Son-in-law's Counterattack/C6 Shaobai You're Bad!
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Son-in-law's Counterattack/C6 Shaobai You're Bad!
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C6 Shaobai You're Bad!

Officer Liu came in again with a cold face, "Did the lawyer call for you?"

I was not sure what Su Nan's words meant, so I could only tell Officer Liu that he had not come yet. He did not say anything else, probably because it was too late. He took my phone back and brought me to another detention room without anyone around. Then, he left without looking back.

This detention room looked different from the previous one. It was gloomy, and the surroundings were also very simple. It was like a prison. It should be used for suspects with serious crimes.

I sighed and sat on the bed. I was not confident at all. I might really fall into Chen Wen's hands this time, and I would have to watch my wife run away with someone else.

Thinking back, I was too impulsive at that time. I really shouldn't have fought with Chen Wen. Now that he had the confidence, killing me would be a piece of cake.

Especially since Chen Wen had a powerful father. If I were to be sent to jail, he would make those prisoners who could not get out kill me. Wouldn't I be unable to say anything?

"Now, only Su Nan can help me." Although I did not understand the meaning behind Su Nan's words, but according to our relationship, he would definitely not stand by and watch if something happened to me.

However, I had no idea how Su Nan would save me. Last year, he even cried miserably to me and asked me to lend him some money. Now, he could take down the vice bureau's son? This was not very possible.

"Prison?" I raised my eyebrows and immediately stopped thinking about it. If Su Nan really came to the prison, I would rather he not come. I didn't want to hurt him for my own sake.

"Impossible. Su Nan's personality isn't that impulsive." I shook my head and rejected this idea. I was at a loss for words.

A night passed. When I woke up, I was almost in despair.

Not long after, Officer Liu rushed over with a head full of sweat. He opened the door and bent down nervously. He stuttered, "Sorry, we made a mistake. You can leave now. Someone has come to pick you up."

"What is going on?" I was confused. I was stunned. How did Officer Liu's attitude change so much after a night?

"This... We made a mistake. We made a mistake. Please be magnanimous and don't remember it..." Officer Liu bent down and didn't dare to face me. It was as if he had been frightened by something.

I rolled my eyes. It must be Su Nan who solved the problem for me. There was no one else other than him who could save me. I just couldn't understand what kind of power Su Nan had to make Officer Liu's face pale.

Outside the door, there was someone who picked me up. I couldn't help but laugh, "It must be Su Nan. It can't be wrong."

When Officer Liu heard the name Su Nan, his body trembled in a strange way. He secretly glanced at me, and his eyes were filled with fear.

I walked out of the detention room without paying attention to Officer Liu. I walked straight out of the door without stopping.

However, when I arrived at the door, I was stunned by what I saw!

The person who picked me up was not Su Nan, but Ling Xiaoxiao and Mother Ling?

When Ling Xiaoxiao saw me, she immediately revealed an extremely guilty expression. She also looked shy. She immediately threw herself into my arms and said, "Shaobai, I'm sorry. I have nothing to do with that dog Chen Wen. He has been pestering me all this time. In fact, I was testing you in the past two years. It turns out that you really love me. I will treat you well in the future."

After saying that, Mother Ling walked in front of me with a similarly guilty expression. Her gaze was different now. It was as if at this moment, I had become her son-in-law. "Shaobai, the Ling family has mistreated you in the past two years. Don't take it to heart. I am going to bring your parents to Dongling to arrange a house for them."

"What? Did I hear it wrong?" I glared at her and thought to myself, "Damn it, what is going on? Why is everyone behaving like this? Why did their attitudes change so much in one night?"

"You heard it right…" Ling Xiaoxiao pouted and leaned against me. She didn't care about my tattered clothes or the smell of my bath.

I did not say anything. I felt that things were definitely not simple. It was impossible for the Ling family mother and daughter to treat me so well. Furthermore, Chen Wen's background was definitely not something that Mother Ling could give up on, unless...

Unless there was a greater benefit that could make Mother Ling give up, and that could change Ling Xiaoxiao's attitude.

Su Nan!

I immediately realized that this had to do with Su Nan. I absolutely did not believe that this was a test that Ling Xiaoxiao was talking about. I also did not believe that the Ling family had used their connections to let me out. They were just waiting for me to be locked up.

Suddenly, a strong sense of disgust surged into my heart. I pushed Ling Xiaoxiao away, and she was immediately stunned. Her expression was filled with disbelief. It was as if I would never push her away.

Mother Ling immediately came forward to smooth things over. She pulled my hand and persuaded me into the car. She said, "Aiyo, Shaobai, don't be like this. This is a test for you. Do you really take it to heart? You are my son-in-law, which is equivalent to my son. I can't even be bothered with you."

Then, Mother Ling pulled Ling Xiaoxiao into the car and said seriously, "Xiaoxiao, why aren't you apologizing to him?"

"Shaobai, it's my fault. Don't be like this. He will be yours sooner or later." Ling Xiaoxiao seemed to have recovered from her shock. She was so shameless that she stuck herself into my arms and said sweetly.

If it was in the past, I would definitely be so happy that I wouldn't be able to sleep for the rest of the day.

But now, I didn't feel anything at all. I even had goosebumps all over my body. It was disgusting. It was too disgusting. The two mother and daughter of the Ling family were actually selling themselves out for the sake of benefits!

However, Ling Xiaoxiao stuck close to me, causing my entire body to feel numb. This was the first time in two years that I had come into contact with Ling Xiaoxiao's body in such a close distance.

Thinking about it, I couldn't help but sneer in my heart. Since you guys are pretending to be stupid, then I will also pretend to be stupid. So, I hooked Ling Xiaoxiao's shoulder.

I couldn't help but feel a wave of emotions in my heart.

"Shaobai, you're bad. Mom is here. Let's go home first, okay?" Ling Xiaoxiao wanted to reject him, but she also wanted to accept him. Those misty eyes of hers were simply irresistible.

What shocked me the most was that Mother Ling acted as if she didn't see it. She directly sat in the driver's seat and started the car.

"So this is a test for me. I thought it was real. It scared me to death." The corner of my mouth curled up into a smile. I narrowed my eyes and looked into Ling Xiaoxiao's eyes!

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