Soong Mo's Counterattack/C19 West Liangshan Tombs
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C19 West Liangshan Tombs
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C19 West Liangshan Tombs

Song Mo crawled out from under the bed and left the room. He then went to the main hall and was about to leave. A man in his thirties walked over. He was slightly fat and had a simple and honest face. However, upon seeing Song Mo, he was taken aback.

He then looked around before arriving in front of Song Mo, "You, where did you come from?"

Song Mo looked around and cleared his throat. A young man's voice came from the other side of the door, "Brother, may I ask if there is a toilet here? I, your little brother, anxiously barged in, please forgive me, big brother. "

The simple and honest man was stunned. His limbs reacted first as he pointed at Song Mo's right side.

"Thank you, big brother. I would like to borrow the toilet." Song Mo covered his stomach and rushed forward.

A middle-aged woman dressed in coarse hemp walked out from behind the man. "Husband, this young master is really handsome."

The man turned around with a bitter expression. "My wife, you can't have fallen for her, right?"

The woman laughed and casually hit the man again. "What are you talking about? I've already given you three children and they're all old. I can't believe you still want to talk about that."

The man then revealed a smile on his honest face, "It has been hard for my wife to follow me all these years. However, the business in the tofu shop is getting better and better, so my boss should give us more silver this month." "After the money is paid, we will add a new set of clothes for your wife."

"I still keep it. When the child grows up, he's going to spend money."

"Then you still have to add another one for your wife."

The woman smiled.

Song Mo walked out and ate the dog food.

"Thank you, Big Brother. I won't be bothering you two any longer. Goodbye." Song Mo cupped his hands and slipped out. He frowned upon leaving the room. How would he get in after a while?

Song Mo shook his head and decided to find the tomb first. He calculated as he walked.

This ancient people liked to accompany them in burying ancient jade artifacts. Now that there was nothing, it was still more dangerous to rob the mausoleum. Perhaps, as long as it was the tomb of a wealthy family. Right, let's find a tomb scout first and check out the tombs of this era.

Song Mo raised his head and scanned his surroundings. When he looked around, he was slightly shocked. He had actually already arrived at the market. Furthermore, he suddenly understood the infatuation in the girls' eyes. Indeed, no matter what, Gu Jin had to look at their faces.

Would it be strange not to ask the girls about their graves?

At this moment, an old beggar entered Song Mo's sight.

"Do good, do good, gongzi, do good," The old beggar walked in front of her and Song Mo's lips curled up into a smile.

"I can give you the silver, but I have something to ask you." "Come here." Song Mo said as he walked towards the alleyway. The old beggar quickly followed.

"Gongzi, what do you want to know?"

"It's like this. Many years ago, I made a strong young master named Teng Da. Originally, he came here to drink with him. However, he didn't expect his family's servant to say that he had drowned a few months ago. And without telling me where he was buried, I wanted to go and worship him. Do you know where all the rich people in the capital are buried? Their family is quite rich. "

"About this, just ask and I'll be right. "I've been begging in the capital for decades, I know this the best. This rich man died and he was buried on the western mountain in the outskirts of the capital."

West Leong Mountain, Song Mo secretly remembered.

"Young Master, silver?" The old man stretched out his hand.

Song Mo looked at it, "I'll owe it to you, thank you." He patted the old beggar on the shoulder and was about to leave.

The old beggar grabbed onto Song Mo and did not let go, "How can this be called a debt. You, you can't leave, just give it to me."

Song Mo looked at the old beggar. Although he already knew where this West Leong Mountain was, he still did not know. Why not?

"Take me to the Western Leong Mountain. Once we reach the mountain, I will give you twice the price." "Hmm, how about one tael of silver?"

This old man's bowl was full of copper coins, one silver coin should be enough, right?

The old man let go of his hands and looked at Song Mo, "You framed me! "You, do you have money?"

Song Mo shook the white shirt on his body, "Even if I don't have any money, this set of clothes is the top quality silk white shirt. You have been in the capital for so many years, so you should recognize this, right? Selling it would be worth at least a tael of silver, right? "

She was only wearing a white robe and it was worth a lot of money.

"This," The old man caressed Song Mo's sleeve, "seems to be the case."

"What do you mean by 'like'?" Take me to the Western Leong Mountain. After I finish my business, I'll give you one tael of silver as payment. You probably won't even get one tael of silver a day, right? "

The old man thought for a moment and bit his lip, as if he had made a great decision. "Alright, let's take a gamble. Young Master, follow me."

The corner of Song Mo's mouth twitched as he straightened his sleeves and followed suit.

However, it was not a good deal to wear a white shirt on the mountain. Thus, at the corner of the street, Song Mo sold the white shirt he was wearing. As expected of the clothes of the palace, they were actually sold for three silver coins and they even changed into a new set of clothes. The navy blue gown with a white belt should be very dirty.

"Young master, it will take us several hours to get to the Western Leong Mountain. If young master has the money, why don't you rent a carriage?" The old beggar suggested.

Song Mo looked at the old beggar. After walking for a while, he stopped.

"If you want to rent a car, then the coachman should know how to get to Western Leong Mountain. "This silver, I might also …"

"No need for carriages, no need for carriages! Young master, I know a shortcut, I'll lead you there right now."

Hmph, the corner of Song Mo's mouth curled up, "Sure."


"Look, young master, this is the Western Leong Mountain. The people buried here are all young masters and mistresses from wealthy families. " The old beggar had his arms around his chest as he looked around at the graves. He was shivering.

"Alright, I'll look for my friend. You can leave first." Song Mo took out a silver tael and gave it to the old beggar.

"Thank you, Young Master. Young Master, let me remind you that if you find it and finish your sacrificial rites, you should hurry up and leave the mountain." At night, I heard that something is weird. " The old beggar reminded him with a friendly tone.

"Mm, I understand. "Go ahead." Song Mo glanced at it and found that it was indeed the tomb of a rich family. This tomb was made of stone and did not look like an earthen grave. It seemed like he would need to bring some tools to open it.

The old beggar ran faster than anything, but Song Mo stood in front of the tombs, looking at the epitaph. All the way to a grave.

"This is … Snow Peach?" Song Mo crouched down and looked at the large red snow peach in front of him.

This snow peach, if she remembered correctly, would only bear fruit in winter. Very late cooked, harvesting time because it is the season of snow, so it is called the snow peach. But it was clearly summer, where did the snow peach come from? There was only one possibility for this.

It was that the people who came to pay their respects, either rich or noble, had brought the snow peach from a place where it had already snowed.

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