Sorry, my love/C11 sorry, my love
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Sorry, my love/C11 sorry, my love
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C11 sorry, my love


Ivan continued doing his job until Aanya tapped him on his shoulder as if she was begging that she can't take it anymore. Ivan got it. He got up placed is thing right in front of her entrance and pushed it in.


Noise of shower, two people panting heavily, licking each other's body, gulping every amount of water from each other's skin, hands moving here and there over each other's body...

In between Ivan mind was in blaze with thousand thoughts running

'this is the first she is initiated'

'this is the first time she is enjoying it'

'with me!' 'my wife' 'my everything '

'i won't let you go Any'

After sometime the activity ended or you say Ivan ended it hurriedly as a thiught came to his mine.

Aanya was special. she has very high resistanceto drugs. No drug medicine would work on her. Everytime she fells ill nothing could be done except for her to recover on her own.

Ivan feared she may fall ill after such a long shower. He stopped the shower helped her with towel and then carried her princess style to bed. Sitting on her bed he dried her hair, put her pajamas and then covered her body with blanket.

Aanya was looking into his eyes all the time. But her face was not expressionless Ivan knew it. Then he himself wore a nightdress and reached to bed with. All the time he had a smile or his face.

"Shall we sleep now" "Sleep here". Ivan said directing her towards his hand. He wanted to cuddle her but fearedto be rejected.

3 years of marriage still he had never seen sleeping.Mostly because either she would smoke after sex or he would leave the room.

But.... this time it was different. It took no time for Aanya to enter his embrace hugging him back.

Ivan was smiling from teeth to teeth

'I love you so much Aannya'

'even if you are doing this to hide something can you do this for rest of our lives?'

With this Ivan closed his eyes although he was too excited to sleep.

It was 3 am. Ivan was busy admiring how beautiful his wife is. Suddenly Aanya opened her eyes and Ivan closed.

she turned around watching him sleep. (writer-It was her time to admire him!!!)

She saw his face,he was at peace,calm something she always wanted him to be.

She leaned forward pecked him on his forehead, his left eye, his right eye, his cheeks his lips and again on his forehead but this was longer.

'Sorry, my love' she said in herself and hid herself in his embrace

Ivan was smiling 'hehe................'

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