Soong Mo's Counterattack/C7 Advantageous Terrain Suitable for Digging Holes
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Soong Mo's Counterattack/C7 Advantageous Terrain Suitable for Digging Holes
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C7 Advantageous Terrain Suitable for Digging Holes

Song Mo rolled his eyes, "I know you are Zhu'er." Song Mo stood up.

Only then did Zhu Er nervously sit up and nervously stare at Song Mo.

"I will tell you about the following matter once. I don't want three other people to know about it, you understand? "

Her body's owner's intuition told her that this Zhu'er could be trusted.

"What exactly is the Empress doing?" Zhu'er's weak probe.

"It's simple. I don't want to spend the rest of my life in this little room."

Zhu'er's eyes lit up. "Empress, have you finally thought it through?" Is it to ask the Emperor to be merciful? This servant will go to the door to shout now. "

Zhu'er got up and was about to run.

Song Mo twisted his arm back and pressed down on his shoulder.

"It's better to beg yourself than others. Your Majesty, do you think that I didn't plead much with him before? Did he have one thing to ask of me? "

The light in Zhu Er's eyes dimmed as she shook her head.

"That's right, no matter how much you beg him, he won't let us out. So, we have to rely on ourselves. " Song Mo looked at the hole in the wall.

Zhu Er also looked over and stared at Song Mo in confusion. She did not understand what this hole meant.

"I've already checked. In this room, the geology is the softest. It's the best place to make a hole. And behind your room is the wall, and beyond the wall is a passage, and then the guards stable, and then the palace wall, and then the outside of the palace. As such, this place is not that far from the outside of the palace. As long as I dig a hole day and night and work a little harder, I will be able to open up a tunnel in two months and leave the palace. "

Zhu'er's eyes widened. She hadn't heard wrongly, right? "Empress, are you saying that you want to dig a tunnel to get out?" Exiting the palace? "

"Right, do you want to die of old age here?"

Zhu'er reflexively shook her head. "But Niangniang, can this work?" Zhu'er looked at the hole.

Song Mo smiled, "Of course." In those ancient tombs, when they were trapped, they couldn't pass through the door. She had done it together with Teng Da. When Teng Da thought of this, Song Mo's eyes turned cold.

"But the Empress, can she leave in two months?" Zhu'er still expressed her deep doubts.

"The tools are a bit better. Maybe we won't need two months." Tomorrow, she would have to think of a way to make some handy things.

"But to dig a tunnel in two months …" Zhu'er wanted to say something, but hesitated.

"Two months is indeed a bit long, but compared to a lifetime, it's nothing. Not to mention two months, or even half a year, as long as I can get out, I will still dig for more. " With Shawshank's salvation, Andie could use twenty years to dig a tunnel, but why not her? If he could live for twenty to thirty years, thirty to forty years, he would at least have ten to twenty years of freedom left. Only freedom is not to be disappointed.

Zhu Er looked at Song Mo in surprise, as though this person wasn't her mistress, but was clearly her mistress. Zhu'er blinked and sat up straight. "Niangniang, you're right. As long as we can get out, spending a year is worth it." "As long as the Empress wants to do something, Zhu'er is willing to do so wherever it is necessary."

Song Mo smiled and patted Zhu Er's shoulder, "Not bad, there should be a need for you."

"En!" Zhu'er nodded firmly. And then he thought of something, "Empress, how did you know there was a passage behind the wall and then a stable? Haven't you been here before? "

Song Mo walked over and picked up the bowl.

"Have you forgotten what the fat man said when he came today?"

Zhu'er thought about it carefully, "Oh!" He told the guard that he had come around from the back of our house and would never go down that path again. The stables smell so bad that they smell like his new clothes. "

Song Mo nodded, "Your memory is quite good. How did the two guards answer him? "

Zhu'er scratched her head, mimicking the tone of the guards. "Brother Yi, why do you walk that path? If we didn't lead the horse, we wouldn't have walked that path. Beyond the stables is a workshop selling stinky tofu. It smells like that every day, it's really smoky. "

Song Mo looked up and down at Little Bamboo, and the corner of his mouth curled up slightly, "Your imitative appearance is pretty good." So there was a passage outside the wall and the iron cage, and beside the passage was the stable, and just beyond the wall was the stinking tofu workshop outside the palace. I just need to dig my way under the smelly tofu workshop. " Such an advantageous position was all thanks to the 'generous treatment' of the Emperor! An iron cage, guards, a dilapidated little room? However, it had helped her. If it were not for the fact that they were at the nearest guard camp outside the palace, they would have had to dig for even longer.

"Empress, are you still the Empress that this servant knew in the past?" Zhu'er was dumbstruck.

Song Mo glanced at Zhu Er snappily, "Your previous mistress has already died. Alright, let's end it here for today. You go to sleep, I'll go back to sleep as well. "

Song Mo placed the two bowls on the chair, looked at the hole, and then looked at Zhu'er, "Tomorrow, move your bed to the corner over there."

Just enough to cover it. As he said this, Song Mo did not wait for Zhu Er's response and walked out of the room.

Zhu'er looked at the hole on the ground. The hole was under the bed. She slept on the bed, and the Empress burrowed under it, and then in the middle of the night she pulled herself out from under the bed …

Zhu'er shook her head.

"Aunt Xiu, you came too."

When the door to the cold palace opened, outside the iron cage, the fat man, Aunt Xiu, and a small palace maid started to chat.

Song Mo and Zhu'er stood inside, watching the conversation. She had not eaten the food she had brought yesterday, and was now starving to the point where her chest was pressed against her back.

"That's right, the Imperial Concubine asked a servant to deliver some food to the esteemed empress. What, you're the one who sent food to the esteemed empress?" Aunt Xiu looked him up and down.

"Aunt Xiu, let me correct you. You can no longer call yourself the empress. You're the useless empress."

"Esteemed Empress." Zhu Er anxiously raised her head to look at Song Mo. Song Mo gave Zhu'er a calm smile.

Aunt Xiu looked contemptuously at Song Mo as a smile appeared on her face. "Yi Chef is right. We can't call you Empress."

"No. If it were not for the fact that others are worried about gifting this dish to me, I would not have bothered to come here. " The male fatty had a face full of pride.

"Why are you worried? "What's this for?" As Aunt Xiu spoke, she opened the box in the fatty's hand.

"Ai ai ai," the fat man sighed a few times, but Auntie Xiu still saw him.

"You're giving it to a waste to eat these things?" She thought it was some good gift, but it turned out to be just a plate of pickled vegetables and a plate of green vegetables. How shabby.

"That's right. The Emperor said that I must send him off." "Just give them to me. Don't let others give them to me. Be afraid of others! Listen to this trash who is bewitching or hiding other thoughts to give them better food!"

"Empress." Zhu'er tugged on the corner of Song Mo's shirt in heartache. He had a sullen face.

The corner of Song Mo's mouth curled up slightly. He was a real scum indeed!

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