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5 years had already passed and it was still like yesterday since she had taken control of her body again. In her quest to change her future, events happened that she never thought would have occurred, even in her dreams.

Today she stared at the mirror who held an image of a young girl, her hair was white, the same as her long butterfly like lashes and so as her pair of brows. The girl in the mirror has its pale glass like skin, as if with just a pinch it would make a bruise. Her delicate face paired with those eyes, blueish with a touch or green that if you look closely it may seem like violet or blue or even just green.

It was then she realized that the girl in the mirror was her. A small smile appeared on her thin rosy lips that made her dimples appear. She stayed there, ogling at herself, until a knock on the door was heard.

"The master requests your presence as the eldest miss." she made her way to the door and let the servant show her the way.

Years had already passed that her petite figure had grown so much that she already had an improving pair of breast and butt at the tender age of 10 turning 11.

It was a bit early for her but it was just like this due to the efforts of her participating in martial arts, judo, taekwondo, jujitsu, horseback riding, fencing, and etc.

Such things were not required much in the Albeitiz household, it would all depend on you if you would take up the lesson. In her case, due to some overwhelming emotions and curiosity to learn, she had managed to do many things, alongside Luce, or Lucifer Jota. The young kid from before who was with her grandfather and his friend, Luke Jota.

They had grown pretty much together and had grown accustomed to each other's attitude. Luce doesn't admire too much talking and so does she, he doesn't welcome cringey sugar coated words and attitude and so does she.

By the days that they both had lived together, they had already learned much that they've built trust for each other.

People might think that they do not get along well because of their silence together, but for those who were with them, people could already call them the rabbit and the carrot. Yes, I know, pretty weird.

After she took a seat to the empty chair inside the office of her grandfather, it was then that he emerged with his trusted man with him from the connected room. He glanced at her for a while and sat on his swivelling chair.

"Somi, come sit here with grandpa." and to inform you all, her known stoick and frightening grandfather, the emperor of the legendary corporation, was actually a soft one with her, but still had his rude and scary remarks from time to time. Five years ago, Somi and the other three people (her grandpa, Luce's grandpa and Luce) had been getting along so well that from time to time they would have their afternoon tea together. Talking about business and stuff. Even though they were both at a young age of 5 and 7 those times, but still, they were able to chat alongside such grown ups.

By this time, Somi had already proven herself to them and gained their trust and respect, and so had them. Both elders and young ones had developed good feelings for Somi that they've grown protective of.

Somi had started her business and trading and Luce had begun his achievements in business also, building his empire, like how he did before, but this time he now had another thing to do. And that is to help and protect Somi, at all times.

Both children had built their businesses, Somi building a chain of food chains, hotel and restaurants, cafe and pet cafe's. She purposely built those things due to her interest in them. She gets her money from her chain of successful investments from her and there.

While Luce had made a legend for himself too, building law firms, companies and such, that they both received fame and respect with it.

Luce graduated Law and Business at a young age of 10 at the same time and brought quite a ruckus to everyone. And now he is studying Medicine. Not because he wants too but because of his grandfather's constant butting in. Because Somi was to study medicine after she graduates business and Law this year. Luce has helped her at times that she was able to advance a lot.

It was not new for her to know she is now graduating because she knew she was already old, but seeing Luce receive a lot of latin awards really makes her admire him.

Luce enrolled a year earlier than her in thought of being able to guard her at the academy. And it was also because he was bored that he agreed to study again for her sake.

Now back to where she is right now.

Her grandfather talked to her about her upcoming contest overseas with some extra curricular activities with Luce.

It has also been a joy for both of them to travel countries to countries, in search to relieve their boredom and achieve victory.

Throughout their travels and the 5 years competing, they had already been well known as the young prodigies, both title holders for the 6-10 class and 11-15 class.

Proceeded as young giants in business and prodigy's in the global competitions.

"It is already time for you to have your official social debut child, even though people already knew of your existence, still I wont allow a young miss of Albeitiz not being able to celebrate her social debut. You are my granddaughter and I want the finest things for you. In terms of the plannings, let me do the work. But I expect you to be there, I don't want you running away again. Nor you giving excuses. You are a young adult now, you should socialize, don't lock yourself up to the extent of our reach and be busy with your expanding business. You are still a child, enjoy it with the other children your age." the old man gave his litany as he watched the young girl purse her lips, pouting over the fact of not liking the idea of parties.

She always thought that her life before and now, parties or crowded places are always the key for her demise.

But this time like always, she swore not to take the ride of no return. She wants to have the changes that she made to remain. Even if it was a bit foolish.


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