Soong Mo's Counterattack/C1 Be Hacked to Death by Thunder and Lightning
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C1 Be Hacked to Death by Thunder and Lightning
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C1 Be Hacked to Death by Thunder and Lightning

"Esteemed empress, esteemed empress …"

Who was crying? This crying, this crying, this crying!

When Song Mo opened his eyes, all the senses in his body had awakened. The pain made her gasp.

"Esteemed Empress, Esteemed Empress, this servant knew that nothing would happen to you, esteemed empress."

Song Mo looked at the woman who was crying with mucus flowing down her legs and disdainfully pushed her away.

"Esteemed Empress," Zhu'er was stupefied as he fell to the ground. Had the Empress just pushed her away?

What was going on? Where is this place? Song Mo surveyed his surroundings. The woman who was slumped in front of him was dressed like a palace maid, and in front of her was the Heartrecovery Hall! At the entrance of the main hall, a few eunuchs looked at her disdainfully.

She? Song Mo looked at himself. Under the torrential rain, she was actually kneeling on the metal chain. The rain fell on her body, and on her face, Song Mo wiped the rain off his face. Close your eyes.

Was she really dead? He even transmigrated? That bastard really shot her!

A few minutes ago, she had finally brought her only disciple, Teng Da, into the heart of the ancient tomb. She opened the coffin of the owner of the tomb and obtained the legendary emerald ring that was worth millions. However, at this moment, Teng Da took out his gun and pointed it at her.

"Master, hand over the ring."

"Teng Da, like I said, once this ring is sold, I will split half with you. What else do you want?"

"Master, you're the one who told me this. One must be greedy. Now, I don't want half. I want all of it. Hand over the ring! "

"If I don't hand it over?"

"Bam!" A hollow sound.

When Song Mo opened his eyes, that bastard actually killed her in order to keep the ring for himself! Good, very good, it really was' A green wins blue by blue '!

But he definitely would not have thought that she had transmigrated! Song Mo's hands supported the ground as his body trembled and he stood up. In this life, she must live well and be on her guard against those around her!

However, in the next second, Song Mo fell to the ground.

"Esteemed Empress."

At the right moment, Zhu'er rushed over and supported her.

Song Mo looked at the woman supporting her, "What are you still standing there for? Why aren't you bringing me back?"

Such a heavy rain, yet he did not even use an umbrella!

"Esteemed Empress, aren't you waiting for the emperor to come out?" "Do you not advise the emperor?"

Waiting for the emperor? Song Mo felt a headache as memories that did not belong to her forced their way into her mind.

"Your majesty, you have not ascended to the throne for three consecutive days. Chenqie humbly requests the emperor to place great importance on the affairs of the nation and conduct political affairs in the capital."

The woman knelt in the heavy rain and kowtowed one after another.

"Chenqie humbly requests the emperor to put national affairs above all else and to conduct government affairs in the imperial court …" The woman kowtowed again and again.

When the doors to the Hall of Heartrest opened, a man and woman embraced each other. The woman scratched the man's neck and spoke with a smile, "Elder sister empress, the emperor and concubine are not listening to your advice and are trying their best to fan the royal family's expenses. Why did Empress Sis come again? It would be better to return as soon as possible. Otherwise, if you continue to wail and howl outside, it will affect our progress. "

"Scram!" The man slammed the door, and the sound of playing and playing could be heard from inside.

"The emperor's expenses are important, but the imperial court cannot be neglected. Chenqie humbly requests the emperor to manage the affairs of the imperial court, chenqie …"

"Boom!" A loud sound echoed out. The dark sky seemed to have been torn apart as a bolt of lightning struck down. It directly hit the woman's body.

"Esteemed empress, esteemed empress …"

So it turned out that the master of her body had been struck by lightning and had died!

However, he was still a fool, kneeling on the metal chains in the rain, what else could he be doing if not seeking death! No wonder his body was so weak.

Song Mo lowered his hand and stared at the door of the Heart Nurturing Palace. No one paid attention to you even if you were struck by lightning. Don't worry, I will use your body to survive.

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