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After a while, she left the garden and went to her car, she saw her driver waiting for her outside, she nodded towards him and after she buckled up, they left to go to her school.

Today was her last day and in which she will graduate law and business and. alongside students who were way older than her. She was tasked to deliver a speech as the student who received the highest latin awards.

Looking around the hall, she saw countless people who were celebrating and also nervous for themselves or for their childs. It was also known that a couple of firm, corporate, business owners and many more will arrive to watch the event and also pick best candidates for a spot in their companies.

Each graduating student was divided according to their class and course and the ones in front are the top students in each course. Somi, who was in both BA and Law, was seated at the middle of the line between Law students and Business students. It was known that even at a young age, she was a well mannered child that everyone in the campus adored. But they had set the boundary between her celestial self to them. They labeled her as their goddess of beauty and knowledge and the ones who disrupt her solitude will be scorned by the whole campus.

There was this one time when a brazen girl disturbed her while she was taking a nap below the big willow tree in the school grounds, she just finished her busy schedules and cramped up at the end of the semester in which cruelly brought up exams and projects.

She had not taken a single wink last night for she was so busy and now when she had a bit of a time to spare, someone had rudely disturbed her.

She grumpily scrunched her itchy runny nose and held her nape. She was having headaches and a fever that time due to constant stress.

The girl rudely poured her cold drink over her, pretending to trip on her feet. After being washed over by the icey cold drink, her fever worsened causing her to faint after a long squabble with the stupid girl.

And coincidentally, Luce who brought her her favorite soup saw how she slowly fell to the floor. As quick as the young man could muster he protected her head and body from slamming to the floor just right in time, or else her fragile body will be covered by bruises by tomorrow.

Luce felt her burning temperature then he angrily glared at the stupid older girl and threatened her that if something happened to Somi she should then prepare to offer her head.

She quickly paled like a ghost and ran away. After that when she went back to school, she became the whole campus' enemy.

Going back to her current situation, she wore a black toga in which held two different colors of collars. It represented both courses and was everyone's subject.

They were really amazed by her yet they do not feel any animosity nor jealousy. It was the realm of intelligence that only Luce and her can reach.

After a series of talks, the Emcee called her to the front to deliver her speech.

Clearing her throat, she glanced to the crowd and smiled, causing the people underneath to hitch their breath and watch her in great admiration.

She spoke to them with great respect, she did not even boast her achievements which earned their acknowledgement. She just spoke about her life a little, how she began to fall in love with knowledge and solitude. She indifferently talked about her sufferings about studying and such then finished it up with her gratitude towards the people in her life. Oddly enough, they never heard her speak about her parents and little sister, but they did not butting in and let her finish beautifully, she courtside gracefully and proceeded back to her seat.

After calls and calls for their names, her name was finally called. Then her list of achievements were announced one by one that it took a whole bunch of minutes and her hands were already full of things.

She was about to leave after a picture or two when suddenly a commotion started. Her grandfather and the others emerged from the crowd and they held a variety of beautiful flowers. Luke Jota, her grandfather's friend and who also pried her to call him grandpa in which caused her own grandfather to feel jealous and also a young man to feel a bit gloated, secretly.

Her grandpa, grandpa Luke, Victoria, Victre, Timotheus, Dr. Harviethe, Dr. Haries, Nanny Elli, and Her employees at the back holding a banner.

Her eyes moistened and her heart ached for their extreme display of pampering. Then her eyes unconsciously looked for a certain figure within the crown but she failed.

She tried to hide her disappointment but then sighed. She knew this would happen. After all Lucifer Jota was destined for someone else in the future, specifically her 'sweet and innocent younger sister Jaia'.

Then her eyes were covered by the slightly big hands of a growing young man, it was white and flawless like a jadeite.

"Surprise, Happy birthday little rabbit" a cold voice whispered in her ears, appearing a bit childish and mature. A pair of lips landed on her forehead and a warm hug enveloped her cold being. Her already moist eyes worsened and big droplets of tears forced their way out of her eyes.

They were shocked and also worried, then they realized, she was after all still a child, it was normal for her eyes to shower bitter tears. But this will only oath to happen when it wasn't a bad reason.

Everyone's hearts were as if being clawed by a kitten as they watched her adorably wiping her eyes while bawling in happiness. Especially the young man's heart, alongside a kitten's occasional clawing on his heart, it was also as if a feather was tickling it.

He buried her face on his chest and smiled a rare smile and chuckled. And caused the crowd another series of astonishment. He caressed her hair and ushered her down the stage carefully. It was such a sight that they did not even mind watching over and over again, ahh young sprouting love. They all thought as they continued to swallow the forced dog foods.


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