Soong Mo's Counterattack/C15 When Things Are Good They Go Bad When Things Are Bad They Go Wrong
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C15 When Things Are Good They Go Bad When Things Are Bad They Go Wrong
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C15 When Things Are Good They Go Bad When Things Are Bad They Go Wrong

Imperial Consort Jin walked into the room and sent the other palace maids out. Only Aunt Xiu was left behind.

"I didn't expect that a month had passed, but the Emperor still cares about that person."

As Aunt Xiu was undressing Imperial Concubine, she said, "But this servant can't see how Your Majesty cares about her anymore. Didn't Your Majesty say it already? When the Empress gives birth to the Dragon Son, she'll be dealt with."

She turned around and spread out her hands. "What Your Majesty said was to keep her alive and to prevent her from seeking death. Besides, how long will it take for me to give birth to a son, at least seven or eight months? It's not impossible to turn the situation around in seven or eight months. "

"But what can she do to reverse the situation? She was just an older brother who was a soldier and didn't even have the chance to turn the situation around. If it wasn't for the fact that he was looking to die today, the Emperor wouldn't have come to see her. I heard that this is the first time the emperor has gone to the cold palace. "Empress, you don't need to worry. The most important thing right now is for the Empress's mother and son to be safe and give birth to a dragon."

Jin Fei heaved a sigh of relief. "You're right. I really didn't expect that she would have already dug up my coffin today. It looks like she's already disheartened by the emperor. There is no need for me to focus all my attention on her. "

Jin Fei rubbed her stomach.


"Your Majesty, are you asleep? "Your majesty?" Lu Fei shouted twice at Nangong Ye, who was lying beside her. Before Nangong Ye could reply, she sighed and closed her eyes. Very quickly, a light snoring sound came from within the room.

Nangong Ye opened her eyes.

Lu Yue, how disappointed are you in me that you would dig your own grave? But I will absolutely not let you die. I know that only your brother, and only Lu Yun, will not let you die in a hurry. So, don't blame me for using him to threaten you, because other than him, I really don't know what else can make you cherish your life and let you live!


"Empress Dowager, this servant heard them say just now that the Imperial Concubine was pregnant. The emperor ordered for the Imperial Concubine's father, Lin Wei, to return to the capital and be conferred the title of Prime Minister!"

Zhu'er placed her nest and two dishes on the table. She handed over chopsticks to Song Mo as she spoke.

"Won't that mean that she's even more proud of herself, Prime Minister Feng?" Song Mo picked up the bowl and stuffed the potatoes into his chopsticks.

"That's right! The emperor is too biased. Back then, our generals were full of meritorious military exploits, but we didn't even proclaim ourselves to be marquis. When Jinfei became pregnant, she bestowed her father with the title of Prime Minister. Zhu'er indignantly poked a potato. "It's not like there's a pot in the imperial kitchens today. The meat inside smells like death!"

Song Mo smiled and thought for a moment, "Then since Jinfei's father is back, if we were to bestow the title of Prime Minister, wouldn't the General be unable to do so? Has the military power been disbanded as well? "

Zhu'er fiercely bit her teeth and said, "That's it!" They were all given to his son. "In the end, General Ying is the commander of the three armies, and the military power still rests with the Lin Clan. However, it was exchanged for his son, who is also known as the elder brother of Imperial Consort Jin."

Song Mo nodded his head. He pinched the nest in his hand and said, "Indeed, everything has been settled. There is a father as the face in the imperial court and a brother as the general. In the imperial harem, she was immediately pregnant again."

"Isn't it so? Good things have all been taken over by her family! Empress, do you think the heavens are so unfair? " Zhu'er pouted. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

However, Song Mo suddenly felt relieved. He looked at the deformed hand and let go of his hand, "The sun will move, the moon will fill up, and things will decline. Even so, it is not necessarily a good thing."

Zhu'er was stunned. "When things are good, they go bad. When things go bad, they go opposite. Empress, why don't Zhu'er understand what you mean?"

"If you don't eat faster, then the potatoes will be gone." Song Mo said as he took a big stack of chopsticks.

When Zhu'er saw this, she pushed the string of potatoes in front of Song Mo. "Empress, the string of potatoes is all for you to eat."

Song Mo, "..."

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