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C9 Sow Bean

"Let's eat first. We'll talk after the meal." Song Mo placed the beans on the table and sat down. There was a corner of the table with a missing leg and a wooden cabinet under it.

"Yes, Empress." Zhu'er pouted as she sat down opposite him. He passed the chopsticks to Song Mo.

"Esteemed Empress, you've never eaten these things before, so you might be a little unaccustomed to them …" Zhu Er stopped mid-sentence as she looked at Song Mo in shock.

Song Mo clutched his head with his left hand and ate the pickled vegetables with his right.

"What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and eat. Finish eating and start working." Song Mo said as he pushed his head in front of Zhu Er.

Zhu'er picked one up and took a bite. Then, she used her chopsticks to take another bite of the pickled vegetables. Her eyes lit up as she said, "Empress, these pickled vegetables have a meaty taste."

Song Mubai glanced at Zhu'er, "I might have forgotten to wash the wok when I was cooking."

"Huh?" Zhu'er's chopsticks froze in midair.

"But these are still fresh, not stale. "It's already not bad." She usually watched ancient costume dramas, which deprecated the food in the Cold Palace.

"Niangniang," Zhu'er began to sob again.

Song Mo curled his lips, "Can we agree to it? Don't cry when you have nothing to do, just look on with annoyance."

Zhu'er hurriedly put it away. The Empress found it annoying.

"Are you unable to eat? If you can't finish, then don't eat. " Song Mo kept his head.

"Empress, this servant can eat it." Zhu'er quickly grabbed one of them.

Song Mo smiled.

Two people, four nests, two dishes, all in one go.

"Bring the beans and we'll go to the door." Song Mo said before walking out. Zhu'er quickly followed.

"You call them." Standing at the entrance of the metal cage, Song Mo gave Zhu'er a meaningful look.

Although Zhu'er didn't understand what her mistress was trying to do, she still obediently called out to the two guards standing at the entrance of the courtyard.

"Big brother guards, big brothers guards."

The two guards looked at them.

"What are you doing!" With a frustrated look on his face.

"Elder Brother Imperial Guard, the Empress has something that she wants to do to get rid of you. I must trouble you to come closer." Zhu'er said with a soft voice, trying to curry favor with him.

The two guards looked at Song Mo and walked over.

"Speak, what is it?"

"It's like this. The Imperial Concubine gave me a bag of beans. I don't want to disappoint her good intentions." I'll have to trouble you two little brothers to help me find two hoes. I want to plant these beans to satisfy esteemed wangfei's wish. "

Song Mo said calmly and even gave the two of them a smile.

"A hoe? Where are we going to find you a hoe? I think all of you should stop messing around. You're still thinking of growing beans in the Cold Palace!

"We don't want to either, but isn't this given to us by the esteemed imperial concubine? "If you don't put Imperial Concubine Jin in your eyes, then I can't not put her in your eyes." Song Mo brought out the Imperial Consort at the right time.

"When have we ever said we wouldn't put the Imperial Concubine in our eyes!" One of the guards panicked!

"That's right, that's right." The other guard was also panicking.

"Then you two little brothers will help with the hoe, right?" I also know that these things are hard to find in the palace, but, there must be a flower room in the palace, right? It shouldn't be too hard to get two hoes from the flower room, right? "

"Humph!" "Wait and see!" One of them angrily walked out of the courtyard while the other glared at Song Mo before standing back up.

"Empress, are you going to plant these beans?" Zhu'er was still in disbelief.

"That's right, to plant a melon, to plant a bean. "Of course I'll plant it." A trace of craftiness flashed in Song Mo's eyes.

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