Soong Mo's Counterattack/C12 Song Mo Collapsed in the Aisle
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C12 Song Mo Collapsed in the Aisle
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C12 Song Mo Collapsed in the Aisle

"Empress, it's late at night. Why don't you dig again tomorrow?" Zhu'er knocked on the wooden fish as she yawned, feeling sleepy.

Only then did Song Mo crawl out of the cave, throw the hoe to the side, and pat Zhu Er on the shoulder, "Alright, you've worked hard too, go to sleep."

Zhu'er hurriedly nodded her head, narrowed her eyes, touched the bed and fell asleep.

Song Mo looked at the wooden fish. It was already late in the night, so she might be able to use the sound of the wooden fish to conceal herself. However, Song Mo looked at Zhu'er, this thing was really tiring. It had to be something.

Song Mo thought as he walked out.

The next day, when Zhu'er arrived, she saw that Song Mo had already dug. Zhu'er quickly moved the soil.

Aside from eating and sleeping, the two of them spent the rest of their time digging. Unknowingly, a month had passed.

Song Mo's cave was already at the bottom of the corridor. At the same time, the mud walls in the yard rose higher and higher. A pit of mud had been made in the house to heat up the water.

In order to prevent suspicion, Song Mo dug in Zhu Er's room and had her dig in another room. If anything were to happen in the future, the source of this soil would be revealed.

Meanwhile, the wooden fish and wooden fish hammer made Song Mo hang them at the window of the house where Zhu'er was digging. Every day, the windows would be left open for the wind to blow in, and the wooden fish and wooden fish hammers hanging on the windows would move with the wind and make noises. Self-help tapping.

Today, as usual, the two of them divided the work. In the evening, someone came to deliver food.

After eating vegetarian food for a month, the two of them finally saw the meat on the table. And a whole chicken and half a duck.

"Yi Chuan, why are there so many good dishes today?" Zhu'er asked after the meal.

Song Mo stood by the side with a cup of water.

The male fatty glanced at Song Mo before raising his voice, "Today is a big day. Imperial Concubine Jin is very happy. This is what Imperial Concubine Jin gave to you to eat!"

Zhu Er's hand froze as she raised her head to look at Song Mo.

"It's better to have meat to eat than no meat to eat. Take it." Only then did Song Mo realize that Zhu'er had lost a lot of weight following her.

"Yes, Empress." Zhu'er unhappily received it.

The two of them returned to the house and sat down at the shabby table.

"Empress, could there be poison inside?"

Song Mo broke off a chicken leg, "There's poison, how dare she give it to me so blatantly? He wouldn't be able to wait a month for the poison to be administered. It was probably only to let us know that she was pregnant. Eat. " Song Mo stuffed the chicken leg into Zhu Er's bowl.

Then he broke off another chicken leg and began to gnaw on it.

"Empress, it's really delicious." Zhu'er ate happily. A smile blossomed on his face.

"Mm, there will be even better food in the future." With a hoe, his progress was twice as fast. He had already reached the bottom of the corridor, and then there was the distance of a stable. In another half a month, he would definitely be able to open it.

After the meal, Song Mo went to dig.

In the dead of night, the bamboo had already boiled some hot water. He walked to the cave entrance and called out, "Empress, it's time for the Empress to bathe and rest."

There was no sound from inside.

Zhu'er walked down. The steps were already dug up and lanterns were hung on both sides of the stairs. Although the small passageway was not spacious, it was still possible to walk through it alone.

"Niangniang, niangniang," Zhu'er called out, but there was no response. Zhu'er was startled. Did something happen to the Empress?

Thinking of this, Zhu'er hastened her steps and walked inside. In the end, she saw Song Mo lying on the ground. He was still holding the hoe.

"Empress!" Zhu'er shouted loudly and ran over.

"Empress, esteemed Empress, please wake up. Don't scare Zhu'er, Empress."

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