Son-in-law's Counterattack/C2 Send My Wife to the Blind Date
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Son-in-law's Counterattack/C2 Send My Wife to the Blind Date
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C2 Send My Wife to the Blind Date

The moment my lips touched her, Ling Xiaoxiao's face turned pale. She screamed and pushed me away, "Lee Shaobai, what are you doing?!"

Immediately after, Ling Xiaoxiao raised her hand and slapped me. My face turned red from the slap. She glared at me with her angry eyes and panted heavily.

Looking at Ling Xiaoxiao's face, I returned to the edge of my senses. Even though I was furious, it was not a gentleman's way to force someone to do something.

However, sometimes a man could not lower his head. If I still chose to lower my head at this moment, then I was not a man!

"It's nothing. Let's get a divorce!" I tried my best to control my emotions and said coldly.

Ling Xiaoxiao was stunned. She revealed an expression of disbelief. Her face slowly turned red, as if the fact that I proposed a divorce was an insult to her. She immediately shouted, "Divorce? You dare to propose a divorce with me? If you want a divorce, I will divorce you, and I will divorce you, you useless piece of trash!"

After saying that, Ling Xiaoxiao grabbed my clothes like a crazy woman and was about to hit me.

After being married for so long, Ling Xiaoxiao had hit me more than once. I had never retaliated.

This time, I decided to be a man. Even if I starved to death on the side of the street, I would not be willing to live under someone else's roof. So, I grabbed Ling Xiaoxiao's hands and pushed her onto the sofa, "I don't want a woman like you."

Without waiting for Ling Xiaoxiao to get up, I turned around and walked into my own room. I closed the door and started to pack my clothes. Even though I had almost spent all my money on the lottery and only had a few dozen yuan left, I still wanted to leave this family!

"Lee Shaobai, come out and explain yourself. Open the door!" Ling Xiaoxiao shouted outside the door and knocked on the door. I ignored her and continued to think about how I could rely on my brother from the same village.

About ten minutes later, I packed my luggage and put on my own clothes. I didn't take anything that belonged to the Ling family.

I took out the snake skin bag that was hidden under the bed and stuffed everything I needed into it. Then, I carried it on my shoulder and opened the door. Ling Xiaoxiao's figure immediately appeared in my sight.

"Where are you going?! Go back to your room. If you want to get a divorce, it will be between you and me. Who do you think you are?" Ling Xiaoxiao spoke in a commanding tone and looked at me with a look of extreme disdain.

"Why should I go back? Who do you think you are?" I was furious. This was not a wife, but an enemy. It was the kind of enemy that had a deep grudge.

Ling Xiaoxiao frowned and glared at me. She said, "How dare you?"

After being with her for so long, I felt a little panicked when I saw her look at me. However, I endured the feeling and took a deep breath. I took a step forward and said, "Why wouldn't I dare?"

At this moment, the sound of a key knocking on the door rang out. I looked over and saw that it was Mother Ling. Needless to say, Ling Xiaoxiao must have done something good. She must have been afraid that I wouldn't be able to stop her, so she called her mother over to help.

As expected, as soon as Mother Ling entered the house, she rushed over with a straight face. She said, "Lee Shaobai, what are you doing? What did the Ling family do to you? How can you just leave like that?"

Especially when Mother Ling saw me carrying something on my back, her expression was almost exactly the same as Ling Xiaoxiao's. As expected of a mother and daughter, the aura of a mother-in-law immediately appeared.

Furthermore, Mother Ling's words were very skillful. It didn't matter if I wanted to leave or not, I had no way of retorting.

If it was Ling Xiaoxiao, I would most likely choose to accept it. However, as for Mother Ling, I, a son-in-law, was really afraid of her. It was just like a junior being afraid of a senior.

"Put down the things. It's not impossible for you to leave." Mother Ling's expression softened.

When I heard that, I could only put down the bag. Ling Xiaoxiao, who was beside me, immediately became anxious. "Mom, how can you let him leave?"

Mother Ling raised her hand and interrupted Ling Xiaoxiao's words. She looked at me and said, "You want to leave, right? You want to get a divorce, right? Sure, we can talk about it after Xiaoxiao is done with her blind date. That person likes our family's Xiaoxiao the most. At the very least, we have to wait until the blind date is over before we can get a divorce."

What she meant was obvious. Mother Ling was obviously afraid that something would happen during the blind date. She was afraid that if I divorced first, she would be the one who would lose her new baby.

I was furious. It had been two years, and I had done a lot of hard work. What did the Ling family and the mother and daughter think of me? Were they dogs?

In a fit of anger, I said three words, "Based on what?"

"What right do I have? I can help you hide the divorce from your parents. No matter what, your mother is still my old classmate. What do you think?" Mother Ling sneered and patted my shoulder.

A threat, a complete threat!

Mother Ling knew that my parents were not in good health, so she deliberately used this to threaten me!

If I didn't mention my parents, I definitely wouldn't be afraid.

But now that she dragged my parents into this, I was completely terrified. I was like a deflated ball. Looking at Ling Xiaoxiao and Mother Ling's faces, I never felt so hateful.

"It's only a few days. I can endure it." I thought to myself silently, swallowed my anger, and took the bag into the room again.

The moment I turned around and closed the door, Ling Xiaoxiao's proud eyes shot over. I closed the door with force and leaned against the wall with my back.

I had loved Ling Xiaoxiao before. It was during my university days. She was almost an unattainable goddess. On the day of our marriage, I was happy from the bottom of my heart. Everyone in the village congratulated me.

However, how could outsiders know my difficulties after I got married?

The real Ling Xiaoxiao was not as I thought. Some people were beautiful, but they might not be beautiful in their hearts. Countless times, they would follow me around, all for the sake of me looking at her in the eye once. In the end, they did not.

Expectation turned into disappointment, and disappointment turned into despair. Perhaps I had loved Ling Xiaoxiao before, but at this moment, I no longer loved her, not a bit.

On this day, I was the first time that I did not wash the vegetables, cook, or do the laundry in the Ling family. I did not even do the housework. After the argument, I locked myself in the room and slept soundly.

The next day, around eleven o'clock, I was woken up by Ling Xiaoxiao's knocking on the door.

"Get up, get up. Accompany me to the blind date."

"Lee Shaobai, get up quickly. Don't waste my time."

I climbed out of bed, feeling indignant. Why did I have to go for the blind date? Is it because Ling Xiaoxiao doesn't know how to drive, so you want me to be the driver?

I thought so. Ling Xiaoxiao had been spoiled since she was young, and she had never taken a bus in her entire life. It was simply impossible for her to take a bus. The car that Mother Ling left at home was for me to pick Ling Xiaoxiao up.

"Get up, get up. Stop shouting." I wore a pair of underpants and pulled open the door with my bare arms. Ling Xiaoxiao was so scared that she hurriedly covered her eyes. She turned her back to me, as if every part of my body was full of lumps. She could not even look at me.

Ling Xiaoxiao said, "Hurry up and put on your clothes, hurry up!"

"A blind date, right? I just want to be slow. What do you think? If you have the ability, why don't you take the bus?" I hummed a few times, feeling that we were about to get a divorce. I was no longer as wary as I was before. I leisurely walked into the bathroom and slowly washed my face and rinsed my mouth. Ling Xiaoxiao stomped her feet in anger, making me secretly happy.

How long has it been? This was the first time that I had such a mentality when I was facing Ling Xiaoxiao, especially that kind of satisfaction, as if I had finally started to feel proud of myself.

I deliberately messed around for a long time, causing Ling Xiaoxiao's expression to change. It was as if she cared a lot about that man's impression of her.

I simply took out the old clothes that I wore when I was in university and put them on. I looked like a country bumpkin. Then, I picked up the car keys that were placed in the living room and turned around to look at Ling Xiaoxiao, saying, "Let's go, right?"

When Ling Xiaoxiao saw me come out of the room in this set of clothes, she was immediately dumbfounded. With a whoosh, she stood up from the sofa and said, "Lee Shaobai! Why are you wearing this kind of clothes? Are you trying to embarrass the Ling family?"

"Right, I did it on purpose. Whether I go or not is up to you. At worst, I'll go back to my room and sleep." I raised my eyebrows and put the car keys back in their original positions.

In the end, Ling Xiaoxiao gritted her teeth and said helplessly, "You! Hurry up and put on your shoes!"

Ling Xiaoxiao's blind date was at a western restaurant, and I was responsible for being her driver. I just had to send her to the restaurant and wait outside.

Honestly speaking, no matter how much I disregard it, Ling Xiaoxiao is still my wife.

It doesn't matter who it is, no matter who it is, no matter who it was, no matter who it is, no matter how much I disregard it. No matter how much I disregard it, no matter how much I disregard it.

When I arrived at the entrance of the western restaurant, a man in a suit appeared in front of me. He was around my age, around twenty-four or twenty-five years old. When he saw Ling Xiaoxiao get out of the car, he walked over from the door and greeted her in a very gentlemanly manner.

"Ling Xiaoxiao, I am Chen Wen. We met before. Do you remember me?" The man called Chen Wen politely pulled the door for my wife and closed the door for her. He even stretched out his arm to let my wife hold onto him.

The most infuriating thing was that Ling Xiaoxiao actually nodded shyly and said, "Yes, I remember."

What made me gnash my teeth was that this Chen Wen even turned around and looked at me. He smiled meaningfully and took out his wallet. He took out a few hundred yuan and handed it over from the passenger's window. "You are Lee Shaobai, right? During this period of time, Xiaoxiao has relied on you to take care of her. Thank you for your hard work. Come, take this and buy some good cigarettes to smoke."

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