Son-in-law's Counterattack/C10 Live in the Beautiful Director's House
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Son-in-law's Counterattack/C10 Live in the Beautiful Director's House
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C10 Live in the Beautiful Director's House

Chu Yuyan did not linger on this topic, as if there was some secret that she could not speak of. She stood up coldly and led me to the school administration office to complete the procedures.

I carried my luggage and wore a tattered set of clothes. The people in the school administration office looked at me in surprise, as if they did not say anything because of Chu Yuyan's presence.

When everything was almost done, a middle-aged man from the school administration office walked in front of Chu Yuyan with a document and said, "Oh, right, Director Chu, the location of the dormitory is not enough for the time being, because there is a batch of equipment there. It will not be moved out in a short period of time. What do you think?"

Even though I was an outsider, I could still hear the faint reluctance in his words. It seemed that Chu Yuyan, the newly appointed director, was not easy to deal with.

However, if the dormitory could not be moved out, then where would I sleep tonight? Could it be that I would sleep on the street?

Chu Yuyan glanced at me for a few seconds, as if she could see my worry, and said, "Since that's the case, then I will arrange the accommodation for this new teacher."

"Alright then. Since Director Chu is so capable, then you can settle the matter of accommodation yourself. As long as you can teach normally tomorrow, it will be fine." The middle-aged man smiled and handed the document to Chu Yuyan. Chu Yuyan turned around and left, and I hurriedly followed.

After exiting the school administration office, I asked tentatively, "Director Chu, my accommodation..."

Chu Yuyan suddenly stopped her long legs and did not say a word, as if she was thinking about something. After a dozen seconds, she said, "Temporarily, stay at my house."

"What? But …" I almost lost my balance. I just met Chu Yuyan today, and she actually asked me to stay at her house? Isn't she afraid that I might have an affair with her?

But on second thought, the administration office was obviously making things difficult for me because of Chu Yuyan's young age. Furthermore, from her personality, she should be a woman with a strong sense of enterprise. The reason why she asked me to stay at her house was to prove herself.

The problem was that if I did that, I would be very embarrassed. On one hand, Chu Yuyan was a beauty, and on the other hand, she was my superior. It seemed like it was not a big deal for me to stay at her house.

"No buts. Come home with me now." Chu Yuyan raised her hand, and with an unquestionable tone, she started walking forward.

"Alright." My heart was about to jump out of my throat. I could only carefully follow behind Chu Yuyan.

Chu Yuyan's house was located in a small district. The decorations were very simple and clean, or rather, it was cold and desolate. It was just like her style, and there was not a trace of a little girl's pink.

I even saw a few small badges hanging on the wall in the living room. My eyes narrowed, and my pupils contracted. Damn it, Chu Yuyan is not only the director, but also a Taekwondo master?

Just as I was in a daze, Chu Yuyan coughed lightly and interrupted my shock. She pointed to a guest room and said, "This is your room. You will live here from now on. But you better not have any other thoughts. The school does not allow couples to date each other."

Hearing this, I was speechless and couldn't help but smile bitterly. I didn't even say what I was going to do. Chu Yuyan, where did you think you were? You still in love? Could it be that you, a cold and violent woman, have never been in love before?

Of course, I kept all these thoughts in my heart and didn't dare to say it out loud. Otherwise, Chu Yuyan, a Taekwondo master, would definitely beat me half to death. After all, I was just a guy who was just using brute force.

So, I could only walk into the room and put down my luggage. I felt like I was back to the situation of a son-in-law. This scene was too similar!

"That, Lee Shaobai, you can't live here for free. I won't take the money. From now on, you will be responsible for the daily chores and cooking. Can you do it?" Chu Yuyan's face was as cold as ever.

"Yes, I can." I felt extremely bitter in my heart. Why did it feel like I couldn't get rid of this situation? No matter where I went, I was like a son-in-law. But in order to have a mouthful of food, I could only nod my head. At least, Chu Yuyan was much better than Ling Xiaoxiao.

"Also, without my permission, you can't enter my room," Chu Yuyan said.

I said, "Director, don't worry. I definitely won't."

Hearing my promise, Chu Yuyan handed me a set of teaching materials. Then, she turned around and entered her own room. She didn't come out again, as if she was resting.

I heaved a sigh of relief. I sat by the bedside and picked up the documents. I began to read them carefully. Most of the missions were very simple. As long as the students passed the physical fitness test, it would be done.

When I finished reading the information, I already had a plan in my mind. This was simply too easy. All I had to do was to let the students pass the physical fitness test. Then, I could be their class teacher and manage their discipline and grades.

I looked at the time. It was already dinner time. I thought that, in Chu Yuyan's house, he would at least leave a good impression, right? I might as well leave the room and walk into the kitchen.

In the end, I pulled open the fridge. Other than a few eggs and leftover rice, there was nothing left. Chu Yuyan's life was too cold and lonely, right?

According to the current time, it was impossible to go out and buy vegetables. Besides, I didn't have any money on me. I could only pick up a few eggs and make a simple meal. "She probably doesn't have a boyfriend, right? No wonder, the fridge is so empty … Isn't it empty?"

After a while, I prepared a simple Egg Fried Rice for Chu Yuyan. With my years of culinary skills, these were just a bit of rain. It was not too simple.

However, before the eggs could be put into the pot, my phone in my pocket suddenly rang. I took it out and saw that it was Ling Xiaoxiao. I didn't want to pick it up, but thinking about how I still owed her two million, I still picked it up in the end.

"Hello? What are you doing?" I said angrily.

Ling Xiaoxiao suddenly said sweetly, "Hubby … Where are you? The family prepared your favorite sweet and sour pork ribs. Also … You can sleep with me tonight."

"We've divorced. Don't call me husband. This is useless. Isn't it just to trick me back and use Su Nan's relationship? Let me tell you, I have a place to live, a place to eat, and I have a job now. You better not bother me again. As long as you don't tell my parents, I will not expose your scandal." I was so angry that I almost hung up the phone. I didn't even dare to speak too loudly, afraid that Chu Yuyan would notice.

As for my parents, I haven't thought of a way to tell them yet. Fortunately, I have a trump card. Ling Xiaoxiao didn't dare to act rashly. The best way was to hide it from my parents first and wait for the right time.

However, Ling Xiaoxiao's tone changed, "Humph, just you wait. You will regret it. I want you to come back and beg me!"

Before I could retort, Ling Xiaoxiao immediately hung up. I was so angry that my teeth were about to shatter. At the same time, I was very puzzled. Why did Ling Xiaoxiao say that? What did she have to rely on?

Later on, I found out that Ling Xiaoxiao had actually installed a GPS on my phone. Not only did she want to ruin my life, but she also wanted to ruin my job. She wanted me to go back and look for her!

How hateful! What should I do?

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