Son-in-law's Counterattack/C7 Iron River Su Nan
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Son-in-law's Counterattack/C7 Iron River Su Nan
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C7 Iron River Su Nan

Ling Xiaoxiao never thought that I would be so bold as to do such a thing in the car. She was stunned and in disbelief a moment ago, but she was helpless in the next moment. She begged me for mercy.

"Shaobai... Mom is here."

I sneered and pulled my hand back. Seeing that Ling Xiaoxiao still dared to pretend in front of me, I had plenty of time now, so I was in no hurry.

When I returned home, Mother Ling and Ling Xiaoxiao cooked a table of food for me as if they were offering God to me. They kept giving me food to eat.

I pretended to be dumb while replying. They thought I didn't know anything and kept saying some words of guilt to me.

When the meal was almost finished, Mother Ling and Ling Xiaoxiao looked at each other. Then Mother Ling put down her chopsticks and smiled, "Shaobai, do you have a friend called Su Nan? If you have time, invite him to come to our house to have a chat?"

"Yeah, but he's a busy man. It's not certain if he can come." Although I said that, I was thinking in my heart that it was indeed for Su Nan!

If it was in the past, Su Nan would definitely come. But now, he knew clearly that he would come to eat with you and your mother. Don't be silly.

Although I didn't know what kind of power Su Nan had, at least he was doing much better than before. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to save me from the inside.

"How about this, I'll call him tonight and ask him if he wants to come over." I put down my chopsticks and wiped my mouth with a tissue before getting up and walking two steps. I couldn't help but stop and look back at Ling Xiaoxiao, "Right, let's get the divorce as soon as possible."

In an instant, the Ling family's mother and daughter's faces turned stiff.

Without waiting for their response, I went straight back to my room and sat on the chair. I had already thought it through in my heart.

As long as I got divorced, I would immediately go to Su Nan. In any case, I couldn't stay in this family any longer. Besides, with Su Nan as my patron, I didn't think the Ling family would dare to do anything out of line.

As for my parents, I had already thought it through. Instead of telling them the truth through others, I might as well tell them personally.

After all, they were my parents. If they knew what I had experienced in the Ling family for the past two years, they would definitely understand me.

However, before I could even sit down, the door was suddenly opened. Ling Xiaoxiao, dressed in pink pajamas, first locked the door, then walked straight towards me. She threw herself into my arms, her face slightly red, and her eyes blurred.

"Shaobai, are you really going to divorce me? I know that I have let you down before. That Chen Wen and I are really innocent. You have to believe me." Ling Xiaoxiao stretched out her hands and hooked my neck.

I knew what Ling Xiaoxiao meant. She wanted to use her beauty to make me divorce her.

It was a pity that I was no longer the Lee Shaobai of the past.

The corner of my mouth curled up into a smile as I sneered to myself. I pushed Ling Xiaoxiao away. I wanted to humiliate Ling Xiaoxiao. I wanted to humiliate her completely. I wanted to return all the anger she had suffered in the past two years to her!

So, I immediately stood up and said to Ling Xiaoxiao, who was lying on the ground, "Ling Xiaoxiao, didn't you say that you and I are not from the same world?"

As soon as she said that, Ling Xiaoxiao's beautiful face turned green and red. She quickly stood up and grabbed my hand tightly. "That... That was just a joke. Shaobai, don't take it seriously."

"Didn't you say that you wanted to divorce me?" I narrowed my eyes into slits. I no longer felt fear. Instead, I was filled with confidence as I stared at Ling Xiaoxiao.

"I, I... It's not true." Ling Xiaoxiao shook her head with all her might, revealing a begging expression.

Seeing this scene, I felt a wave of emotion in my heart. Ling Xiaoxiao had always been the one standing on top of my head. Since when did she do something like this to me?

If it wasn't for Su Nan, would Ling Xiaoxiao have bowed down to me? In the end, it was Su Nan who had helped me.

However, what I was most curious about was what kind of power Su Nan had to make this proud daughter of a rich family lower her head? She even wanted to betray me?

"Enough. This farce should be over." I shook off Ling Xiaoxiao's tender hand. She gritted her teeth, as if she was desperate. "Alright, Lee Shaobai, you want to divorce, right? You've been eating and using me for the past two years. You don't have two million yuan. Don't even think about getting a divorce!"

"You!" I was so angry that I almost rushed out of the door.

"No way, right? If you don't have any money, then just behave!" Ling Xiaoxiao knew that I didn't have any money, and she knew my personality well. It was impossible for me to shamelessly borrow money, so she decided to be arrogant. She was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

I decided to be straightforward, "Aren't you mother and daughter trying to use me to get in touch with Su Nan?"

"So what? Do you know that Su Nan is a big shot in Dongling Iron River? With just one word from him, how much money can our company earn? Even if there are a hundred Chen Wen, they can't compare to one Su Nan!" Ling Xiaoxiao said.

"Dongling?" I frowned. Dongling Iron River was a big force, and Dongling City was just a branch of it. It was said that its headquarters was in Peking. Since when did Su Nan become a big shot in Dongling Iron River?

No wonder the Ling Family's mother and daughter wanted to give up on Chen Wen and try to curry favor with me.

No wonder Officer Chen was so terrified at that time. It turned out that Su Nan was a member of Dongling Iron River, and he was not an ordinary person.

"Idiot, do you know how much benefits there are in this? Don't worry, if you get Su Nan's help, the money you earn will definitely be yours." Ling Xiaoxiao looked at me with disdain, as if I was a loser with no ambition. I was simply a loser.

Hearing this, I was furious. Su Nan had grown up with me naked, so I didn't need to say much about his feelings. Now Ling Xiaoxiao wanted me to use Su Nan? This was impossible, absolutely impossible!

I am not the kind of person who would use my brothers to earn benefits.

"Ling Xiaoxiao, very good. Very good. I am definitely going to get a divorce. Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau now and get a divorce. Your Ling family has never been kind to me." I snorted coldly and immediately took out the documents from the drawer.

Ling Xiaoxiao approached me quickly and grabbed my wrist. She glared at me threateningly, "Lee Shaobai, you! Don't refuse a toast and drink a forfeit. Aren't you afraid that I will tell your parents about the divorce? As long as you do this, your parents' house will be settled. You won't have to worry about food and drinks. I can even give birth to a child for you."

"Go and say it. I'm not in jail right now. Let's see if my parents believe you or me!" I flung my hand and retaliated with my eyes.

Ling Xiaoxiao was not angry but laughed instead. She spread her hands and said, "Then, according to what we said just now, you can divorce if you want. Take out two million yuan to repay our Ling family."

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