Sorry, my love/C15 I'm sorry my lo.....
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Sorry, my love/C15 I'm sorry my lo.....
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C15 I'm sorry my lo.....

It was as if lightning struck him. Only then Aashi came to us and said "I think i know where she went" "X City Cemetery!!"

He left the house hurriedly and sped his bike towards Cemetery. It was raining heavily that day. He really hoped her to be there. He knew very well how many enemies Johnson and Lee family had. Anything could have happened to her anytime.

Just as she reached Cemetery he saw her, siting beside road in heavy rain.

"Aanya!!!!" " How dare you to leave the house like that. Do you have any idea how much everyone is panicked" " And what has happened to you in the past two years? Why did you changed suddenly? Why aren't you happy see me? Why don't you smile anymore?"

Aanya said nothing as she looked in his eyes. She saw everything fear! anger! anxiety! and then made cold smile.

That smile popped up veins in his forehead but before he could say anything she hugged him tightly. Aanya kept on hugging him for a long time as if feeling every part of it. All Ivan's anger disappeared.

"I'm sorry my lo....." " Let's go home"

She said holding his hands.

They both reached home only then everybody relaxed.

But as soon as Aanya was hugged by her mother she fainted. She had high fever. No medicine worked on her. It took 2 weeks for her to recover. Since then everybody was cautious of her, although she remained in her own dark quiet world.

Thing worsened as her parents met died in a car accident 2 months after. She became more aloof, more distant and it was then doctor said she had insomni. No medicine would be able to make her sleep. Except Aashi or Jack who would hold her in arms like a baby until she sleeps......only thing she would do now was singing or being with either Aashi Jack or Ivan. Which also stopped after that blast.

present time-

As he was thinking these thing another thought came to his mind 'Is she sleeping now?'

His mind said ignore her but his heart was beating only to see her and at last ge listened to his heart.

No lights were on in her room. As he came inside he saw a figure like a dead body lying lifeless on the floor. Everybody would think same until they notice smoke coming out of her mouth and she staring at sky.

Ivan sighed and noticed 12 cigarette butts. 'so this is what she does whole night!'

He carried her princess style. On bed, he cuddled her while giving her a forehead kiss.

"Sorry for saying that baby""Now close your eyes and sleep. "

It not even took 5 minutes for her to sleep in his arms. Ivan smiled at this~

He had many grievances, many questions many issues, he still hated her for Aashi's issue but a part of his heart always knew that this girl in his arms was suffering more than any other person. Everytime he abused her, a part of him was breaking inside and he didn't want to continue that dead relationship with her. He wanted to change her, not knowing how but still

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