Son-in-law's Counterattack/C1 My Wife Is Going to the Blind Date
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Son-in-law's Counterattack/C1 My Wife Is Going to the Blind Date
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C1 My Wife Is Going to the Blind Date

My wife's name is Ling Xiaoxiao. She is a child from a single-parent family. Her family is considered wealthy. Her mother-in-law is very capable. She runs a company. She has been a beauty ever since she was in college. Now, she works in the bank. Not only is she capable, but she is also a bank flower. Her salary is not ordinary.

After I graduated, I became the Ling family's son-in-law. I was naturally her husband. I was a full-time husband, responsible for the daily life of the family. However, I had my own difficulties.

Because I was born with a humble background, coupled with this marriage, it was purely because of my parents' hard work. Not only Ling Xiaoxiao, even my mother-in-law, Ling Lan, looked down on me and looked down on me.

"Lee Shaobai, wash the bowl for me."

"Lee Shaobai, get up. Do you think I raised you to be able to sit on my lap? Hurry up and clean the floor. Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson."

"Lee Shaobai, stop dreaming. I will not have children with you."

In the past two years, I had heard this kind of words the most. What was even more ridiculous was that I had never slept on the same bed with Ling Xiaoxiao. She slept in her own room, and I slept in the guest room. I was like a servant, without any status.

My mother-in-law was very clear about this matter, but she did not tell anyone. Obviously, she thought that I was not worthy of her daughter, and she did not want others to take advantage of her. She just treated me as a spare wheel.

All of this was just in name, or rather, a shield. It didn't matter whether the future children were mine or not! Even if they were, they wouldn't be my children!

However, my parents had always thought that we were truly in love. They often called me from the countryside to ask about my children. I would either change the topic or just brush it off.

Every night, I would stare at Ling Xiaoxiao, who was wearing pink pajamas and walking around the living room and the bedroom. She was only twenty-four years old, and I, who was still young and full of vigor, was living in suffering.

What made me feel the most aggrieved was that my mother-in-law actually openly asked me to go on a blind date with Ling Xiaoxiao a few days later!

Especially when my mother-in-law said, "It's a rich family. Just wait outside the door. With your shabby appearance, don't embarrass the Ling family. Also, clean up the house."

At that time, I was completely stunned. I wished I could divorce and leave this family immediately.

However, when I thought about the condition of my parents, I could only endure it. I didn't want them to suffer this kind of blow and have any other accidents.

"Got it." In the end, I nodded in agreement with my mother-in-law's authority.

When Ling Xiaoxiao heard that it was a rich family and that they were not bad-looking, she was overjoyed. She pulled her mother into the room, and from time to time, she would even laugh shyly. She treated me as if I was invisible.

I felt that I was the most useless man in the world. Although I was not married to Ling Xiaoxiao, she was still my nominal wife. How could I endure her going on a blind date with another man? And she even wanted me, her husband, to accompany her?

After thinking for a long time, I didn't have any results. I was like a loser, cleaning the house while brewing something that I didn't dare to do for two years.

I cleaned up the house and took the opportunity to go to the living room to greet Ling Xiaoxiao while I was buying groceries. Then, I took the key and went downstairs to a health care store.

Ling Xiaoxiao, Ling Lan, since the two of you look down on me so much and want me to go on a blind date with you, I won't give you a chance. I want to buy medicine and cook the rice. Let's see what you two will do!

I had great ambitions, but when I arrived at the door of the store, the anger that I had suffered for the past two years suddenly surged out. It was as if it had taken root in me and I couldn't resist at all. I actually felt a little scared.

I was afraid that if I forcefully did it, Ling Xiaoxiao would divorce me. If my parents knew about it, wouldn't they be angered to death?

"No." I shook my head. I felt that I was a loser from the bottom of my heart. At this time, I was still being manipulated by others. I was afraid of this and that.

Even though I thought that way, I didn't dare to!

"Damn it." I cursed and was about to turn around when I saw a lottery store next to the health care store.

"In the end, it's just that I don't have any money. If I were to win a lottery prize, would I still need to suffer this kind of anger?" I took a deep breath and strode over to the lottery store.

"Give me five tickets." I took out my wallet and looked at the money that Ling Xiaoxiao gave me. I took out ten yuan and handed it to the shopkeeper in front of the counter.

"Do you want to add more?" The shop owner raised his head and asked.

"Add!" I thought for a while, then gritted my teeth and threw out all the money I had saved for half a year. There were a few thousand yuan, so the shop owner had to add five more!

Although I knew that it was impossible to win the lottery, I still took the lottery ticket and walked out of the lottery shop. I carefully stuffed it into my wallet, hoping to win something.

When I returned home, Mother Ling was not around. I guess she went to the company, leaving Ling Xiaoxiao alone in the living room. She was eating strawberries while watching TV. Her long legs were resting on the table, revealing a black corner, which almost made me bleed.

When Ling Xiaoxiao saw that I had returned, she immediately retracted her long white legs and sat up straight. However, her eyes looked as if she was looking at a lowly creature. She scolded me, "What are you looking at? Didn't you say you were going to buy groceries? Where are the groceries?"

"I forgot…" I shuddered.

Ling Xiaoxiao immediately frowned. Her feet landed on the ground and she stood up straight. She scolded me, "You forgot to buy groceries when you went out to buy groceries? How did your parents give birth to such a waste?"

"I can scold you, but I can't scold your parents." I was already angry, and now Ling Xiaoxiao's words were like adding oil to the fire. My face turned green, and I said with a rare hardened tone, "Even if I do anything, my parents are not qualified to say anything!"

After hearing my words, Ling Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, then she said, "I've not taught you a lesson in a while, so you must have grown a pair of wings, right? Try saying it again if you dare!"

I did not continue to speak. Looking at this familiar face, even though it was very beautiful and had a tall nose bridge, I began to feel a little disgusted.

Perhaps it was because I did not retort, Ling Xiaoxiao's arrogance became even more arrogant. She glared at me and walked over, pointing at my nose and scolding me.

"How dare you retort? You eat, you wear, and you use everything. Which one of them is not my family's money? Do you have the right to talk to me like this?"

"Lee Shaobai, let me tell you, don't be delusional. A toad wants to eat swan meat. We are not from the same world. I married you only because of my mother's feelings for you. Don't think that you can take me for granted just because of this."

"In ancient times, men could divorce their wives, so you better not cause trouble for me. Be careful not to divorce me!"

"However, you are almost done. I like the person that my mother introduced to me this time. I'm afraid that it won't be long before I divorce you!"

Divorce you, divorce you. These three words kept repeating in my mind, as if an unstoppable thunder had exploded in my heart, and it echoed in my ears!

"What? You don't want to speak anymore? Are you afraid? Don't you know that you are a brat? It's your great fortune to be able to be my son-in-law. When I divorce you, my family will naturally give you some money, so you won't starve to death on the street."

"If it wasn't for your mother, my mother would have kicked you out of the house a long time ago. Do you really think that you're my husband? You're just my shield."

"To be honest, that guy knows about you a few days later. That's why my mother asked you to stay outside the door." Ling Xiaoxiao kept talking.

My head buzzed. From the time I left the house to the time I came back, the thing that I had been thinking about all this time finally exploded out uncontrollably.

No matter how much I didn't dare to think about it, no matter how much I worried about it, everything was forgotten at this moment. Since Ling Xiaoxiao had already planned for it, since the outcome was already determined, why didn't I just die? Why did I have to be humble?

If I didn't explode in silence, then I would die in silence!

"Damn it!" I took a deep breath and reached out my hand in an instant. I hooked Ling Xiaoxiao's slender and fair neck and forcefully moved her face closer to me. Then, I kissed her!

This was the first time I kissed my own wife since I got married!

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