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C3 Scam

This Chen Wen looked gentle and refined. He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. From the watch on his wrist, one could tell that his family background was definitely not ordinary.

The meaning of the money was very clear. Not only was he showing off to me, but he also showed that I was just a servant who took care of Ling Xiaoxiao. If I took the money, it would mean that I was a lowly servant. What a f * cking servant!

I simply ignored him and directly pressed the car window key. I closed the window and stepped on the accelerator, driving to the parking lot of the western restaurant.

In fact, the parking lot was only 50 meters away from the entrance of the western restaurant. When I parked the car, Ling Xiaoxiao had already sat in the car with Chen Wen.

Through the transparent window of the western restaurant, I sat in the car and looked at Ling Xiaoxiao's figure. My heart was filled with more and more unhappiness.

It was not because I cared, but because I was unhappy. Although I didn't like Ling Xiaoxiao anymore, she was still my wife in name. Now that she was dating another man, I was waiting outside. This kind of feeling was simply challenging my bottom line!

"Damn it." I slapped the steering wheel and couldn't help but curse. No man would be able to endure this kind of thing, right? I should have rushed up and beat up Chen Wen a long time ago.

However, I knew very well that I couldn't beat this Chen Wen. With Mother Ling's company and assets, she could barely squeeze into the upper class in Dongling City. The person she personally introduced was not that bad.

Even if he was not from the upper class, he would not be any worse than Mother Ling.

Thinking of this, I felt a little powerless. In this society, money was the king. I, a poor guy, could be toyed with by a single finger.

"Damn it, endure it!" I clenched my teeth and lit a cigarette. I even doubted whether I had a bottom line.

Ling Xiaoxiao and Chen Wen ate for more than an hour, but they did not finish their meal. The two of them were laughing so happily.

From afar, I could see the taste in Ling Xiaoxiao's eyes. I felt like I was wearing a hat, a green hat, like a green turtle!

While Ling Xiaoxiao and Chen Wen were not finished, I rolled my eyes and wondered if I could mess up this matter. However, after thinking for more than ten minutes, I still could not think of any way.

At this moment, Chen Wen, who was in the restaurant, stood up and extended his hand like a gentleman. He invited Ling Xiaoxiao out of her seat. I immediately reacted. They were still eating, and there was still a second half.

Chen Wen definitely had a car. When the time came, he would drive Ling Xiaoxiao away. Who knew what Chen Wen would do to her?

"No." I immediately started the car and drove to the entrance of the restaurant. I thought that even if Chen Wen had a car, he would not reject me, right?

In the end, Chen Wen seemed to have expected this. He did not walk in my direction at all. Instead, he went around my car and said to Ling Xiaoxiao, "Xiaoxiao, I'll drive. You let that person go first."

Ling Xiaoxiao smiled and nodded. Then, she walked over by herself and opened the door. "That, Lee Shaobai, you can go back. There's no need for you here anymore."

Without waiting for my reply, Ling Xiaoxiao closed the door and turned around to leave. She then followed Chen Wen's direction and quickened her pace, as if she couldn't wait to go. It was as if she was delivering herself to him!

As a man, I knew what a man was thinking the most. Ling Xiaoxiao was so beautiful and her figure was so good. Especially her pair of long legs, they were simply the source of disaster. Who knew if she would be able to come back tonight? My green hat would be green to the point that it couldn't be any more green!

"Damn it." I stared at the rearview mirror and saw Ling Xiaoxiao and Chen Wen sitting in a Porsche together.

"Good fellow, you even drive a Porsche." I pretended to be moving forward at a slow speed. When Chen Wen's Porsche surpassed mine, I immediately increased my speed and followed them from a distance.

After exiting the intersection, my gaze never left the rearview mirror of the Porsche. Through the rear window, I saw Ling Xiaoxiao covering her mouth and laughing from time to time. My stomach was filled with anger.

After following them for more than half an hour, Chen Wen brought Ling Xiaoxiao to the East Tomb Business Center. The moment he got out of the car, he started to stroll around the high-end business street.

"Why is this person dressed like this?"

"I remember that the security here is very good. There shouldn't be any beggars here."

I dressed like a lunatic. I wore a tattered old outfit and looked at the surrounding surprised gazes. I followed them from afar, afraid that Ling Xiaoxiao would really fall into a situation.

Ling Xiaoxiao strolled around for a long time, and I followed her for a long time. I was so tired that my mouth was dry and my tongue was parched. I even followed them to dinner, and I absolutely could not allow this green hat to land on my head.

Finally, it was night time. Ling Xiaoxiao and Chen Wen ate dinner at the business center. When they came out, it was almost ten o'clock in the evening. I waited outside the door for more than two hours.

I thought that dinner was also finished, and I should go shopping. Ling Xiaoxiao, you should go home, right?

However, when Ling Xiaoxiao and Chen Wen got into the car, they were actually not heading home. I stared at them from behind, and my heart almost jumped out of my chest. Could it be that they were going to the hotel so soon?

I could not believe it. Ling Xiaoxiao was such a proud person. How could she fall in love so quickly? Even if they had a good look at each other, it shouldn't have developed so quickly, right? Could it be that Chen Wen had some unique charisma? This was too strange, right?

"It shouldn't be, right?" I kept asking myself. In the dark, I drove the car and looked at the rear lights of the car in front of me with a complicated expression.

Reality proved that my guess might be correct.

Chen Wen's Porsche stopped at the famous San Tan Hotel in Dongling City. The moment he got out of the car, he held Ling Xiaoxiao's hand.

I stopped by the side of the road and looked at this scene. For a moment, I was unable to breathe. My heart felt a stab of pain. Even if I no longer loved him, Ling Xiaoxiao was still my wife from the beginning to the end!

As a man, how could he watch his wife step into the hotel with another man? Impossible!

I stepped on the ground and slammed the door shut. I rushed over, ignoring everything and protecting my dignity as a man!

My footsteps were like the wind, but before I could reach Chen Wen, I saw him touch Ling Xiaoxiao's waist. "That useless husband of yours is not worthy of you, Xiaoxiao? I haven't seen you for two years. I really miss you."

"Lee Shaobai? He doesn't even have the right to carry your shoes. You know that when you went abroad, there were too many people chasing after me. I had no choice but to find a shield."

"It just so happened that Lee Shaobai, that idiot, was chasing after me. My mother had some relationship with my mother. There was no child marriage. My mother was unwilling to do it, so she just decided to end it."

"However, how could that idiot Lee Shaobai know that we were already a couple? Both of our families knew about this. My mother is dragging him now because she is afraid that he will tell the truth and ruin my reputation."

"Don't worry. My mother has a way to deal with him. He won't say a word." Ling Xiaoxiao said four sentences in a row. These four sentences were like a heavy hammer that struck my heart.

Two years. Two years had passed. So, all of this was a lie?

From the beginning to the end, Chen Wen had always been Ling Xiaoxiao's boyfriend?

"No wonder, no wonder Ling Xiaoxiao never let me touch her. So it turns out that she was already not clean. Back then, she even said that she was clean, but she was actually afraid that I would find out and divorce her." I stopped walking and looked at the two figures in front of me. My heart was filled with a huge wave.

It didn't matter if she lied to me, but it was wrong to lie to my parents!

"Dog couple!" I gritted my teeth and decided to go all out. I took another step forward and kicked Chen Wen's backside!

Chen Wen was caught off guard and fell to the ground. He was kicked by me, and his ugly gold-rimmed glasses were immediately shattered into pieces.

"Lee Shaobai? You! Why are you here? What are you trying to do?" Ling Xiaoxiao was stunned, and then she revealed a strong look of shock. The moment she came back to her senses, she quickly helped Chen Wen up.

"How dare you kick me? Do you know who I am? You loser, how dare you fight me?" Chen Wen turned around and realized that it was me who kicked him. He was furious, and his gentle appearance disappeared. His face was filled with ferocity.

"I don't care who you are. You will definitely get a beating today!" I did not stop. In front of Ling Xiaoxiao, I kicked Chen Wen's stomach again.

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