed by at their location in the maze.

"It will be a big privilege to accompany him." she humbly said and quickly ended Lucas' idea of pairing them up. They are still kids and besides, in the future, her sister will marry him.

She glances at the indifferent boy and then quickly looks away and reads her notes. She is studying business, she is planning on doing investments or maybe even joining in some global activity like Forex trading or investments happening in the main market in Mexico right now.

"Business? what are you up to?" Her grandfather blurted out. Trying to pry something from her. In which she obliged but with only little information.

"I am planning to invest in Forex trading or some businesses down the Main City or the market. I am looking for a good plan and setbacks" as she had said that, the other three's attention was drawn while Luce's brow twitched. It seems like she will be off his interest starting today.

As then as a starter, the maze was then warped by their conversations about her plan. Feeling amused and also thrilled to see a young child taking risks and proving points into an adults talk. Truly ironic. Didn't they know she's old?


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