Soong Mo's Counterattack/C10 Action of Hoe
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C10 Action of Hoe
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C10 Action of Hoe

"Hey, look at them." The two guards stood in the doorway and looked back into the yard.

Song Mo took the lead and used his hoe to dig a small hole in the ground. He moved skillfully.

Zhu'er struggled a little bit. With her delicate body and her large hoe, every time she dug, it was as if she wanted to plant herself in it.

"Alright, it's about time." Song Mo clapped his hands and threw the hoe to the side. He then looked at Zhu Er, who was behind him. Zhu'er gasped for breath. "Empress, have you finally recovered?" It took a long time before he managed to utter such words.

"Yes." Rest for a while. " As he spoke, Song Mo walked to the well and brought a bucket of water over. Then, he opened the bag of beans and threw a handful into a small hole.

Zhu'er saw that Song Mo was busy and did not have the heart to rest, so she hurried over to help.

"Sigh, don't say it, they even acted as if they were, especially the useless empress. They couldn't tell at all that the empress who was previously dressed in extravagant clothing was the same as Xiao Cui from my village." The guard talked leisurely.

"That's right, I haven't seen a farmer's mistress before." Another guard responded.

"But do you think her beans will survive?"

"Who knows?"

"Empress, can these beans grow?" The similarly doubtful Zhu'er.

"That will depend on whether it wants to live or not." Song Mo poured water over it as he buried the soil.

"Oh, Zhu'er, look. If the soil here is so dry, it will definitely not survive." Zhu Er followed suit and followed Song Mo's example.

"That will depend on whether you're willing or not. Let's just water them a little more." Song Mo said as he raised his head to look at the sun. It wasn't good to keep bathing in the sun like this.

"If the Empress wants me to pour water over me, I will." Zhu'er said as she wiped her sweat off her face. She had originally thought that once she came to the cold palace with the Empress, she would stay in her room, sitting on her bed and facing the dark room for one day after another. But the Empress let her see hope, like the beans on the ground, there was hope.

"Alright, I will tell you. Hurry up and do it. The sun is getting bigger. "

"Yes, Empress." Zhu'er was already interested in doing this.

Finally, the two managed to plant the beans before the sun was at its brightest in the afternoon. Then, they carried their hoes and walked in.

"Empress, are you thirsty?" Shall I go and get some water to drink? " Zhu'er put the hoe aside and stood up.

"Alright, go ahead." As Song Mo said this, Zhu Er walked out happily.

Song Mo walked over and took Zhu'er's hoe as well. He walked to Zhu'er's room and arrived at the place where the cave was made yesterday. He looked at the cave entrance and the two hoes, his eyes shining.

With the help of these two hoes, Jinfei's peas could really make it in time!

Zhu'er happily carried a ladle of water and walked in. She did not find anyone in Song Mo's room, and instead, went to her own room.

"Empress?" Zhu'er blinked several times. There was already a small hill in her room. Song Mo's head and body were sticking out from the hole, as though he had been planted inside it.

Zhu'er swallowed her saliva and walked over. Coincidentally, Song Mo put down his hoe and stretched out his hand, "It's water."

"Esteemed Empress, here." Zhu'er handed it over hesitantly.

Song Mo took it and started drinking it. He actually drank half of the ladle of water.

"In a moment, you take out the dustpan and move this soil around our beans. If I dig out these beans, we should be able to make a fence."

As he spoke, Song Mo handed the ladle to Zhu'er and continued working.

Zhu'er looked at Song Mo's hoe and hoed it, "Empress, I seem to understand the use of this hoe."

Song Mo smiled and glanced at Zhu Er, "Smart."

The Empress said she was smart? Zhu'er was elated. "Niangniang, I'll go get the dustpan."

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