Sorry, my love/C13 you disgust me Aanya
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Sorry, my love/C13 you disgust me Aanya
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C13 you disgust me Aanya

Soon Morris, David and Maria how much germophobic Aanya was. She just hated everyone's touch. Those who could touch her can be counted on fingers -her parents, Aashi,Jack, Maria and him.

When he remembered everything they did last night and how they are are talking about her avoiding touches.. he knew he was was only who had the right to do it. He was happy and proud.

After breakfast everybody went to their owm thing.

"Brother" Ivan called Jack when he found him alone in garage.

"I know you have many questions. But I need enough time to tell you everything in detail. Its Tuesday... Let's discuss it on Sunday. okay?" Jack said.

Ivan nodded,although he was anxious he could still wait till sunday.

Back in offine Ivan was busy with something when Mia who was also his scretary came over chatting happily.

Although Ivan felt nothing for her. Mia always wanted to be his partner. Everytime since childhood whenever she saw him going close to Aanya she would get furious

"Brother Ivan, can i come with you to your business trip tomorrow to A city. I have never been there before." she said coquettishly.

Ivan thought for a while but then nodded.

At home he was looking for Aanya who came home after him a bit late.

Ivan wanted to ask where she went but something inside him stopped him. By that time everybody already went to sleep. As both were changing in their respective room and Ivan thinking where she went he recied a message.

'Come Downstairs......Let's have dinner'

Ivan mood changed. 'Havind dinner alone with her...... hehe'

When he went downstairs he saw cooking wearing an apron. This feels so warm. When Aanya noticed him she had already set the table. they both ate and went to their respective room.

Ivan wanted to sleep with her but just as he was about to enter her room he heard her phone ringing.

'Who called her!'

Everybody knew she can't speak hence nobody called her. 'Who was the caller?'

Aanya recieved the call. heard something for few minutes then hanged up.

His eyes were red with anger. He kicked the door and went to fiercely kiss her but stopped all of a sudden

"you disgust me Aanya"

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