Soong Mo's Counterattack/C5 All That She Had Done Was to Keep Her Safe
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C5 All That She Had Done Was to Keep Her Safe
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C5 All That She Had Done Was to Keep Her Safe

"Empress, esteemed Empress has woken up." Zhu Er wiped away her tears and hurriedly helped Song Mo to sit up.

Song Mo scanned his surroundings. Mud, a low bed, broken windows, a crumbling wooden door, a table with one leg missing, and a cabinet filled with dust. Was this the legendary cold palace?

"Why did you come in as well?" Song Mo's gaze returned to Zhu Er.

"Your servant, your servant," Zhu'er sobbed silently.

"Alright, no need to say anymore. I understand." Since she had already come in, how could those close to her possibly be any better. Song Mo immediately slipped out of the bed and stood up. He headed outside.

"Niangniang," Zhu'er thought of something and chased after her.

Song Mo raised his head and looked. She had truly underestimated the "wisdom" of the ancient people. This was not a cold palace, but a huge birdcage.

The tiled buildings of the broken gong and the abandoned courtyard were one thing, but the surroundings were still surrounded by a dense mass of metal rods, forming a huge cage. As for the door of the birdcage, one could see that it was made of top-quality black iron chains and iron locks. Sabers and swords wouldn't be able to cut it open.

"Esteemed wangfei …" Zhu'er couldn't bear to look at Song Mo, so she studied his expression.

"Was it made especially for fear of my escaping? that I can't escape? " Song Mo turned to Zhu Er.

Zhu'er bit her lips and nodded. Tears welled up in her eyes once again.

Song Mo shifted his gaze and looked around. It was just a palace wall and an iron cage that seemed to trap her. He was too naive.

"Empress, Zhuo'er also did not expect the Emperor to be so heartless. After sending the Empress into the cold palace, he even sent people to create a cage to trap her. This was clearly the cage that was intended to be used to raise lions and tigers on the birthday of the Imperial Consort. The Emperor had actually used it to imprison the Empress. He even relegated the Empress to this low room at the camp, where the guards would change shifts every day. This place will end the possibility of the Empress leaving at all costs! This servant didn't realize that the emperor was actually such a person! "

Song Mo used his hand to break the iron rod. It did not move at all. It was not crooked; it was a good item. He shifted his gaze to Zhu'er. "Don't cry anymore." If you had seen this earlier, your master wouldn't have been struck to death by lightning.

"En, en," Zhu'er said as she started to smoke. "Empress, what should we do now?"

"Since I'm here, I might as well take care of it." Song Mo turned around and returned to his room.


"Is everything ready?" Inside the imperial study, the doors were tightly shut. Three layers of guards were stationed outside.

Inside, Nangong Ye sat in front of a desk and asked the man standing opposite him. It was Wu Qin, a guard with a saber who was in front of him.

"When we return to the emperor, everything has been arranged. The palace was arranged to be on the opposite side of the Guard Camp. If anyone wanted to do something on the opposite side of the Guard Camp, that was unless they didn't want to live anymore.

The birdcage that imprisoned the esteemed Empress was a giant birdcage that the Imperial Concubine had prepared for training tigers. No matter how high one's martial arts were, it was impossible to enter. The only key is the one in front of the emperor. There was no other way in the world.

The person who delivered the food to the empress was this subordinate's cousin, so it was absolutely guaranteed that the food would be safe. "Your majesty, don't worry. As long as the empress stays in the cold palace, she'll be safe."

Nangong Ye picked up the key from the table and looked at it, "I promised Lu Yun that I will ensure Lu Yue's safety no matter what. I thought that I had treated her coldly enough and was heartless enough, but I didn't expect that some people still wouldn't let me go. If that bolt of lightning today really hacked Lu Yue to death, how would I explain this to Lu Yun! How can I explain this to Old General Lu, Madam Lu, and royal father! "

Nangong Bing clenched his fist and gripped the key tightly.

"Your Majesty, those people simply want the empress's position. As long as Esteemed Empress remained in that position for a day, they wouldn't give up any chance to assassinate her. Now that the emperor's crippled the empress, their gazes will naturally shift elsewhere. "

Nangong Ye smiled sinisterly, "It's time to have a good fight with them."


"Empress, have you heard?" The emperor sealed the empress with our big iron cage. He even relegated the empress to a dilapidated room at the camp. "Now, no matter how much trouble the empress has caused, don't think of leaving the cold palace for the rest of your life." Aunt Xiu said happily as she passed the tea to the consort.

Lin Jin took the cup of tea and held it in her hand, "Who asked her to seek death? How dare she lay her hands on the Emperor?"

"Isn't that so? Your servant was absolutely terrified at the time. Empress, who dares to lay a hand on the emperor? Only she doesn't know whether she's dead or alive!"

"Speaking of which," Lin Jin put down her teacup, "Lu Yue didn't have any martial arts previously, so before I entered the palace I heard that she had been studying the skills of a female worker since childhood. But he didn't practice martial arts. After entering the palace, I personally tested her. She really did not have any martial arts skills. Yesterday, why did his martial arts suddenly increase, and he was actually able to compete with the Emperor? "

"Your servant also finds it strange that you would say such a thing, Empress." Could it be that the lowly servant Zhu'er had mentioned that the empress had been struck by lightning?

Hmph, Lin Jin smiled, "Enlightenment? Aunt Xiu, your words are becoming more and more interesting. It didn't matter if she was suddenly enlightened or if she was hiding it intentionally. It didn't matter now. Once she entered the cold palace, she wouldn't be able to come back. As long as she obediently stays in the Cold Palace, I will let her live. If she has other intentions, then don't blame me for being ruthless. "

"Yes, Empress. Guess she didn't have the heart or the guts. Her older brother, Lu Yun, wasn't he still under Master Lu's command as a private soldier? If she dared to stir up any more trouble, the Empress could use Lu Yun to hold her back. Wasn't it before? "

Lin Jin picked up a piece of dessert and broke it into two, "You're right." Stupid, I really don't need to spend too much time and effort on her. "

"Exactly. How can a person like the Empress compare to you? "Even the emperor scolded her for being a fool!"

The corners of Lin Jin's mouth curled, "If she hadn't been standing in the position of Empress, I really wouldn't have put her in my eyes." I've heard that every time the emperor wants to talk to her about something like that, she'll say, "Please put the country above everything else." It's the middle of the night, isn't it funny to be talking about state affairs in bed? "

"That's ridiculous. This servant also heard that as long as the emperor continuously visited her palace twice, she would say, "Please let the emperor take in all the rain and dew." Every time, the emperor would return home disappointed. In the end, he would just ignore her. It's been a few months since I've been to her palace. "

"This kind of person should stay in the cold palace with a pure heart and few desires. Tomorrow, find a big wooden fish for her and let her cultivate in the cold palace. And bring in some more beans. " As she said this, the corners of Lin Jin's mouth curled up into a smile.

"Niangniang, what are these beans?"

"The summer night is long, and the night is long. I heard that the widows outside the palace are very lonely. In order not to do anything, she just counted the beans and went over."

Aunt Xiu covered her mouth and smiled. "This servant will definitely do as the esteemed wangfei says and deliver it to her."

"Yes." By the way, I'll go to the imperial kitchens later to get some light food, and I'll send it to the emperor for the fire. "Also, you must remember to bring the iced green bean soup with you. The emperor really likes to drink green bean soup last summer."

"Yes, Niangniang. Servant has always remembered the green bean soup." Then does the Empress prepare an ice bath? " Aunt Xiu asked.

Lin Jin took a look at the sky outside, "You said that the weather was quite strange. At that time, lightning and thunder were mixed within, but now, the sun has set. Ice baths were naturally necessary. The emperor was afraid of heat. This summer, he loved to be next to things that were cold. "Of course I have to ensure that when I'm together with His Majesty, he will only stick to us due to the coldness, right?"

"Esteemed wangfei is right. But Esteemed Empress, you've always been bathing in ice, will your body …" Aunt Xiu was still a little worried.

"No, it's just summer. "When Qiu Dong'er arrives, I'll just have to make it up to you."

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