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After her talk with her grandfather, Somi ushered to the garden and sat on the garden bench with a small tea table on the side. She asked for a servant for some afternoon snacks and proceeded staring at the vast land which held a variety of flowers. reds, blues, oranges, yellows and white flowers were scattered all around the land but what captivated her most was the rare violet lily in the middle.

Ever since she had travelled back again and again back to her past self countless times, she had fallen in love with the beauty of calla lilies specifically the violet one.

It reminds her of the idea of the bruises she got for a variety of reasons from the pasts, it represents the color of the wound and the painful nights she suffers when she gets punished for the acts that she never wanted to do and never even did in the first place.

She had kept the truth from everyone. She scoffed and bitterly chuckled when she remembered, even if she tried to tell them, they always doubted her.

At the young age of 5, she was forced to watch the affection she never had be taken away from her. Suffering from the childish idea of family love shattered infront of her. Ever since her little sister Jaia Albeitiz was born, the affection she longed for, was quickly taken over by a newborn child who never even did anything, but already received the things she desires.

She was pushed to the corner where she will watch the family of four turn to three. They will happily play with each other, fooling around and putting up pranks in which makes her heartburn with pain. She wanted those.

She remembered how her mother's crescent eyes turned dull when she noticed her at the sidelines, gripping the hem of her dress, looking so eager. But her mother would say;

"Somi, the teacher said you did not do your tasks, go back to your quarters and proceed to take your punishment. Now go.'' It was these cold cruel words that her mother will always say when she disturbs them. And as what a child who was greedy for their attention, follows her mother's orders. She thought at least they still cared for her, even in this way.

Such naivety that she could only coldly snicker and put the tea cup down. She forcefully swallowed the lump forming in her throat as it threatened her. She grabbed her cell phone and rang her assistant. After instructing her secretary and assistant Victoria Lesilye, a 23 year old fresh graduate of business accountancy.

Somi had remembered that in her previous future, Victoria Lesilye will become a well renowned secretary and PR who defies the word no. Her words would always set fire to the burning desires of the media, trying to pry for gossip.

And as beautiful as she is, no matter how many men coveted her alluring fiery red hair and exquisite voluptuous figure, she was already tied by the lawyer in which will win hundredths of cases that it will cost you an arm and a foot to hire him in the future. Victre Raxus, a graduate of Law and a young 24 year old man.

Somj was on her trip to Jerusalem that year, trying to persuade Israelian conglomerates to take up the proposal for her newly built corporation. They were planning to expand her branch of hospitals in Israel when the old mens refused to sell their dying land.

Somi then met the wounded Victre who got caught in a cease fire between nations and rebels. Somi, who had learned a bit of first aid and an aspiring doctor, was able to save him from dying. Owing her a favor, the two set up a meeting in New York City in a certain cafe.

That time, Somi was already acquainted with Victoria whom she funded when she asked for some to help the street children get a better home and learning.

Then it resulted in chain reactions and now here they are, Victre as her lawyer and the one who helps her in her investment and the things she need, while Victoria agreed to be her Pr manager, Assistant and Secretary.

Of course Somi also has her own set of backup lawyers, assistants and stuff for a bit of a set back. She does trust the couple, but she just wants to make sure, after all billion dollars is not mere simple money. Even though it won't put a dent on her credit card, it was still her money.

The difference between her to everyone else is, she was ambitious, not to the extent of being proud, but she was greedy for knowledge and food. She does not put up boundaries to learn, she even welcomes them.

But she was an introvert, the only people she allowed in her life was her grandfather, grandpa Luke, Luce, her nanny, her doctor, Victoria, Victre, Timotheus and Harviethe.

Timotheus Randue was a young 18 year old, a genius hacker and a programmer. She had made specific ties with him and hired him to protect her private information.

Harviethe Orloe, her doctor (Haries Orloe) son. He was a young psychologist who loved to learn about the mystery of people's minds. It was quite a blow to Somi when they met, the guy was an indifferent yet creepy person, he stared at her and would unknowingly smile to himself when he encountered something wicked, cool and unusually beautiful. He was amazed by how her young age did not affect her intelligence or her wit.

Over the past 5 years, these people were the once who cruelly entered her life uninvited. They would piss her off just to see her cute frown and sometimes pamper her. After all she was the youngest between them. But still deep inside her, she was thankful, for them, because when she gained back her control over her body, she had always been scared and being with them relaxes her, and reminds her that she was still alive and a human with morals, which was very rare in this world.


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