Soong Mo's Counterattack/C16 If All the Officials Betray You Can You Still Turn the Tables
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C16 If All the Officials Betray You Can You Still Turn the Tables
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C16 If All the Officials Betray You Can You Still Turn the Tables

"How's the investigation going?" When the guards on the fifth floor arrived, Nangong Ye, who was sitting at his desk, asked Wu Qin, who was standing across from him.

"Go back to the emperor and investigate thoroughly. The reason Lord Su proposed the enthronement of the imperial court was all instigated by the Imperial Concubine Jin."

Nangong Ye played with the brush in her hand, "Just as I expected. There's more? "

"I heard from the barracks that Young Master Lu Yun has already grasped the evidence of the Lin Wei father and son's complicity in the war. It turns out that ever since General Lu's death, the Lin Wei father and son duo, in order to maintain the fake peace at the border, as well as their achievements in destroying the enemy, were always bought." Wu Qin looked at Nangong Ye. If it wasn't for the emperor asking him to investigate, he wouldn't have known that the so-called military merits were all bought with money.

"Where did they get so much money?" Nangong Ye picked up a brush and began writing on the Xuan paper.

Wu Qin looked at them and hesitated before speaking, "There are ministers in the court who fight with them and provide them with money. so that they can use the money to buy peace from the enemy state. "

"Kacha!" The brush in Nangong Ye's hand snapped, "Who are these people? How are they going to give them money? Who are you going to give them money!"

Nangong Ye asked as he threw down his pen and looked at the word 'endure' on the paper.

"In reply to the emperor, there will be Lord Su, Lord Lu, Lord Xie, Lord Zhang, as well as Sir Li and some local officials." Wu Qin swallowed his saliva. None of these people would he dare to offend under normal circumstances.

"Humph!" Counselor Lord Su, Department of Revenue Sir Li, Department of Punishment Sir Xie, and Grand Scholar Li, none of them were able to enter. Looking at the scene, our court is already their world. " He already had an idea of the people in front of him, but he hadn't thought that this great scholar, Lord Li, would also be involved. That was the place where the pillars of the world were chosen. It was no wonder that no capable person had ever stood in front of him! Nangong Ye clenched her fists.

"I don't know either. This investigation will lead to such an outcome." The truth behind it was even more difficult to accept. Wu Qin looked worriedly at Nangong Ye. He didn't know if the Emperor would be angered if he continued to listen.

"Continue speaking, they aren't mere officials. How did they end up being controlled by the Lin Clan?" Nangong Ye was ready to listen.

"There are no male descendants in Lord Su's family, only Honorable Su and her daughter. When Venerable Su entered the palace, the Imperial Concubine Jin intentionally helped him. All of Lord Su's hopes were placed on Venerable Lord Su. With this relationship, he would be united with the Lin Clan as a common enemy. "In the imperial court, we are here to speak up for the Imperial Concubine and the Lin Clan." After Wu Qin said that in one breath, he secretly glanced at Nangong Ye.

"As an advisor, he does not remonstrate with others. He does not speak of matters of the people, but follows the orders of the people of the harem. Concealing my eyes, this Lord Su is indeed a good advisor! Then what about Master Lu? "

"It's the same for Master Lu and Master Xie, because the eldest son is in the military camp plotting. They wanted their son to have some achievements in the military camp, to build military merits and to bring glory to their ancestors. Therefore, they had a request from the Lin Clan. However, on the one hand, they were being held back. If they could not deliver the silver to the border, their son in the military camp would not be able to live a good life. On one hand, he was attached to the Lin Clan, and on the other hand, he wanted to break free from their control. However, it never succeeded. "Actually, the grievances are already deep."

Nangong Ya nodded his head as if he had thought of something. "What's the reason for this, university scholar?" This was something he could not understand no matter how hard he tried.

"Reporting to the Emperor, a few years ago, when Senior Disciple Li was on his travels, he fell off a cliff and was saved by a woman. He had always cared for women, so he hadn't taken a wife for a long time. It was only when someone said that the girl had been married off to someone else that Lord Li finally married the current Madam Zeng. However, a year ago, the girl that Lord Li could not let go of appeared. She said that the reason why she married someone was because she was pregnant with Lord Li's child. She was afraid that the child would be laughed at, so she married someone else. But after the marriage, the man knew she was pregnant and beat her up every day, so she escaped with her child. That woman was the concubine Lord Li had brought into the mansion, the current Second Madam Xu. Lord Li had never had a son. He was just like the child Second Madam Xu brought. This child liked one of the servant girls in the Imperial Concubine Jin's house and sought death for her. Lord Li had allowed them to have the girl become the child's daughter-in-law. The only one who had managed to escape was the Lin Clan. As a result of these countless connections, Lord Li has gradually changed. " Wu Qin lowered his head. Back then, he had been chosen by Lord Li to enter the palace. He had never thought that this would be the reason why he was recommended to the emperor as a guard. Now, things were completely different.

"So that's how it is. They all have their own reasons." Nangong Ye looked at the imperial report in front of him. "Father, you are right. In this world, only the Lu family can rely on!" But what you don't know is that right now, the Lu Family only has a cripple, a small soldier. Do you think that your son can make a comeback?

"Your Majesty, what do you plan to do with these people?" Did you kill them all? "

Nan Gong Ye raised his head and said, "It's not easy to kill them. They are not that simple. Even if it's easy to kill them, who should I let sit on their seats? How could they guarantee that the person sitting there wouldn't be like them? Furthermore, even if we temporarily do not know about it, we will not be able to obtain any evidence. As such, how should we kill them? "

Wu Qin lowered his head. "Your Majesty is right. Your subordinate was inconsiderate."

Nan Gong Ye stood up, "It's not that you're careless, it's just that they are too cunning. These people, we should not rush them. One by one. First, was Lin Wei. I have already sent him back to pay my respects, but as soon as he came back, there were so many people in the capital who could not sit still anymore. "When he returned, even Jinfei wanted me to give him a seat as the empress." Nangong Ye's eyes turned serious.

"Then, is the Emperor … giving or not giving?" Wu Qin looked at Nangong Ye nervously. The moment he said those words, he immediately regretted it.

"Of course not. Not only not, but I also want them to fight." Nangong Ye heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Wu Qin.

"Lin Wei returning to the dynasty, this is an opportunity for Lu Yun. After preparing for so long, it's time to show off. You asked your subordinate to hurry up and tell Lu Yun to do as he pleases. We need your help, I give you my full support! We will definitely tear off their pretentious face. I do not wish for the enemy to think that we are cowards. We can only rely on money to buy peace and live a miserable life! "

"Yes, Your Majesty." Wu Qin cupped his hands. Even a martial artist like him would not be willing to use his own country's money to feed the enemy's soldiers!

"Let's do this first, then we'll deal with them one by one!" Nangong Ye smashed her fist on the desk.

"Yes sir!" Wu Qin cupped his hands.

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