Sorry, my love/C14 His Aanya
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Sorry, my love/C14 His Aanya
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C14 His Aanya

With that he left her and entered his room. Lying on bed he was only watching ceiling with empty eyes. lots of thoughst going over him.

Ever since he saw her, there was only one girl in his mind. Whole of his childhood, his teenage and how his adulthood, he devoted everything to her. She was bubbly as a child who would follow him everywhere he would go. Support him in all his basketball match, composed new tune every now and then and would ask to review it as if he was her music teacher.

She would cook cookies with their moms and bring everyday to him in school. No body was allowed to touch her thing or the lunchboxes she brought for him because she felt as if someone's touch would make it unfit to eat. She was just like that HIS ANYY.

Everything was good until they reached 14 years of age when Grandpa Lee decided to send him to USA for studies. He was reluctant to leave him. Aanya hid in her room and not came until until he boarded plane for US

Even there he was not able to focus in his studies, all he felt was his soul was taken away. He lived there for 2 years until Grandpa Lee agreed to call him back. He was so excited to meet her that he directly went to her school and entered her class.

He saw her. But it was not her. The eyes had lost its sparkle. She was sitting in a colour looking more prettier than 2 years before but something was different. As he noticed her, she really changed. She no longer smiled, her giggles was no more there. He came to know that she left her music. Now her haphephobia was just went to another level. James who also went to same school as her told him that once she hit a guy badly just because he tried to shake his hand with her.

Ivan didn't accept this. His Aanya was never violent but she was.... now. as he witnessed her actions with her own eyes.

One day he returned home after meeting his friends only to see whole Lee and Johnson family in panic and bith morhers had tears in their eyes. Somebody was calling police somebody talked to traffic police.

Jack told him Aanya left for school in morning, she didn't even go there and has not returned home yet.

She was missing for 12 hours now!!!!

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