Soong Mo's Counterattack/C13 Do You Really Want to Die That Badly
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C13 Do You Really Want to Die That Badly
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C13 Do You Really Want to Die That Badly

"Empress, Zhu'er will go find someone to save you right now." Zhu'er brought Song Mo into her room and placed him on the bed. Then, she hurriedly ran to her own room and moved the bed a bit to block the entrance. He then threw the hoe and dustpan into the other room, did everything and confirmed that there were no problems, and then quickly ran to the door of the birdcage.

"Big Brother Imperial Guard, Big Brother Imperial Guard, my esteemed imperial concubine fainted. Please report this to the emperor, and have the imperial physician come and take a look. I beg you, please." Zhu'er kowtowed one by one.


Inside the Jingyang Palace.

"Imperial Physician Wan, is everything alright?" Imperial Concubine Jin rubbed her stomach as she asked Imperial Physician Wan.

Imperial Physician Wan put away his medical handkerchief and looked at Nangong Ye, who was standing next to the Imperial Concubine Jin, and then looked at the Imperial Concubine Jin.

"In reply to Your Majesty, Empress, the Empress's pulse is as smooth as a pearl. It is both advantageous and fluent. Actually, it is a joyous pulse, so there can be no mistake."

Only then did Jinfei nod happily. "Thank you, Imperial Physician Wan."

"I've already said that you're pregnant, but you don't believe me. Do you believe me when I say that I plan to have all the doctors in the imperial physician's office diagnose you with a bloodline?" Nangong Ye said.

"Your Majesty, is chenqie really that happy? I'm so happy that I don't even know what to do. He was also afraid that some imperial physician might make a mistake, just like last time with Lu Fei. She clearly had a bad stomach, but the diagnosis made her happy and she was making a joke. "Chenqie doesn't wish to do that. Aren't you being a little more cautious?"

Nangong Ye smiled and caressed Jin Fei's hair, "You are being too cautious."

"Then chenqie believes it now. I won't look for an imperial physician to diagnose me anymore, so the emperor shouldn't dislike chenqie anymore, right?" As she spoke, she raised her head and blinked. "Is that good?" He shook Nangong Ye's hand and acted like a spoiled child.

"Alright, alright." Nangong Ye looked helpless.

"Your Majesty, esteemed wangfei, that …"

"Your majesty, something has happened." Imperial Physician Wan hadn't finished speaking when Xiao Li rushed in.

"What a blunder!" Nangong Ye scolded angrily.

Little Li quickly knelt down.

"What happened, speak!"

Only after hearing Nangong Ye's words did Little Li speak up. "Reporting to Your Majesty, there's news from the Cold Palace saying that the Empress has been poisoned and is on the verge of death. I'm afraid we can't do it anymore."

"What!" Nangong Ye was shocked.

"How can this be? How could they be poisoned! " Nangong Ye asked harshly.

Little Li secretly glanced at Jinfei, who panicked. "What are you looking at me for!? "I did indeed give Esteemed Empress some food today, but I definitely didn't poison it, and it was all for the kitchen to try!"

"Doctor Wan, keep up!" Nangong Ye let go of Jinfei's hand and walked out. When Jin Fei saw this, she stood up and Aunt Xiu quickly helped her up.

"Let's go!"

He followed behind Nangong Ye.

"Aunt Xiu, you … did nothing, right?" On the way, Jin Fei asked with worry.

"Empress, without your instruction, how would this servant dare!"

Only then did Jin Fei nod her head in relief.

Nangong Ye tossed the key to Little Li, who quickly opened the door. A group of people rushed in.

"Your servant greets the Emperor." Zhu'er quickly slipped off the bed and rolled on the floor.

Nangong Ye looked around at Song Mo who was lying on the bed, "Doctor Wan."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Imperial Physician Wan hurried forward to take a pulse.

"Cough, cough, cough." Jin Fei coughed a few times. The dust in this place was too big, right? She looked around and smiled. The place they were staying at was even worse than a lowly palace maid.

Nangong Ye looked at Song Mo lying on the ground, and then he looked at Zhu Er kneeling on the ground. These two people, it had only been a month, yet they had lost so much weight! Was he really that harsh?

"Your majesty." Imperial Physician Wan stood up.

Only then did the Imperial Concubine Jin look over worriedly. "Imperial Physician Wan, could the empress really have been poisoned?"

Nangong Ye's gaze turned tense, "Is there still anyone who can be saved?"

"Your Majesty, Empress, there is no need to worry. The empress had not been poisoned, but was malnourished and had expended too much energy to fight back. It was only because she was too weak that she fainted. "After a while, I will wake up."

Jin Fei heaved a sigh of relief.

Nangong Ye stared at Little Li, "What did you say just now!"

Little Plum immediately knelt down. "Your Majesty, please forgive me. This servant was told by the messenger."

Only then did Zhu'er speak weakly. "Your majesty, it's a servant. It's a servant who's worried about the Empress, and afraid that the Emperor isn't willing to send the imperial physician to treat her, that's why you exaggerate …"

"Pfft!" Zhu'er fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone present, including Jin Concubine, was shocked. Just now, Nangong Ye's kick had wanted to kick Zhu'er to death!

"I know that they are malnourished because I ordered them not to eat well. But, in this cold palace, tell me what else you can do that would render you powerless! " Nangong Ye used her boots to lift Bamboo's chin.

Zhu Er's body trembled as she looked at Song Mo, who was lying on the ground, and shook her head.

Jin Fei glanced at Aunt Xiu, who nodded in understanding and walked out of the room.

"Ah!" Aunt Xiu's voice came from outside.

Then, Nangong Ye lowered his foot and walked out. Zhu'er seemed to have realized something as she hurriedly followed.

"What happened, Aunt Xiu?" Jin Fei walked up, and the whole group of them walked over.

Only then did Aunt Xiu stand up and point at the room. "Your majesty, take a look, esteemed Empress."

Zhu'er hastened to kneel in front of him. "Your Majesty, please forgive us. This is all my doing. This is all my doing. Please forgive me."

Jin Fei patted her chest; she was scared to death.

Nangong Ye looked at the spacious and desolate room. There were two square holes dug into it. He took another look at the wooden fish that had fallen against the window. Her eyes turned red.

"You, why are you guys here!"

"Ah!" Aunt Xiu's voice came from outside.

Song Mo's voice sounded from behind her, giving Aunt Xiu a fright.

Nangong Ye turned around and saw Song Mo. His entire body was drenched in blood. In a flash, he arrived in front of Song Mo. He raised his hand and grabbed Song Mo's neck and lifted him up.

"Esteemed wangfei, Esteemed wangfei!" Zhu'er ran over and was kicked away by Nangong Ye.

Jinfei swallowed her saliva. At this point, she didn't dare approach, and even Imperial Physician Wan was fearful and apprehensive. Little Plum glanced at the room, not knowing what to say.

"Let me go, let me go!" Song Mo shouted with great difficulty.

"Do you really want to die that badly?" Nangong Ye's eyes turned bloodshot. She looked like a demon from hell. It was a terrifying sight, to the point that one could smell the stench of blood from her.

"You," Song Mo realized that her neck was getting tighter and tighter, and she was unable to breathe. Was he going to be killed by this trash? She couldn't accept it! Song Mo struggled with all his might and his leg finally touched Nangong Ye's body.

Nangong Ye's eyes flashed and she threw Song Mo onto the ground.

"Cough, cough, cough," Song Wuqing coughed out a mouthful of blood.

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