Son-in-law's Counterattack/C5 Brother from the Same Village?
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Son-in-law's Counterattack/C5 Brother from the Same Village?
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C5 Brother from the Same Village?

Ma Han was embarrassed by my words. He forced himself to smile and said, "Big brother, we didn't do it on purpose. Captain Liu specifically told us to teach you a lesson and then let us go. I am really sorry. I, Ma Han, didn't recognize your greatness."

"Hmm ~" I nodded my head impatiently.

"Come, big brother, smoke a cigarette." Ma Han immediately swallowed a mouthful of saliva and took out half a pack of wrinkled cigarettes from somewhere. He handed it to me and said, "Big brother, how did you get in? I think Captain Liu is targeting you. Who did you offend?"

I looked at Ma Han again. It seemed that he didn't have any malicious intent. I took his cigarette and put it in my mouth. I didn't know where he got a lighter, so I quickly lit it for me.

I took a deep breath. When I exhaled the smoke, I was thinking that maybe this Ma Han knew something. Maybe he could get something useful out of his mouth.

I didn't have to be cold. I patted Ma Han's shoulder and asked him to sit beside me. I smiled and said, "Chen Wen, do you know him?"

"What Chen Wen?" Ma Han's expression suddenly changed as he asked carefully.

I shook my head and said, "I don't know which Chen Wen he is. I only know that his background is not small. He also knows Officer Liu and calls him Uncle Liu."

"Does he know Captain Liu? This... could it be the son of the Deputy Bureau Chief, Chen Jianwei, Chen Wen? This guy used to be in the Eastern Tomb. He was really a playboy, but that's impossible. He left the country two years ago. Could it be that he returned to the country?" Ma Han thought about it. He was surprised and uncertain at the same time.

However, I immediately confirmed that the Chen Wen Ma Han talked about was the Chen Wen who stole my wife and even sent me to the police station.

No wonder Chen Wen was so powerful that he could call a group of police officers to arrest me without questioning me. It turned out that he was the son of the Deputy Bureau Chief of Dongling City!

No wonder the Ling family had to go through so much trouble to plan this matter. They wanted to climb up the power ladder. With the support of the Deputy Bureau Chief, wouldn't their business be flourishing?

"Maybe I was wrong. It's not this Chen Wen. Forget it, let's not talk about this. Let's talk about you guys. How did you guys get in?" I changed the topic and started to change the subject. A scoundrel like Ma Han did not need to know about me.

Ma Han scratched his head in embarrassment. "Ah? We? It's nothing. We just fought with someone and were detained. But Big Brother, you are so good at fighting. You don't look like someone from the outside world."

"I really don't know where to go. Don't argue with me. I just used a bit of brute force." I couldn't help but smile bitterly. It turned out that Ma Han thought that I was good at fighting, but in fact, I was just using a bit of brute force.

In terms of true martial arts, I really didn't have any. It was the brother from the same village that I wanted to rely on that was the real expert. I just didn't know how he was doing in Dongling City. Last year, he even borrowed money from me.

Time gradually passed. The atmosphere in the detention room was no longer as depressing as before. At midnight, Officer Liu came to the door of the detention room again. When he saw that I was safe and sound, he was very surprised.

However, Officer Liu immediately understood what was going on. She pulled down her face and glared at Ma Han and the others fiercely. Then, her gaze fell on me.

"You, come out!" Officer Liu raised her hand and pointed at me, using the key to unlock the lock of the detention room.

I knew that they were going to interrogate me, so I slowly stood up and walked out of the detention room. Finally, I followed Officer Liu's footsteps and arrived at an interrogation room.

The moment the door was closed, I saw Ling Xiaoxiao and Chen Wen passing by through the gap in the door. I couldn't help but clench my fists and sit down on the chair. Besides Officer Liu, there was another police officer who was going to record my testimony.

"Now, someone is accusing you of intentionally harming others, attempting to rob others, and your behavior is very bad. If you admit your guilt now, I can ask the higher-ups to plead for you. Maybe you can be sentenced to a few years less." Officer Liu sat across from me across a table. She turned the lamp on the table and directly shone it on my face. It was very glaring.

"If you don't have a good attitude to admit your guilt, then I'm sorry, but I won't give you any face. Because we have conclusive evidence. At that time, there was a surveillance video. Other than compensating the medical expenses of the victim, you also have to pay for the mental loss and so on. Also, according to the law, you will be sentenced to at least three years. Tell me, do you admit your guilt or not?"


My breathing became heavier and heavier. This was all part of a conspiracy. They were purposely trying to mess with me. I had to admit it even if I didn't want to.

The Ling family is really ruthless. I don't believe that Mother Ling would not know that I was captured. They must want to get me in. In the end, everything will go according to plan!

"Take my phone back. I have the right to call the lawyer. I want to inform my lawyer to come over." I didn't have the confidence to speak, because I didn't have a lawyer. I only wanted to have someone by my side to think of a way with me. Thus, naturally, I thought of my brother from the same village.

Officer Liu did not speak for a long time. His eyes were like a wild wolf, as if he wanted to eat me. After being pressured for half a minute, he waved his hand and said to the police officer beside him, "Go and get his phone."

Very quickly, when I entered the police station, the phone that was in custody returned to my hand. I found the number of my brother from the same village and called him. Before I spoke, I said, "Sir and Madam, please excuse me. It's inconvenient for me to speak."

"Hurry up. I have limited time." Officer Liu snorted coldly and led the other police officer out of the interrogation room.

When the door closed, I looked at the two words "Su Nan" in my contact list and couldn't help but sigh. Su Nan was not only my brother from the same village, but also my childhood friend. Ever since we got married, the two of us had started to distance ourselves from each other. We rarely contacted each other.

Even though we had contacted each other a few times, it was Su Nan who called to borrow money.

There were a few times when I secretly hid the money from Su Nan from Ling Xiaoxiao. When she found out, she scolded me for a whole week. When I returned the money, she even scolded me.

I thought that Su Nan was not doing well in the East Mausoleum. I don't think it's possible for him to help me. I just hope that he can think of a way for me. I'm really confused now.

However, I pressed the dial button and called a few times, but no one answered. Officer Liu started to urge me outside. My heart was filled with despair. Was I really going to suffer such injustice?

At this moment, my phone suddenly vibrated. The words "Su Nan" were deeply imprinted on the phone screen. I was overjoyed. I picked up the phone and said, "Su Nan, it's me. Shaobai, I've been arrested. Can you think of a way for me?"

A slightly hoarse voice entered my ears.

"What's going on?"

I looked at the clock on the wall and understood that there was not much time left. So I told Su Nan the truth from the date to the truth.

When Su Nan heard that, he said, "Got it."

Then, the call ended.

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