Sorry, my love/C12 Don't disturb her sleep
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Sorry, my love/C12 Don't disturb her sleep
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C12 Don't disturb her sleep

When he woke up, his wife was still sleeping in his arms. 'cute' 'I want to eat her cheeks!'

He left her to sleep and went to change. As he reached downstairs he saw Uncle Morris sitting with all his family members. All having tea.

"hello uncle" he greeted.

"Hi Son, why don't you call Aanya over!!" asked Morris

"She is still sleeping uncle. Please don't disturb her sleep" Ivan frowned.


The hall went pin drop silence. Except for Noah everybody was shocked with this.

"What?" Ivan asked.

"Why? Can't even a person sleep? Close your mouth Mom!" said Noah.

"This is the first time she has slept after her sister's death" said Maria with red eyes. Although Maria hated her after Aashi's death she actually didn't hate her. She still remembered the cute little girl hiding in her mother's or her embrace because she did not wanted to play with others the "dusty games". She knew how much pain that child suffered but what happened to her when she was 15 years old, what happened to Aashi she hated all thing Aanya kept in herself.

Ivan was shocked!! The moment he sawher mother's teary eyes he knew this was not a light thing. Something definitely happened in his absence. HE WANTED TO KNOW

"Thank you Ivan". Morris said in low voice. Jack and David smiling at him.

They chatted for a while till when Aanya came downstairs. 'Gosh she looks more pretty after her beauty sleep... heheh' Ivan mumbled

"Let's have breakfast now"

Dining table was lively today. Morris was telling Noah how mischievous Jack was and how quiet Ivan was in thier childhood days.

Everybody had a smiling face except... our queen.

"But there was someone who called police because someone ate all her chocolates" said Morris said eying towards Aanya.

Everybody knew who did it. Not only did she call police but also bribed them with her pocketmoney to find the culprit faster. Everybody laughed remembering that.

"That's only because my child is so special" said David as he was about to peck her forehead but all of a sudden Aanya stopped him with his chopstick and gave him a glance.Then pointed Butler to bring new pair of chopstick

OMO That Germophobic

The room was filled with loud laughter. David slightly embarrassed

But Jack smile disappeared with this and Ivan noticed it. He knew his elder brother knew something about Aanya that explained his behavior to her even after Aashi's death

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