Soong Mo's Counterattack/C20 Song Mo Saved Lord Lu
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C20 Song Mo Saved Lord Lu
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C20 Song Mo Saved Lord Lu

I'm afraid that a normal rich family wouldn't be able to eat this kind of snow peach, right? Thus, Song Mo turned to look at the tomb before him, which seemed no different from any other tomb. This tomb was definitely a 'large tomb', and was definitely wealthy. That's it!

"My wife, Zhang Clan." Song Mo muttered to himself. How could this tomb be so simple? It didn't even have a name, just a surname. It looked like there was a story! However, none of that was important. The most important thing was that this would be held tonight!

Song Mo put down the snow peach and stood up. Now go down the hill and get some things ready. As he thought of this, Song Mo started walking down the mountain.

At this moment, one of them suddenly charged over. Song Mo dodged and the man in the dark red robe fell to the ground.

At the same time, a group of masked men in black surrounded him.

"Young master, this has nothing to do with you. Please leave quickly!" One of the black clothed men said to Song Mo.

Song Mo looked at the fallen man and the man looked at Song Mo. Then, he grabbed onto Song Mo's pants, "Gongzi, save me. I am Master Lu from the Department of Revenue, save me, I can give you anything you want. "

Song Mo looked at the man carefully. This robe should be made of high-quality silk. Master Lu, the Ministry of Revenue, the Ministry of Revenue, it seems to be the place that manages the money.

"Did you say that?" If he saved this person and was able to obtain the silver, then he wouldn't have to steal the tomb anymore.

"I said, if you want money, I can give it to you. Save me!"

"Young master, I advise you not to meddle in other people's business!" The man in black picked up his broadsword.

The corner of Song Mo's mouth curled up, "How can this be considered as meddling in other people's business, saving a life is better than creating a seven-level pagoda."

"He's not a good officer!"

Song Mo looked at the man.

"I'm a good official, young master, don't trust them."

Song Mo nodded. Look at it, "I don't care if it's a good officer or not, I only care, he can give me what I want! That's enough. "

"How reckless!" The man brandished his knife and chopped at Song Mo. Song Mo took a look and said, "Let me borrow your belt." He reached out his hand to grab the man's belt, then walked up to him.

Seeing that the large blade was about to fall, Song Mo swung the belt in his hand and instantly wrapped it around the large blade. Without waiting for the black clothed man to react, he pulled the large blade into her hand.

"You, you." The man in black looked at the empty space in his hand, "What kind of move is this?"

"Who cares what moves you use!" As he spoke, Song Mo sent out a flying kick and the man immediately fell to the ground. At the same time, Song Mo's broadsword descended. It was pressed against the man's heart.

"Tell your men to put down their weapons and get lost!"

"You wish!" The man in black spat.

"Fine, I'll kill you and then kill them!" As he spoke, Song Mo's gaze turned ruthless.

"Wait!" On the other side, the other man in black stopped him in time.

"We can leave, but you have to promise us that you will let him go!"

"Don't worry about me, kill them!" The man on the ground was still restless. Song Mo stepped on the man's face.

"Ah you!" He was so manly that his eyes were wide open.

"We're leaving, we're leaving now!" The man in black threw down his saber and was the first one to retreat. The rest of the men followed suit.

The group of people headed down the mountain.

"Ah!" Song Mo's hand fell and cut the man's wrist. Only then did he throw down his blade and retreat.


The man quickly got up and ran down the mountain. Song Mo tossed the belt to the man. The man quickly took the belt and tied it to his waist before standing up.

"Gongzi, you shouldn't have let that person go just now. I haven't interrogated him properly!"

Song Mo looked at the man with messy hair and lost shoes.

"Now is not the time to interrogate them. Now is the time to run for their lives. Very soon, they will charge forward. I know a path.

Song Mo said as he walked forward. The man quickly followed.

"Don't run!" Sure enough, a group of people's shouts came from behind.

"Faster!" Song Mo shouted as he followed the man into a small alley.

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