Soong Mo's Counterattack/C11 Let Lord Su Speak
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C11 Let Lord Su Speak
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C11 Let Lord Su Speak

As the sky gradually darkened, the sun faded away. The moon climbed up the trees, and the faint chirping of summer cicadas could be heard.

Plum lit another candle for him.

Nangong Ye looked up from the imperial report. "How's the situation over there today?"

Xiao Li quickly put down the matters of his subordinates and closed the door. Then, he walked up to Nangong Ye.

"In reply to the emperor, the Empress still hasn't said that she wants to see the emperor, nor has she asked about your situation."

Nangong Ye's face turned hot and angry, "Did I ask that?"

Little Li hurriedly gave herself a slap, "This servant spoke too much."

Hmph, Nangong Ye snorted, "You're not talking too much. You're getting more and more bold! "Let me tell you, don't think that I won't punish you just because you grew up with me!"

"Yes, yes." Little Li nodded and bowed.

"Tell me what they did today." Nangong Ye picked up a cup of tea and asked casually. It wasn't intentional. However, no one knew that this action made them feel even more guilty.

"Reporting to the emperor, esteemed imperial concubine sent the empress something to relieve her boredom today."

Nan Gong Ye was about to drink his tea, but was surprised, "Jinfei even sent her something to relieve his boredom? "What is it?"

"There are fish and beans. "She said that when the empress looks bored, it'll be easier to pay respects to Buddha and knock on the wooden fish."

Nangong Ye took a sip of tea and his eyes turned serious. He knew that nothing good would come out of it.

"But what did Bean do for her?" Nangong Ye could not understand.

Xiao Li looked at Nangong Ye and hesitated to speak.

"Why aren't you saying anymore?" Nangong Ye put down the cup.

Little Li reluctantly opened her mouth. "Your majesty, what else can beans do? In this civilian capital, widows were known to keep vigil over candles and count the number of beans every night. "They're talking about those who are young and widowed. If they can't stand the loneliness anymore, they just need to count the beans and spend some time."

"How dare you!" Nangong Ye slammed the table and said, "I'm not dead yet!"

Lil 'Li wiped the sweat from his forehead. He knew that this was the result.

"Your Majesty, don't be angry either. The empress didn't bring the beans over to count."

Nangong Ye glared at Little Li, "Speak!"

"Yes, yes," Little Li bowed. "Everyone knows this, but esteemed empress didn't get angry and accepted the beans."

Nangong Ye curled her lips and said, "Isn't she just like that?"

"The empress took the beans and got a hoe from the guard. Then she planted the beans in the courtyard."

"What?" Nangong Ye looked surprised. "He planted the beans?"

"That's right," Little Li said with a smile. "It was already ready before noon. In the afternoon, we even dug some soil and surrounded the place where the beans were planted to make a fence."

"She's using the cold palace as her garden!"

"Then Your Majesty, tell me, will the empress's beans live?" Little Li asked curiously.

"I am too lazy to care whether it is alive or not," Nangong Ye had a dark expression on her face. However, she was unable to contain herself and asked, "What else did she do?"

"There doesn't seem to be anything else. When it's dark, I heard the guard say that there was a wooden fish inside. I thought the empress was knocking on the wooden fish to relieve her boredom."

Nangong Ye narrowed her eyes and lowered her voice, "She really did listen to Jin Fei's words. She hit the wooden fish."

"This, your majesty also knows that the empress has always been a kind and kind person, neither fighting nor snatching. She actually has the personality of someone who believes in the Buddha."

"Humph, fight no fight, fight no fight." Nangong Ye looked at the moonlight outside the window. Which woman in his palace didn't steal his favor for her? Perhaps it was just as the Imperial Concubine said, neither fighting nor snatching. Perhaps it was because she didn't like him. Nangong Ye closed her eyes. It was fine if she did not love him, but only then could she live on for a long period of time.

He waved at Little Li, "Go on down."


"She actually planted the beans I gave her!" Jin Fei flew into a rage and slammed her teacup onto the table.

Aunt Xiu hurried over to correct her anger. "Empress, don't be angry." Perhaps all she thinks about is that she can grow beans and eat them. Empress, you also know that what she eats right now is only the same as the worst palace food. "

When Jin Fei heard this, her face turned slightly better. "You're right." You said she's still, did she really hit the wooden fish? "

"Isn't that so? Empress, I heard that they're still knocking."

"It seems like she already knows how she's going to live the rest of her life. I don't need to think about her anymore, it's better to be on guard against these little demoness by my side. Yesterday you said that the emperor was resting at Consort Lu's place? "

"That's right, esteemed Empress. This Concubine Lu, in all honesty, was helped by esteemed Empress to approach the emperor by you." Yesterday, the emperor went over to her place, but he didn't know how to send a message back to the esteemed empress, causing the empress to wait for a long time. "I can see that she's just a blind wolf!"

Jinfei sat down on the couch. "Ingrate, I'm afraid there will be more and more ingrate in the harem. After the emperor did not set up the day before last, they all felt that they had hope and rushed on. "It looks like we need Sir Su to put a paper clip on the emperor's face. We can't drag this on any further."

"But esteemed Empress, Lord Su's daughter, Honorable Su, is also in the palace. Aren't you afraid …"

"A noble person could become a queen in one leap? Besides, Lord Su is at most a counselor. There was no military power, no real power, and there were no men in the family to take on any big responsibilities. How laughable that Venerable Su wanted to fight for the position of empress! However, you did remind me that Lord Su doesn't have any power. However, there are some people in the palace who have power and backing. When the empress was here before, she was attached to me. Now that the queen has fallen, they would have to fight with me over it. The one who should bear the brunt of the fight would be Consort Lu! It's a pity that my elder brother and father are at the border. Even though he held the military power, no one in the court spoke up for me. Let me be alone and helpless. "

"Why don't you suggest to the emperor that he invite the old general back to court?" Aunt Xiu suggested.

"Do you think I won't? However, there was no reason for it right now. In addition, I am not very confident about that elder brother of mine. If Father were to return to court, he wouldn't be able to shoulder the army's important responsibilities alone, but what should I do? Furthermore, when father returns to court, he does not return empty-handed. He has to take on a heavy responsibility in order to be of help to me. "

"Empress, you are too far-sighted. This servant has been overconfident." Aunt Xiu lowered her head.

Jinfei picked up a grape and brushed it away, "Let's use this Lord Su first. "Go pick some of the grapes bestowed by the emperor to me and deliver them to Venerable Su later."

"Yes, Empress."

Jin Fei watched Aunt Xiu's back as she chewed on a grape. Her eyes turned distant. Back then, she could even topple the glorious General Lu's Estate and the late emperor's empress. She didn't believe that she wouldn't be able to take care of these little foxes!

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