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After the ceremony, students, their families and professors were scattered around the campus, hoping to capture the memories of their years spent there. Some were crying tears of joy and some were squealing here and there.

On the other side, Somi was surrounded by her co-students who gathered their courage to approach her and at least take a picture with her. It was their last chance and so they will surely use it.

The people who came to congratulate Somi were watching her and of course the headmaster did not miss the opportunity to curry favor with the legendary trio. Her grandfather, Lucas (Luke) Jota, and the young man who appeared indifferent no matter what praises the crowd says.

Somi, who felt tired, finally finished her long line of admirers. She sat on the bench and reached for the bottle of water Luce handed her. She smiled at him and quickly downed it.

At her side was Victoria and Victre who enjoyed watching their interaction, they thought of the two as their young version. Victre and Luke smiled proudly as they saw Luce's smooth movements that Somi herself was oblivious that someone was constantly advancing on her.

"Tired?" Luce asked while continuously wiping her sweaty forehead. Somi nodded and leaned on the bench, closing her eyes as she felt slight dizziness. He reached for her head and made her lean on his shoulder and encircled his arm around her to prevent her from feeling sore. She felt gratitude and it did not even cross her mind that they looked sweet.

After resting a bit, they decided to go to the reception, in which Luce himself prepared. It was Somi's 11th birthday and yet she did not even know. After their surprise at her school, she won't even remember it was her day.

She had become more and more accustomed to being rejected and thrown away; birthdays for her became nothing but a normal day of growing up and becoming old.

It was just for a while since the people around her started to notice her that she was still not used to being pampered and given attention. Her eyes darted at the car window when she remembered that this will be the day that her little sister will get into an accident.

Social debut in upper society has been like this, they will hold parties and introduce the celebrant. In her past life, she did celebrate her social debut. But it was chaotic, her little sister demanded for something that she liked, the first ever gift that she received. Being a child that she is, she got angry when Jaia ripped the bunny doll during their tug of war, she then pushed her little sister on her shoulder. But she had never thought that the young Jaia would fall on the stool and slam her head on the stage that elevated the stool they were sitting on.

Her parents quickly rushed to them, reprimanding her. Her mother called her useless and slapped her infront of so many people. The audience who saw what had happened before her sister fell, pitied Somi. Jaia fainted from the pain and the first party that was meant for her, her last straw of hope, crashed into her.

Somi, who was dazed in the car, did not notice their calls as she was just looking at nowhere while her face looked pale and her eyes were dull and emotionless.

"Hey, are you okay? What happened to you?" Luce cupped her small chubby face and looked at her straight in the eyes. It was then Somi who was drowning in her nightmares woke up. She took a big sigh and looked away while saying she was just tired.

He no longer asked her about it and just let it pass. He then assisted her out of the car and to the hall. She looked around the place and saw the same decorations, but what's different was the place and the extravagance of the party. As the big and elegant double doors were pushed open, the Emcee announced her arrival. A big round of applause was given while she walked to the stage with Luce then gave her short words.

A staffer ushered her to a room to change her clothes. Now she was dressed in an elegant and cute princess-like rose gold ball gown. She was paired with a small tiara and glass slipper that appears prettier than Cinderella. As she descended from the stairs, the spotlight was directed to her and every stop she made, she received a pink rose that was adored with pink glitters and wonderful laces and ribbons.

She felt so happy that her face held a pretty smile that pleased the crowd. Her schoolmates, workers and some important figures were present. Unlike her social debut in her last lifes, the guests filled 1/4th of the hall.

At the very end of the path was her grandfather, he held a white rose in his hand and a proud warm smile on his lips. He reached for her small hands and danced with her, swaying slowly and the old man was making small remarks that sounded firm but the people knew he was soft over her.

After dancing with those who presented her with roses, she was seated at an elegant throne, the wall behind her was full of flowers and stuff that made her appear like a young fairy in bloom.

A couple of people who were close to her even described to her that the party was getting similar to a girl's 18th birthday but what's different was it wasnt 18th roses, candles, treasures and stuff. Everything was limitless. If someone wanted to dance to her they could, if someone wanted to present treasures and wishes they could.

Everything appeared so perfect that Somi silently wished her sister and her parents wouldn't arrive. For some reasons, in which she doesn't care, the trio was on a trip that they will be late for today.

She really didn't care, that's why she was still all smiles during the celebration. But after all, some things are meant to happen when it is fated to.

Her scum of a family arrived and did not even greet her, they went to their seats and mingled around. The party was meant for her but her little sister demanded the same things for herself.

At first her requests were understandable, but as time passed, her request became bold that it appeared that it was her birthday.

She was sworn to throw a tantrum when she said she wants to be the one who will sit on the throne intended for Somi. Luce, who was standing on the side, quickly stepped up when Somi gave in. She was scared that her parents looked at her disdainfully that she just gave in.

Luce then faced them and told them that the party was held by him and he gifted this for her, and not for her unreasonable sister.

Jaia bawled and immediately rushed to her sister, she told her she wanted it no matter what. She even secretly threatened Somi that she wasn't loved by her family.

Shocked by how her little sister whom she viewed as an innocent and kind person, could utter such cruel words. She was dazed by the sudden reveal, she unconsciously stepped back and hitched a cold breath. Remembering her sufferings from the past and till now, she felt anger and shame.

Then she remembered that aside from Jaia's accident, something else will happen. Broken chandelier fell, causing the young Somi back then to break her spine and rush to the emergency room. It was this reason that in the future, she will suffer an illness that crept into her and will slowly kill her.

Jaia roughly pulled Somi's hands in which Somi retaliated back. Whisking her sister's grip, Somi stepped on her dress and fell on the stage that was bigger than her size, slamming on the floor head first.

Then the sound of a chandelier's fall followed. The position of the shattered chandelier was near Somi's body when a few shards stuck to her.

Luce was the very first person to react, he ran to her and shouted for someone to help. A minute or two passed till the medics arrived, they mended her and applied first aid to serious cuts.

On the other hand, Jaia who was the one meant to fall and slam her head was just cut by small shards and was completely fine. Well except that the shards were directed to her face.

The joyous event, like before, became a crime scene in an instant. They all knew, especially Luce, that everything was checked and that he himself did some last safety measures. A murderous aura emitted from him as he felt angry, some pests slipped his sight and managed to tamper the chandelier chains on Somi's side. He could only hold in his rage as he watched the shivering figure on his side.

Vengeance wasn't far.


Maple Writes

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