Soong Mo's Counterattack/C4 Deposed Posterior Position
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C4 Deposed Posterior Position
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C4 Deposed Posterior Position

"We pay our respects to the emperor and the Imperial Concubine Jin," Everyone in the room kneeled down, and Ling'er revealed a mocking smile.

Song Mo took a glance and saw that it was the adulterous couple from the Heartbreak Palace! Today, he was dressed like a real person! Before this, he did not even know that this man had a good skin that could overturn all living things. In his heart, his sharp eyes were like stars, his handsome face, and his cold eyes took away everyone's light.

"Queen, what are you doing!"

Nangong Ye asked with a cold expression.

Only then did Song Mo look away from that face. So what if he was good-looking, he was just a scum!

"Esteemed Empress, let go of this servant." The corner of Ling Er's mouth widened as she stared at her provocatively.

Song Mo looked over with a sidelong glance and his eyes turned cold. He stomped hard on the ground and sent a kick forward.

"Bam!" Ling'Er was kicked to the corner. At the same time, she spat out blood from her mouth and closed her eyes.

"Ah!" With a screech, Jin Fei, who was wearing a pink muslin dress, hid herself in Nangong Ye's embrace.

Aunt Xiu trembled as she probed Ling'er's breathing. "Your majesty, esteemed imperial concubine, Ling'er died."

The four young eunuchs retreated a step, and Zhu'er fell to the ground.

Nangong Ye's eyes flashed, and astonishment flashed across his face. He coldly scolded her, "Lu Yue, how dare you! You actually dare to kill someone in front of me!"

Song Mo looked at the pretentious Jin Fei and then looked at the furious Nangong Ye.

"Your Majesty, I accidentally stepped on her earlier. "Slippery feet."

"Foot slip?" I think you're cunning! That kick just now was just what happened! "

"I just wanted to kick her away and see the Emperor. Who would have thought that she would be so weak? A single kick was enough to kill her. "Like a porcelain doll, you can't blame me for this!" Song Mo acted as if he didn't want to, but she was too weak.

"Lu Yue, you!" Nangong Ye clenched her fist as she looked at Song Mo from top to bottom. Doubt arose in his heart.

She? Hmph, she was just a scum. She fought one on sight, but now she stood there without making a move. This was already being polite!

"Your majesty, chenqie gifted Ling'er to big sister empress. Big sister empress killed Ling'er, shouldn't the next one kill chenqie instead?!" Your concubine is afraid. " Jin Fei leaned on Nangong Ye gently and hugged her waist as if she did not have any bones.

What a brilliant white lotus! Song Mo snorted.

"Lu Yue, the brocade concubine has good intentions towards you, you actually treat the good intentions as nothing, and even killed the brocade concubine's person in front of me! Extreme abomination! Men, seize the Queen! "

With a cold expression, Nangong Ye gave the order. The four young eunuchs, together with the four young eunuchs behind Jin Concubine, rushed towards Song Mo.

"Your majesty, have mercy! Your majesty has spared the empress, right?" Zhu'er rushed towards Nangong Ye, but was dragged back by Aunt Xiu, who grabbed her hair.

The Imperial Concubine Jin was beaming with joy in Nangong Ye's arms, but the next second, she was stunned!

Song Mo picked up a chair and smashed it on the head of the young eunuch who was rushing towards him.

"Ah!" Blood dripped from the young eunuch's forehead, and he fell to the ground unconscious.

When the seven young eunuchs saw this, they reflexively took a step back.

Song Mo tore off the legs of the chair with his bare hands and held it in his hands, "If you're not afraid of death, come!" Nangong Ye's gaze turned deeper and deeper.

As the wooden sticks in his hands clashed against each other, Song Mo's eyes reddened as his domineering aura leaked out. Anyone who was familiar with her would know that Song Mo was serious now! But there were no familiar people here.

"Attack!" A young eunuch shouted, and seven young eunuchs pounced on him.

Song Mo used both hands to grab onto a wooden stick and swung it left and right. His attacks were fast and ruthless, only hitting the head and the crotch. In less than five minutes, the seven young eunuchs fell to the ground, wailing in pain.

Song Mo was wearing a white robe, and his black hair was flowing in the wind.

Hmph, Song Mo laughed lightly and looked straight at Nangong Ye, "Your majesty, do you need to do it yourself?"

Nan Gong Ye looked away and let go of Jin Fei Fei, "Stand properly. "Don't move."

He then turned to Song Mo and carelessly waved his robes as a cold air emanated from him, "Unrepentant and arrogant, I will let you know today what the consequences are for not putting me in your eyes."

In that instant, Nangong Ye grabbed at Song Mo. At that moment, Song Mo nimbly dodged the attack.

Nangong Xun chopped down with his palm once again. Song Mo used his wooden stick to block, but the wooden stick was cut into two by Nangong Xun.

Song Mo took a step back.

Song Mo threw down the wooden stick and took a half squat horse stance. His hands changed as he waited for Nangong Ye to make his move!

When Nangong Ye saw this, he was stunned, "What fist art is this?"

The corner of Song Mo's mouth curled up and his eyes focused, "Wu Chun!"

On the other side, Jin Fei was watching the show attentively, as her eyes were fixed on Song Mo. She clearly didn't know any martial arts.

As Nangong Ye slashed down with her palm, Song Mo did not fall to the ground. At this moment, she was practicing her Incantation of the Spring's wooden stake, blocking the attack of the practitioner.

However, Song Mo forgot that this was ancient times, and there was also the matter of inner strength! Nangong Ye turned her power into anger and sent a palm strike towards Song Mo. Before the hand had even arrived, the wind from the palm strike was already out.

"Pfft!" Song Mo immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and was forced to retreat as he used his hands to prop himself up from the ground.

"Puff." He spat out another mouthful of blood.

"Niangniang, niangniang," Auntie Xiu's mind drifted away, and Zhuan'er broke away.

"Your Majesty, please spare my life. The empress was struck by lightning and was muddled for a moment before offending Your Majesty. Your Majesty, please spare my life! " Zhu'er kowtowed one by one.

"Zhu'er, there's no need to beg him!" Song Mo glared furiously at Nangong Ye.

"What are you waiting for? Arrest the empress!" Nan Gong Ye took a step back and ordered coldly.

A few young eunuchs immediately grabbed Song Mo's shoulders.

"The empress is incompetent, arrogant, despotic, and does not know how to repent. From today onwards, the title of empress shall be abolished and the people of the Cold Palace shall be struck down. "Drag him away!"

"Esteemed Empress, Esteemed Empress." Zhu'er pounced over and was pushed to the ground by one of the eunuchs.

The other six eunuchs pulled Song Mo up.

"Scram! I can leave by myself!" Song Mo's shoulders trembled, and a few young eunuchs hesitated before letting go.

Song Mo's gaze was fixed on Nangong Ye. As he brushed shoulders with Nangong Ye, he coldly said, "You have lost your mind!"

Nangong Ye turned around and Song Mo walked to the door.

Her back was just like Madam Lu's back then.

Nangong Ye narrowed his eyes. Was he wrong? No, she asked for it!

"BOOM!" Just as he stepped out of the door, Song Mo fell.

The two young eunuchs helped Song Mo up and dragged him away.

"Your majesty, your majesty," Zhu'er was about to crawl up to NanGong Ye.

Nan Gong Ye turned around in disgust, "Throw this lowly slave into the cold palace as well!"

"Yes." The corner of Aunt Xiu's lips curled up, her eyes brimming with a smile as she responded.

"Your Majesty, even if Empress Sis was in the wrong, she shouldn't have tried to force her way into the cold palace." Your Majesty, please reconsider! " When the Imperial Consort caught up to Nangong Ye, he immediately turned around, "Imperial Consort Jin, this is the only time. In the future, if anyone mentions the matter of trash in front of me, they will be deposed and expelled from the palace!"

Jin Fei froze on the spot. Nangong Ye flicked her sleeves and left.

"Empress, why is the emperor angry at you?" Aunt Xiu grabbed Bamboo's collar and walked behind Jinfei.

The Imperial Consort looked at Nangong Ye's resolute figure, and the corners of her lips curled up into a smile. "I like the Emperor's anger just now."

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