Soong Mo's Counterattack/C6 If They Couldn't Reach the Heavens Then They Would Sink into the Earth!
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C6 If They Couldn't Reach the Heavens Then They Would Sink into the Earth!
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C6 If They Couldn't Reach the Heavens Then They Would Sink into the Earth!

"The Empress is right."

Lin Jin put down the half piece of cake and looked at the golden cup on the table. His heart was filled with dark thoughts. Your Majesty, without Lu Yue here, shouldn't the position of Empress also belong to your concubine?


"Esteemed Empress, what are you doing?" Zhu'er ran to Song Mo's side and quickly dusted off the dust on his clothes.

"Why are you doing this?" Song Mo pushed Zhu Er's hand away.

"Take everything out of the room, wash it again, and dry it under the sun." As he said this, Song Mo had already lifted up the table with the missing legs, and the dust on the table was stuck onto Song Mo's body.

"Esteemed Empress, are we really going to stay here? Empress won't go out? " Zhu'er got anxious as she eagerly followed behind Song Mo.

"Based on the current situation, do you think we can leave immediately? Don't think about it, bring out the chair. " When he walked to the door, Song Mo stopped and gestured his head inside.

"Yes, Empress." Zhu'er pouted as she weakly returned.

Song Mo moved the table to the well in the courtyard and looked around. Other than the well, there was nothing else in the courtyard. There was nothing but dirt on the ground. The small room was also a patch of loess. This geology was somewhat similar to the desert where she went to steal a tomb from before. This type of loose soil was easy to dig and was the most suitable for digging.

If she were to live a new life, would she really be willing to be surrounded by these small palace walls and iron rods? Surviving in a place the size of a palm? Well, she's the 21st century tomb robber, gravedigger. Since he couldn't go up into the sky, then he would go down to the ground! Open up a tunnel and get out of here.

"Empress, look at these chairs. How could the emperor send his imperial concubine to a place like this? " Zhu'er looked on, feeling aggrieved for her mistress, as tears began to well up in her eyes.

"I'm not dead yet, so don't cry. Hurry up and get to work." Song Mo walked over and lifted Zhu'er's chin, allowing her to catch her tears. Only then did he walk in.

Zhu Er blinked and placed her on a chair. She touched her chin and looked back at Song Mo with a dazed expression.


"Did the empress cry when she entered the cold palace? "Is there anyone who would like to see me?"

In the royal study, Nangong Ye sat at the table, picked up a cup of tea and started sipping.

"In reply to the emperor, the empress didn't cry or say she wanted to see him." Chief Eunuch Li Quan and Little Li stated the truth.

Nangong Ye raised his eyes and looked at Little Li. He was slightly surprised and put down the teacup in his hand and continued to ask, "Did you say that you want me to put national affairs first and then let me go to court?"

With that, Little Plum glanced at Nangong Ya, feeling somewhat troubled. After thinking for a moment, he opened his mouth, "Even for the emperor, it's not like that."

Nangong Ye picked up the tea cup and threw it heavily onto the teacup. Suddenly, there was a crisp "winter" sound. Li Zi was so frightened that she bent her body and lowered her head even lower.

"Then what is she doing?!" Nangong Ye said angrily.

Little Li wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. "Back to the emperor, esteemed empress and Zhu'er took everything in the small room into the courtyard to wash it once, then cleaned the house and made some windows." In the evening, we moved the dry wooden bed in. Without eating anything, we went to sleep. "

"Hmph," Nangong Ye laughed, "She really does intend to live in the cold palace for the rest of her life."

"Your Majesty, I heard that after the Empress was struck by lightning, her personality changed drastically. "Perhaps, perhaps it's because I've given up on you, your majesty." After Xiao Li finished speaking, he kneeled down.

"Little Li, you!" Nangong Ye picked up a paper and threw it at Little Li's head. Little Li forcefully withstood it.

"Scram!" "Get lost!"

"Yes, Your Majesty." Little Li quickly stood up and retreated. He went out, locked the door, and let out a deep breath. He really did not care for his life. He actually said those words to the emperor. But he'd accompanied the emperor since he was young. He'd seen far too many people come together. There really wasn't a second person like the empress who was good to the emperor. Helpless, the emperor didn't feel any heartache for the empress at all. The empress was struck by lightning and didn't even go out to take a look. After punishing a small palace maid, he had crippled the Empress. It was no wonder. No wonder the empress's personality had greatly changed. She had no desire to stay in the cold palace, so she'd probably given up on the emperor. Xiao Li shook his head helplessly. Why didn't such a considerate person have anything good to report?

"Give up?" Nangong Ye stared at the paper on the ground in a daze. But wasn't this what he wanted? She stayed in the cold palace without causing trouble or attracting attention. Gradually, everyone forgot about her existence. Her safety was guaranteed. He no longer needed to worry about her safety and could wholeheartedly focus on fighting those people.

But why, why was he so angry when he heard that she had stopped questioning him? Was it because she was out of his expectations?

Nangong Ye stood up in annoyance and anger. He wanted to go and see if she had really given up on him!

However, when she reached the door and grabbed onto the door handle, she stopped again. Reason told him that he could not go see her, or some people would have other thoughts. Nangong Ye took a deep breath and loosened her grip. Then, she turned around and sat back down at the table. He buried his head in the memorial that he had left behind these past few days.


"Wha … what is it?" In the middle of the night, the room began to emit sounds. Zhu'er woke up from her sleep and wrapped herself in the thin blanket before shrinking to the side of the wall.

"It's me." Song Mo stood up from the opposite corner. It was a dark mass.

"Esteemed Empress, is that you?" Only then did Zhu'er let go of the blanket and looked at the black figure.

Song Mo took out the box and blew at it. This was something he had asked for from the fat man who delivered the food. He walked to the chair in Zhu Er's room and lit the candle on it. The room was suddenly filled with light.

"Empress, it really is you." Zhu'er happily got off the bed.

"But esteemed wangfei, it's so late …" Zhu'er looked at the corner of the wall, choking on the latter half of her sentence. Dudian was stunned as he looked at the big hole in the wall.

He took a closer look at her. Her body was covered with dirt, dirt, and her waist-length hair was tied back with a few strands of straw and hung down the back of her head. In his hands, he was actually holding a bowl for eating. There was even half a bowl of soil in the bowl. One in each hand. Zhu'er swallowed hard and ran off.

Song Mo moved in a flash and blocked in front of Zhu Er. His eyes were slightly cold, "Where are you going?"

Zhu Er staggered back a step as she stared at Song Mo, "Esteemed Empress, you … you have suffered from some sort of provocation. It is possible … your brain is a little deranged. But Empress Dowager, don't worry. This servant will go beg them right away and have them call the imperial physician to treat her. Empress, you will definitely get better, won't you? "

Song Mo curled his lips and threw down two bowls. He picked up Zhu Er's collar and threw her onto the bed. Then, he leaned over and the two of them faced each other.

Zhu'er swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "Niangniang, look carefully. Your servant is Zhu'er, not the emperor. Niangniang." Zhu'er was so scared that she started crying.

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